What To Do When You're Stuck...

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Just chill out, would you? That's the thought that pops in my head feeling I am stuck not quite knowing where I need to go.

It is strange. I have the perfect opportunities showing up in my career life but not rushing in. In fact, I have no juice for it. Although it feels as if something is coming out of the dark tunnel, it is not quite clear enough to say "I'm home!" I look at my natural talents and my passions to see where they can be best used. But I cannot see very clearly at this moment. I could beat myself up or simply take a step back and wait.

It is scary to take a step back when surrounded with incertitude. And that is basically it. Things are changing and not too many understand where anything is going.

One thing is for sure. I want peace. I want a change. I want something new. I hate to leave behind something I loved and earned my place with, but I feel it is time. I am just not sure what, where, and when. So I will sit on the dock of this bay, watching time go by until the doors open again. And that is one weird feeling of being inactive!