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FROM VASUMI: "Birthing a Happy New Era – The Tzolkin rEvolves into a New Spin from Sun 20 Dec 2015 – 5 Sept 2016:

So today we Birth a new 260 day cycle (Galactic Spin) of the Tzolkin (count of light)... And so the Solstice lands on the 2nd day, of the cycle of the Dragon... The cycle of Birth, Response-ability, Nurturing and Caring... A time to honour all the mothers on the planet that birth us, and the fathers that work strongly to support those births and take on their responsibilities as co-carers... And this stands for all endeavours we birth on the planet, there are many of us who have not had the delight of birthing children and we birth new consciousness in infinite ways for our Earth families, so blessed to those beings as well... Blessed to all who take on the response-ability for caring for our divine planet!!!"
-Vasumi Zjikaa http://goo.gl/pQYrb5 https://goo.gl/WkO2iX #ItsALLCONNECTED #WeAreALLRelated