What Is True Human Potential?

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The average human being uses a mere 9% of their brain, with so called geniuses like Albert Einstein using 13-15%. The human body contains enough DNA to reach the moon and back a few times, yet 90% of it has been labled as “junk” DNA by scientists. Within the human brain, the gland that is receiving the  highest concentrations of blood flow in comparison to any other organ in the body, is in a dormant state in most people, literally calcified. The list goes on, and it begs the question…

…What is our true potential?

Consider you were able to use 100% of your brain, what would that look like? What if the the literal blueprint of your body, DNA, was completely active and functioning? And how about that little gland called the pineal?  There is multiple reports, research, and findings that the pineal gland is responsible for all kinds of extrasensory perception and psychic abilities that has, and continues to be measured in a laboratory settings.

The plain truth is, we haven’t even scratched the surface to what we are truly capable of. Long, long ago, human beings just like you and me sought out to discover this hidden potential in a quest to find out who they really were. Through thousands of years of research and development, here’s what they have found: Human potential is staggering.

The fact of the matter is, what these humans discovered thousands of years ago, our modern sciences are only now capable of comprehending, at best. Take for instance the pineal gland, or the “3rd eye”. Its very interesting these people ended up calling this tiny gland, which by the way is only a few millimeters big, an eye. Keep in mind this is well before surgery. Modern science can now show that it is in fact a type of eye, with a retina, cornea, rods and cones – how did they know? Or better yet…

What ELSE do they know?

Once you begin to delve deep into the mystical traditions of the world, it becomes apparent this is no superstition at all, its a science. I base that not only on research and correlation between modern and ancient knowledge, but from my own personal experiences.

And sure, when you read some of their writings describing what human beings have accomplished it sounds like magic. Like the ability for humans to levitate, materialize objects out of thin air, and be able to look into the past, present, and future. But imagine going back in time and showing a lighter to a cave man, what would he think? We label something as “magic” or similar when we don’t understand it. But what would once be considered magic is now commonly accepted as the norm.

We still don’t know how the pyramids were built, and even today professionals using modern technology say they would have trouble replicating them if they even could. The ancient wisdom texts of many esoteric traditions, now being brought to life through our modern sciences, are be proven to be highly accurate in their explanations of natural law. It seems there was once a extraordinary science that humanity has forgotten throughout the ages.  One could even argue that our forefathers were more advanced than we are today.

If none of this makes any sense to you that’s ok, it doesn’t have to. But just the fact you have read this far means you a least have a little curiosity, and you recognize there may be a shred of truth in here. And as that seed begins to blossom, your wonderment for what you are truly capable of will grow and grow until one day you develop a passion, just like our ancestors did, to discover what the truth really is…..and that is the goal.

Try something new, and and step outside the box. Just look at the world, look at the average man and woman’s priorities. Look where our contemporary society is headed. Look at what modern quantum physics is telling us about reality, and how its lining up perfectly to what the ancients have said. But most importantly, look at yourself. Do you think you can do better? Or are you satisfied with where you are at?