We are Dream Weavers of the New Earth

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The Lyran Women who are dream weavers inspire me, and I heard about them in Judy Satori's book Sunshine Before the Dawn. It is a beautiful metaphor for manifestation and creation. The dream weavers of Lyra weave “the Strands of Dreamtime’, because whatever they dreamed of and envisioned together at this time, could then be created. The important thing was to design the correct vision and have both the energy capacity and degree of focus to hold fast to this intention. The Lyran women were able to very precisely, connect to the energy that was of the mind of God, or universal consciousness. They could create the correct mental images that would then synchronize an image or intention into manifested creation in the world of form.(quoted from Sunshine Before the Dawn)

How do they do this? The book explains: the ten light rays of creation that emanated from the mind of God, the Creator-of-All. These ten light rays of creation set in motion an energy pulse for the Dreamtime Strands that the Lyran women worked with to create the DNA sequences of light, 8 Epiphany sound and vibration that, in turn, created the genetic pattern for each type of physical creation.

Inspired by the Lyran Dream Weavers, I then went into meditation to ask a question which is: What can we do to create the new earth? 

In meeting my guides for today, the Lyran women who are Dream Weavers and also whales are there. I am shown that we all carry the dream of the new earth in our DNA as do whales and all forms of life. Whales are an important part of this dream holding and creation energy. I was seeing harmony among people being created by whale songs, which I see as sine waves weaving in and out. I felt the harmonization inside of me and also among people. It is a way to feel in sync with others when we experience the whale's song and are sung into harmony. Connect with their higher self and be sung by the whales in your imagination. You can listen to some whale songs for meditation on Youtube. The feeling of being sung into harmony is what the Lyran women see in future group get together's with others as we dream the new earth into being...but I will get to that part later.

What I learned from the Lyran women is that we are weaving the DNA in our bodies. We are resequencing in memory of the divine blueprint and this is innate in that the remembrance and resequencing is already within us. I see bridging between new earth and us now, with finding the state of being that is new earth.

I ask them “How do you see new earth unfolding? Can you share how you see it happening?” 

We see wayshowers holding the new earth frequency in their hearts. We see wayshowers dreaming the dreams, aligned with source, the heart of God,and vibrating the frequency. We see heart based reality come to into reality. We love you and we see creative acts from those tuned in more and more to this.

All is falling away so you may be tuned into the frequency of new earth, and you become it!

You make your life heaven on earth.

I hear them (readers of this blog and myself) asking “But how do we do this?”

Know that it has been done before. Know that it is happening now in other places in the universe. Tune into your guides and teachers and feel them. Feel the new earth as a frequency though you and within you. We see the more you feel yourself as connected to all life, all dimensions, all aspects of who you are, the more you feel this vibration. It is a coming into wholeness within yourself, and in harmony with one another especially your pods of loved ones who feel a similar wavelength.

It is transcendence from what you see on earth as so called reality. You must take your focus away from 'what is' and dream as we do, to what could be. 

We are visionaries as you are visionaries. Individually held focus with feeling, then dream and share and be in groups that do this. Be in groups that speak the new earth frequency, tell stories, create art, and take inwardly inspired action.

The action is inspired from being in this higher consciousness.

We offer you a suggestion for higher consciousness which is to be in altered states of consciousness. These are the meditative states (alpha and theta) not the usual waking states of ordinary reality (beta).

Expand your consciousness so you are in these higher states and from these places our dreaming can happen.

It starts to happen by being in your heart and feeling the love for all of creation. Then you can connect hearts in love, toning, sharing, seeing, being, becoming and unfolding. We are seeing ceremonies that are your prayers. We are seeing meditations. We are seeing toning and singing and light language. We hear you being sung into harmony as the whales do, and singing one another into harmony. We see safe space to share the wildest of visions that lie in the hearts of you, the visionaries of now.

These meetings will not be like 3D earth. It will not be like a town meeting. It will not be like solving problems as businesses or other groups do.

It will be the agenda of playing and creating.

It will be from a love of life.

It will be the most fun ever.

Start to do these sorts of things if you are called to, in your own way.Create a sanctuary in yourself for imagination. Create it with others.Ask in meditation how you can embody new earth frequency and what it looks and feels like.

Start living it, being it, calling it into your life. Make your life magnificent. Be sure to ask yoru angels and guides within for help, ask them to show you where to go for creating your world that is aligned with source, with joy, with love, with service, with creativity, and new earth frequency, whatever that means to you. Please discover what it means to you. 

It is not like new earth is waiting for us as a blank slate. It is like the whales, the humans, and the other forms of life have the dream encoded in their DNA and doing what activates it now helps to bring new earth into view.

Do what raises your frequency? Ask for inner guidance to discover your part in this grand weaving.

The dream is being remembered by you. What would you most like to see in the world? In your own world? Do that, share yourself, your inspiration and passion, and there it is.

You are the ones you have been waiting for. Do I need to remind you? 

Thank you for reading today's blog! 

-Shannon  Luminance River, Akashic Intuitive Reader and Blogger