The Unveiling of Ourselves to the Light

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Perhaps you are feeling it? You may be feeling the energetic intensity of the collective through your own body. Sometimes I feel that emotional intensity that is anxiety, and with no apparent cause. Why do I feel this strong anxiety? It was wisely pointed out to me that it is often the collective emotion coming to the surface through me, and maybe through you if you. You may be an energetically sensitive person and not know it. When it is intense emotionally, it may not be personal! Keep this as mind. 

Healing Crisis and Wake up Call

Our collective is going through a big wake up and I heard it described as a healing crisis, as if the emotional body of the world is on a cleansing fast and sores and pus are arising in this body to the surface. It feels scary, looks bad but is actually bringing the body, the collective to a higher level health and even a higher vibrational octave of existence. Those old toxins are finally being cleared out.

To those of you who experience yourselves as ones who anchor light, I sense that you also discharge the emotions under the surface of everyone. It is like we are one body feeling it all. We discharge the negativity that everyone carries and hides and now it is rising up. Now it is 11/11 a portal day gateway for energy to flood the planet. It is flooding all right and I feel blissful and anxious depending on the moment that I am in. Are you noticing an emotional roller coaster ride and a sense of being ungrounded? Recently I have felt overwhelmed and like time was going too fast for me, but now that has cleared with great relief. I am feeling it, this intensity of change, and I am with you, whatever you are feeling.  What might this be about? There is a mass processing of emotion about the election that is being worked through. And there is a shift, an energetic shift of the ages, upon us all.

Highest Timeline

Reminders today are first to choose the highest timeline always. No matter whom is president, no matter the chaos, no matter the emotions rising to the surface. No matter what is coming out that was hidden. It does not matter what expectations are being let go of. Emotions arise and they fall. Let them flow. Let others purge their emotions and feel better and not take it personally, as well. 

The highest timeline is made by you for you in the little choices you make each day for happiness. A timeline is the dimensional and vibrational space you travel and experience. You are ultimately the authority of your life, and your reality. Regardless of whatever is happening in the world, it is a time to reclaim your life, your choices for happiness, and the highest timeline possible. Shine your light no matter what. You’ve got this. Yet at the same time, feel what you feel, and let it flow through you as the vehicle, the anchor, your body as the catalyst of light for the planet's shifting which is also your own transformation.

Things have gotten real. You feel it. You know it. This is a time of shift, the great prophecies have foretold. It is where rubber meets the road. It is where the great unveiling happens of all the rot under the surface coming up. How appropriate at this time of Scorpio, just after the Day of the Dead. You can feel and sense the stench of what is hidden even if you haven't all found the dead body and have it seen by everyone. You who are feeling emotions are feeling the experience of the unveiling of the hidden greed, corruption, violence, and control that is hidden by our governments, everyone in the collective to some degree, and ourselves as our own hidden parts and darkness we are coming face to face with.

Parts of us, of our participation in the system are coming to light. Are you being taken out of your comfort zone like I am? We are given a great opportunity to feel and see something important happen. We are participating in the apocalypse, the unveiling of ourselves to the light. It is a time of no easy answers, no easy solutions. Yet our hearts know the way even if our minds do not.

Even though there is Chaos…

Through this chaos and upheaval we are being shown that we always can rely on ourselves. We are to rely on our heart through it all and not let outer circumstances dissuade our progress. Feel the relief, feel the awakening underneath the dismay, the emotions, the blaming, the uncertainty. Our hearts know the way through this. We are making collective progress toward that tipping point of light. 

This is a divine universe. We have divine protection from the Creator. We are infinite eternal beings. The sun is blasting our consciousness to a higher level, and everyone's consciousness to a higher level. It makes sense that the things are being revealed that we don't want to look at. Keep breathing. Be curious and observe, not blame. All of this is divinely guided and for a higher purpose. Trust in that.

Finishing up the Year of Completion

Be excited for we are making steps toward a doorway, this gateway of 11/11/2016 in this year of completion. I say completion as 2+0+1+6=9. The number nine in numerology is about completion. We are completing the years of illusion to a new year of truth and disclosure and new beginings. The numerology for 2017 is this 2+0+1+7 = 10= 1+0 or 1 year, a year of new beginnings and we are almost there. Underneath the stench is the fresh air, the fresh new beginning, awakening and that tipping point toward light that we have all been waiting for. 

On Getting through this Time

A way of getting through this time is to do your inner practices. Do what keeps you happy and in balance.  Work and play together with your friends and family as we are in this together. Forgive and find ways to love them. Put aside your differences. Emotions are just emotions and let them come to the surface and be released, in yourself and in others. Let's honor our feelings and get to the other side to equanimity once again. This process is all coming to a better place, a better world for all.

Be in the heart. Remember sacred reciprocity, called Ayni as the Quechua word used in Peru. From Wikipedia: Ayni can refer to either the concept of reciprocity or mutualism among people of the Andean mountain communities or the practice of this concept. As a noun, the law of ayni states that everything in the world is connected, and is the only commandment that rules daily life in many communities like the Q'ero. As a verb, this often refers to the cooperation between the members of a community when one member gives to another, he or she is entitled to receive something back.

The way out of the old paradigm is through love, love and sacred reciprocity. Let us learn to give and receive to one another in new ways of mutual support. 

Prayer: I am willing to let my old ways in which I participated and contributed old paradigm that I was born into, now die, in order to create the new. Creator show me how to take responsibility and change my ways. Know that as my personal hologram shifts the collective shifts. Let us not turn our eyes away from that which is coming to light. Break my heart open with compassion even if I feel it as if it is my own sadness and hurt. This is unity being born when we all feel one another and the collective. We can no longer push away another’s pain as consciousness rises. 

I see many indigenous prophecies and religious prophecies point to this time we are in. Unity is so important and that it is happening is so inspiring right now. I see so many peoples coming together at Standing Rock to protect the water and the native lands from desecration. I see outrage over people being treated unfairly. The metaphorical unearthing of the dead body that I mentioned that is now being witnessed is the unfairness of how people are treated, and how the earth is treated. When our brother is hurting, when a sister is hurting, when our Mother Earth is hurting, we feel it as ourselves. We are feeling it now and that is beautiful. Let's expand our consciousness and create entirely new systems as this one crumbles and completes. Onward to 2017 with great excitement for what is to come.

In the meantime let us hold one another heart to heart for what we are going through.

Love and blessings





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Ur words r very beautiful, and I find them encouraging. Thank U very much for all U expanded on.
I have a question. U mentioned that much emotion is being released from electrons. Could U expand on that?