Transformation, Freedom,Creativity, Shape shifting, and Soul Evolution

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Dear Beloved’s, today is a day of transformation, freedom, creativity, shape shifting, and soul evolution.

Today was a great day for integration of all  aspects of self and knowing that the God within is on schedule.

Take note of the most important issues that are confronting you at the point in time. What state of change are you in regard to these issues?

These powerful messages remind us of the butterfly, when born it goes through the smallest of hole to birth itself. So beloveds, you are doing the same.

To the Native American’s the butterfly is believed to carry Joy! This is a dance with the nature, and to take things a little more lightly, not so seriously. Medicine for the dear souls that you are.

Get up and move, have the courage to fly past your limitations. The divine in all of you will know how far and wide you can travel.

When it is time to move to the next level we must let go of yet another layer of emotional, physical, mental, thought forms , keeping us from our most precious goals.

It is imperative if we as a people keep our thoughts lofty and confident in the light, we can move mountains and hold steady the light grids that hold us and our Planet together.

Each of you is like a Chrysalis structure, which is forming above you, for the full formation and activation of your thirteen spiral systems or Chakras. This Chrysalis like structure will encase you with the light codes needed to fully activate your divine blueprint and bring forth great healing and release.

Take time to rest and breath through these healings and integrations. The next stage of your spiritual evolution depends on it.

An affirmation could be: I choose the light which illuminates me calling in your guides and master’s to assist you with this process. The sacred geometries will activate after this grid is set in place. You ability to reach the next dimension is vital as you become accustomed to the messages you are receiving from spirit.

You will be able to pull from the 5th dimension and above your codes to heal yourself and others. The body heals with play, the mind heals with laughter, and the spirit heals with Joy!

These are only remembrances of how you were as a child and how easy it was to bounce back. It is not that hard to pull this energy back from the past into the now. Try these and know that you are a creator of your own destiny.

We are guided by the great masters of time. Do not trust the time, for you are in a state of flux beloveds, time is neither here nor there. We are here and there at the same time.

You will experience things out of time. Do not be alarmed by this it is only your soul catching up to your physical. You may want to do some soul work, so that you do not feel so out of sorts with your physical being.

It would do you well to get moving beloveds. Get the juices running again through the joints, get the liquid light moving through your lymphatic system.

Practitioners are available in many areas of your planet who have the skills to move and drain the lymph. It is highly recommended to seek out their assistance. God speed you through this journey of the soul.

Dear souls you have come here to do great works, we are here to assist you every step of the way. We are relentless to help you succeed. Call on us, we truly love and support your Ascension.

The supply of Heaven is yours to thrive, prosper, despite any difficulty or challenge.

You are valued and encouraged to bring out the best in your fellow man/woman. We speak words of faith and victory and call forth the seeds of greatness in all beings who hear this message.

Helping you to rise higher and become all that you came here to be.

Declare this in the name of the most high, beloveds. We now take our leave of you. This message of hope is for all of you to create the best life you can.

WE love you beyond measure, infinite blessings.

©2013 Working With The Archangles no part of this message may be copied; for your personal use only. May be forwarded if website and Author are credited, Sheilah Blaxill