What Does Your Heart Want?

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Tree gazing, peace filled activity.

Tree gazing, peace filled activity.

This is the question that my inner being asked me this morning. I was lying down, connecting to hearts all around the world, and this question seemed to reverberate from the earth herself. One word resounded from my heart and at the same instant, from all hearts. Peace. I want peace. All peoples want peace. I know that there are still some thinking that they truly want to destroy peace in this world. They are so shut off from their own hearts, that they can no longer feel their brothers and sisters. For them, we are called to hold such love that it embraces them in a fiery furnace of love that melts their hearts back to love.

For the rest of us, we are being called to be pillars of peace in every way that we can. Feel into moving through your day with a heart completely at peace. When you feel a concern rise up, maybe you feel your daughter is making a poor decision in her life, call in the angels to assist her and then release the concern to them as you trust her I AM presence and the angels to handle that. Return to peace.

Perhaps your knee is acting up and you are wondering if you will need to have surgery. Again, call in the healing angels for assistance and ask your higher self to bring you any information about an action you may need to take, and then let that go. Flood your knee with love and appreciation for all the years it has worked perfectly for you and visualize it continuing to do so. Return to peace. 

Now a worry floats across about the war in Syria, take a deep breath and send love to all the people there, calling in the angels of peace to be with them. Perhaps you are prompted to write your congressmen to voice your opinion, do so. Trust your guidance as to what action is yours to take. I have been doing a guided meditation by a friend of mine that centers my heart and allows the peace to flow: http://childrenofthesun.org/syria-invocation/ Afterwards, I am peace. 

Today I thought to work in the garden but my body is sore from working there the past few days. I open to my body and feel its desire to rest. I flood it with appreciation for the work it has done, and I give it rest. In this way, I once again return to peace. 

I imagine the pink clouds as a blanket of peace and love covering the earth.

I imagine the pink clouds as a blanket of peace and love covering the earth.

A friend calls and a plan has changed. I see that I will now have an open afternoon which aligns with my body desiring rest. I had thought to call and cancel but it was done for me. I thank the universe for responding to my needs and return to peace. 

I have a desire to create some art but the energy is not there to do so. I thank myself for the creative ideas flooding in and trust that when my energy aligns, I will create. I return to peace. 

I was laughing with my former hubby about how we were rewriting our past by being so joyful in our present. Each moment of peace now, was erasing all the moments of deep sorrow and pain. Our adult children have all commented on how whole it makes them feel to have both of us united as dear friends, supporting them as they make their way in the world. Our peace, adds to their sense of peace and wholeness. My higher self impressed upon me how the work we have done to bring our relationship back to love, is affecting peace in the world. How every moment we choose to be at peace within ourselves and with others about us, we are  adding mightily to the peace efforts for our world.

I believe that our world is ready for peace. It is time. Won’t you join me in making a commitment to peace? It begins with you and with me, choosing in each moment to return to peace. 



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