The Time Has Come

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This was an interesting reading. Laying the cards out, I was so excited. I believe that there is the influence of both Mother and Father God in the reading (the Emperor in position 3 and the Queen of Cups in position 6) as well as the influence of Gaia/Sophia (the Queen of Pentacles in position 8, the Outside Forces position).

I struggled with this reading after laying the cards out. I think my mistake was that I went immediately to my book, instead of forming my own initial interpretation of the cards. I worked with the book for a little while before become frustrated that I wasn't able to put a fluid writing together out of it. Then, I was interrupted by our wiener dog barking at the mailman. So, I took a time out, took some deep breaths and returned to my writing. I flipped a fresh sheet of paper out in my journal (maybe that was part of my problem too. I first started taking notes on my laptop. That doesn't go as easily for me as pen and paper.) and the following is what came out. I believe that the first part of it is my Higher Self. In the latter half, I was visited by another being (in rewriting the channeling, there is possibly a masculine energy who spoke to me before the feminine. This is getting more & more exciting. Wheee!!), who I'm not entirely sure the identity of. It was definitely feminine and very loving.


I started the reading by meditating and holding my Phrenite stone which I stored with my tarot cards. I asked to please show me what was in store for February. I set the stone on the cards again, took a few seconds to breathe, then shuffled and dealt the reading. Please note, that any comments in parentheses are my own and were not part of the (dare I say) "channeling." I'm uncomfortable calling it a true channeling, but I think at least part of it was. Also, feel free to share the message in it's entirely as long as proper credit is given, and a link to this blog is provided. If you'd like a reading, be sure to check out the Ataraxia Holistics website or visit our Facebook page. You could also email




 "February will be a month of laying the foundations for the New age. For guiding others to their truth. The turning point has passed. We (as Lightworkers) know the way. We know that the only true answers come from within. You (all of Humanity) are being guided and supported by both Nature, Gaia herself and Divine Forces. THERE IS NO OTHER POSSIBLE OUTCOME OTHER THAN MOVING INTO A NEW AGE!! An age of success and prosperity for all. Kindness and compassion will be the primary currency. Nothing less will be tolerated. You will being to understand others' feelings more. You will soon see that we are all one. Indeed it is a month for a grand finale. (One of the cards in the reading indicates a grand finale.) Certain information will not be hidden for much longer. You are all so wonderful. I wish you could see it. Why do you think you are unable to be kind, to show you care. At your core that is your true nature! The time has come to leave logical thinking behind. Do not try and find reasons for what your heart guides you to do. Simply go into your heart space and you will find all the answers you seek. The time has come to open your eyes wide, look to the horizon and boldly, confidently and triumphantly march into the New Age. You have earned it, Dear Ones!"