What is Intuition and how to know you’re hearing it correctly

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Your intuition is the medium of communication used by your Highest Source and Consciousness. It is always 100% true, therefore it is fail safe. Your intuition will guide you through the sense of inner-knowing on a particular action to take. You will know when you’re listening to your intuitive guidance because it will feel absolutely right even though you may not understand why you’ve taken a certain action. So you may find yourself doing something without understanding why. Don’t question, just trust.

Your Intuition is a KNOWING accompanied by a feeling of absolute assurance – IT IS NOT A VOICE.

When you’re hearing guidance that is not coming from your Highest Source and Consciousness you will feel jittery and unsure of yourself and you will question whether or not you have heard or interpreted the guidance correctly.

This is how you will know the difference – if you’re questioning or if it doesn’t feel good, then you are not tuned into your Highest Consciousness. If you are still in doubt or unsure of what to do, then you are not tuned into your Highest Consciousness within.

Let me just say here that your intuition and inner voice are two different things. Your intuition ALWAYS comes from your HIGHEST GUIDANCE WITHIN, whereas your inner voice can be the voice of any level of your consciousness, depending on which frequency level you are tuning into.

You are becoming multi-dimensional beings and therefore you are tuning into more than one level of consciousness at the same time. You may even hear more than one voice, and sometimes that voice may say different things. Therefore always strive to stay out of your mind and BE in your heart, because it is only once you’re in communion with your Highest Source of Consciousness through BE’ing in attunement with your Sacred Heart that you will hear your intuition with absolute clarity and with absolutely no doubt and/or confusion whatsoever.

Your Higher Self and Consciousness will often speak to you through your inner voice too but it will always accompany any guidance it gives you through your intuition to give you absolute assurance that you have heard correctly.

Your intuition will always be accompanied by a feeling of absolute assurance or surety.

You have heard that feelings are the language of the Soul, and this is so very true.

We wish you a fabulous Blood Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse weekend! May the Moon Goddess fill you with her Love and Absolute Blessing! To the Twin Flames out there who are being energized and magnetically drawn together by her energy ~ Let Go and Let Love! Soon you will be held firmly in the arms of your Beloved!

We leave you with our Love and Absolute Blessing!


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