Weekly Metatronic Numerology Frequency Report ~ 5/4 ~10/4, 2015 ~Time for Expansive Change & An Expanded Perspective

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~~This week holds a 5/11 Dual Frequency with 22 and 55 Sub-frequency influences, a 44 Minor frequency influence and a 111 Passive Potential. It is also an 11:11 Encoded Frequency week.

This week Saturn, Uranus and Pluto are strongly influencing Earth’s frequencies, with Saturn adding energy to the 11:11 Encoding, Uranus strengthening the 22 Sub-frequency and Pluto adding momentum to the 55 Sub-frequency and the 44 Minor frequency. The combined energies of Saturn and Uranus are also adding to the 111 Passive Potential.

Saturn brings us the energies of Self-discipline, and accepting our responsibility for self, as well as our part of the responsibility for the Spiritual wellbeing of the Collective Consciousness.

Uranus brings energies that assist us in finding and defining our Sacred Contractual Work and recognizing our personal potential and uniqueness. It also assists in opening a more expansive vision for the Potential of Spiritual Growth for the Collective.

Pluto brings in the energies of Transformation, Transmutation and Metamorphosis. It shows us a clearer understanding of the Constructive use of our Personal Power, and adds much in the way of the creation and expansion of the Group Collective Conscious Mind and its importance in the Spiritual Growth of the Collective Consciousness of Humanity as we move into the Multi-dimensional Realms.

The I AM Keyword phrases for the 5/ll Dual, 22, 44, 55 and 111 are:

5/11 Dual – I AM the Revelation and Expansion of Divine Knowledge brought forth through Spiritual Growth and Change

22 – I AM Spiritual Vision Building Sacred Structure

44 – I Am Structured Power & Metamorphosis

55 – I AM the Higher Self Aware of Divine Will

111 – I AM Multi-dimensional Thought Energy Set into Motion

Before moving into this week’s full frequency report I would first like to address the 11:11 Encoded Frequency.

Many people are now familiar with the 11-11 Frequency Encoded “Wake-Up” call we as a Collective Consciousness set into place before descending into dense reality realms. We did this to be of assistance in our Collective Spiritual Re-Awakening. Basically this is an alarm clock we set before we descended into the denser realms of matter.

For those who are regular readers of the Metatronic Numerology Frequency Reports, you will most likely remember that I have shared what the Q4 stated about this 11:11 Encoded Alarm Clock.

They told us that the 11:11 Frequency Portal of the New Mayan Calendar Round Reality now stands continuously open, and we really no longer need to put time and energy into raising frequency to enable it to remain open because we have accomplished that.

What this means is that movement through this portal is now available at all times to everyone, and there is an Ease of Access that was not there before.

The changes this is making in our Present Projected Time Frame Reality are that we are beginning to see, and will continue to see, an acceleration of Spiritual Awakening and the reality of the Collective Consciousness of Humanity existing on Gaia will flow and shift more rapidly into a fuller Spiritually Awakened state.

It also means our work with the 11:11 Encoded Wake-Up Frequency has changed slightly.

Now our work, especially in these full 11:11 Frequency Encoded weeks, is to focus our energy and intentions on being of assistance to the lessening of the accumulative amount of highly negatively charged emotions surrounding the planet, (within Gaia’s Auric Field), and how they hinder the Spiritually Slumbering Masses in Initial Awakening; especially those who are beginning to react to the subconscious promptings of their own Spiritual Awakening.

We can all remember that as exciting as Initial Spiritual Awakening is, it is also a time when we often feel lost and confused as to what we should believe and think, and where we should turn in our quest for understanding about what is happening to us; so from now on these 11-11 Encoded days and weeks will come around at semi-regular intervals as reminders, and micro Power Boosters, that with the larger numbers of newly Awakening humans happening simultaneously, the planet and the Collective Consciousness will see times of overwhelming amounts of energy of fear and confusion being released. With the accumulation of this energy we need to remain focused on assisting in the energy work of Love and Light by emitting a newly upgraded 11:11 Encoded Frequency Message.

This new 11-11 Encoded message is…

“You are Waking Up… You are Safe… And You ARE on the Right Path”

This is the 11:11 Message we need to be emitting now.

Full Metatronic Numerology Frequency Report

The 5/11 Dual Frequency, which is the main frequency of this week, assists us in seeing that as we change and grow spiritually, expanding our understanding of the knowledge of the Divine, we open more and more locked information of the workings of the Divine Universal ONE Heart and Mind. As each plateau of expansion is reached, propelled by collective spiritual growth and reawakening, the amount of Spiritual knowledge and understanding increases exponentially. This is the igniting of the Illumination of the ever expanding pathway into the New Golden Age of Enlightenment opening before us.

So the 5/11 Dual Frequency is here to help us open to and remember more information and knowledge of our Universal System and how we fit into it and how to best work within it.

The 22 Frequency holds the energy and information of the Master Builder; one who builds upon, with and through Sacred Structure.

I often use the example of the word “Buddha” as being a 22 Frequency word, and how the Master Jesus, known to many as Sananda, “The Carpenter’s Son”, is a perfect metaphor for that of “One who is a Master Builder, building upon Sacred Structure”.

Both these Masters (and many more) teach of “Building” life and reality upon a Structure of Sacredness, created upon the Foundation of all things Sacred, with the knowledge of our Spiritual heritage. Just as these Masters did, we too are capable of building our reality upon a Sacred Structural form.

Just as these Masters lived an honorable and principled life while incarnate upon Earth, so too should we strive to be ethical and moral in our daily interactions with all others, no matter who or what they might be.

55 is the frequency of the Individualized Awareness of the Higher Self. The spark of the Divine Heart that lies dormant in the 1 Frequency is ignited in the 55 Frequency.

In this initial igniting, the awareness and accepted reality of the Higher Self is made evident to the individual and communication with the Higher Self becomes more lucid and coherent. When the connection to the Higher Self is accomplished and a clear communications link is established, then the understanding of Divine Will begins to transpire.

Divine Will is spoken of by the Higher Self, for the Higher Self of each individual self sees the larger perspective of our reality from a much expanded view and is capable of placing the needs of the Collective Consciousness above the needs and desires of self.

The 55 Frequency holds a neutral charge, so it is a very grounding frequency, but unlike the 5 Frequency, which also holds a neutral charge and grounds us to Earth and the physical realms and dimensions, helping us stay more centered and balanced in the physical realms, the 55 Frequency grounds us into the physically illusive Realms of Spirit; it grounds us to the Higher Frequency Dimensions, the home of our Higher Self, assisting us in staying centered and balanced in the Spiritual Frequency dimensions.

The 44 Frequency is the frequency where the igniting of the Spark of the Group Collective Conscious Mind that lies dormant in the 2 Frequency occurs.

Here within the 44 Frequency is where Ruling and Governmental Bodies work at their best; where those in positions of power learn to come together and to work toward what is best for everyone concerned. This Frequency is where we learn to come together and act in accordance for All… as ONE.

The 44 Frequency is also about Metamorphosis.

The new path into the Multi-dimensional realms we, the Collective Consciousness of Humanity, are beginning down will change us and our perceptions of Reality. This new path will change us is ways, that at this stage of our journey we cannot yet even begin to imagine.

At this point in projected space and time we are only beginning to think about, and comprehend what the concept of a Universe of Infinite Possibilities looks like and how it responds and operates.

Remember, Metamorphosis is beyond simple ordinary change.

Change makes your reality different, but Metamorphosis births you into a completely different and New Reality. Metamorphosis is being born anew into a reality you never even knew existed before.

Going back to the 22 Frequency there is an interesting little side note here. If you notice, the word “Buddha”, a 22 frequency word, has the number 44 right in the middle of it; the numerical value for the letter D is 4! Interesting, is it not?

The 111 Frequency is about the initial thought energy of movement into the Multi-dimensional realms. It is the point of Multi-dimensional Conception. Within this frequency concepts associated with Creation, especially associated with Multi-dimensionality, are conceived of and prepare for a time of gestation before moving into Manifest form. If we associated this with physical conception this would be the point where the egg is fertilized.


This week brings us much in the way of Expanding our Perspectives of how Creation works within our Universe, and preparing us better for the Expansive Changes we are going through, both as individuals and as a Collective Consciousness.

This week’s frequencies bring assistance in determining exactly what our part to play in this Grand Adventure is, and what our individual Sacred Contractual Work in this lifetime is.

This week’s frequencies clearly show us that we must begin with Self as the center point, and recognize that WE, each of us, as the embodiment of Spirit in Physical form is an animated, living, breathing Sacred Temple.

This frequency weaving shows us that our focus and intention must be the “Creation and Building of a Sacred Structural Reality, based on the Truth shown to us through our Spiritual Vision”, and that if we are to Create and Build a Collective Reality in and of this Sacred Vision and Truth… It Must Begin With Self!

We have to continually remember… Each of us is a Sacred Building Block necessary to the completed construction of the Sacred Temple of the Collective Consciousness of Humanity, and each of us is responsible for the Creation, Building and Maintaining of Self in a Sacred Manner.

This frequency weaving also does much in the way of lending assistance to us in connecting and communicating much more clearly with our Higher Self. It then goes on to show us the ways in which to connect to others so we can creates powerful and light filled Group Collective Conscious Minds; for it is in working as Group Collective Conscious Minds that we move into having at our disposal the exponentially expansive powers of Creation made available to us to use in creating Change within our Collective Reality. Our opening to and movement into the realities that exist within the Multi-dimensional Realms demand we Create in this fashion; for it is the only way into those dimensions.


IN-Joy I Share

Blessings from All Realms of Creation

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