We are Stardust, We are Golden

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Remember where you came from, before this body. You have existed and will always exist, in other forms beyond this lifetime as an eternal being. This is a mere blip in the history of time, in the history of the universe. You have always been loved and supported. You brought your heart flame to this planet in this beautiful body that you inhabit.

Remember that the universe is sentient and alive. Remember that this is an ascension process in which looks messy and chaotic and even violent, yet it is a time in which great shift is happening. Everyday more light is anchored from your being which enters the earth. Light that you receive goes on the surface of earth as an exchange to all beings. Pray for peace and cultivate your own inner peace, the still place in the center. Be with people who make you feel peaceful too.

The light you are is a gift. Your memories of home, your skills, all that you remember is a gift to the collective. Keep the memories of where you came from, the before time, alive in your heart but not as a story or as data. Keep them alive as a feeling. Discover that feeling inside you and transmit that feeling to remind your friends, perhaps those who are in resonance of Lemuria, of the star planets of Sirius, Pleiades, Andromeda and other planets of origin or remembrance. Remind them of magic. Remind your friends in resonance of the feeling of joy that the dolphins bring. remind them of the higher dimensional feeling, the fifth dimensional feeling that you have inside when you are connected to source. Go there, open your crown and receive in vision, and let it illumine your being.

We are here tor remind each other of home as we exist in this current home of Mother Earth. We are here on the journey, for the ride to more light, more love, and more making this planet an even greater paradise. We are here to remind each other that we are equals and turn the world into a place that respects the circle. We are learning to serve the greater whole. We are learning to share our gifts that we have hidden inside, bravely and courageously. It is time. We are learning to be truth tellers. We are shifting emotions when past memories arise of our hearts hurt. We are transmuting fear within ourselves and everyone every single time that we show up in the space of love. We are taking our power and saying no more of the old power over game, the dominance and submission or victim/persecutor/savior patterns. We call forth the perfection of ourselves, our relationships, our relation to all our relations that are other forms of life beyond our own. We see our connection to all life. We see everyone in their sovereign power and taking their place in the world.

Everyone is a Star

Each of you are becoming stars meaning you generate your own light like a star does. You are generators of light. You are receivers and transducers of light. Light is information. Light holds the truth, encoded and light exposes the truth. Light lifts the veils on darkness. Light is what illumines the truth. Many truths that are coming out that may shock you, may cause cognitive dissonance. Tune into your star essence. Feel your own hearts and know. Start with the truth of what is happening in your own life and how and whether it pleases you. How do you feel about what is going on in your life? Is there truth to be told to yourself? Is there truth to be told to others? Are there things you want to walk away from but have not had the courage yet? Are there words you wish to say that weigh on your heart? Now the universe is wanting to support you in creating win-win in all your life experiences with all your relations.

Sacred Reciprocity

The universe is wanting to offer reciprocity between all beings so we need to be part of the flow of life. You are called to be adept at giving and receiving to join this flow of the universe, to be within the greater flow of life.

Timelines and your Dream Life through Your Imagination

Are you being called and pulled to move on, move onto a new majestic timeline which may be different from the environment and people you usually are with? Are there places, things to do, experiences to have and people to meet that make your heart really sing? Go toward that. The timeline unfolds as you courageously follow what feels good to you. It is not fighting or resisting but going toward that which brings your joy, your dream life. Your dream life is something to feel inside you, to imagine and play with. It is always asking how can it be better? What can I imagine that would be more juicy, moredelicious? You are a powerful star, a being of star essence and a generator of radiance. You are a powerful creator and you know that how you feel is so important to notice. Where are you moving forward by rote with your patterns and not feeling into what is or is not serving you? Where are you on autopilot in your life? If you start imagining something different, something different can manifest. If you can imagine it, it can manifest in your world. Anything is possible and the sky is the limit. How do you translate this into your world, your everyday life?

It is about noticing how what you are doing and feeling tastes to you. It is about questioning what is working for you, or not. It is about bringing delicious tastes to your life, delicious colors, and feel good experience for yourself from a subtle level to a bigger level. It really starts with loving yourself enough care for yourself, and care how you feel. When you are down, do not judge that but feed yourself with some delicious uplifting energy via intention, meditation, an activity you love, thoughts that feel good. In short, whatever shifts the energy of you. become a master at shifting your energy. become transparent with your feelings to you and your responses to moments. It may call for making change, but it will be positive change for a better more joyful life.

How can you become a star if you are not allowing your life to shine in pure joy? Inner radiance from inner joy is how you become a generator of light. connect to source in support of your shifting and changing, healing and transformation. The sun is shining and sending particles of light that are to bring you to your own radiance and inner peace. seize the opportunity hat is being given to you. release martyrdom, release have-tos and shoulds. Embrace the joy of being you and the joy of being of service to others, and also in receiving that which supports you.

Be a light. Don't be afraid to shine. Be still in your own bubble and know you illuminate the world. Expand the bubble to include the entire world. Do not be brought down by those who do not understand. Love and shine for all. Be in joy. Honor and appreciate the majesty that you are. Know you are here for a reason. Love your essence as a being. Love who you are at the core, beyond anything you do. You are pure light, pure love, and pure presence. Know this in your heart and smile.

Deep bows from my heart to yours,
Shivrael Luminance River

PS The title of this blog is inspired by Joni Mitchells' song Woodstock, though I see it as star essence. It feels like a beautiful prayer.

We are stardust
We are golden
And we've got to get ourselves
Back to the garden