Why Don't I Channel?

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Q: Why don't I channel?(like Mike Quinsey and the like)
A: you don't have much (free) time.

Q. Do you see me?
A. Yes. I am Salusa. (tousles my hair). Your vibration is very light, almost like me. (pops his collar)

Q. Why the craziness/confusion amongst Lightworkers?
A. Divine and Conquer. Namaste.
It is like trying to put out a fire with water. Comes back. There is not enough sand or water or chemical to put out this fire.
It is smoldering and now will burst back and forth a bit. They will stomp and stomp but it is like those trick cancles on the birthday cake that light back up. (laughs) (I think 'they' is illuminati)

Q. Are you all well?
A. We are tired of waiting (yawns and stretches). It has been a long time for us, although none of us has a regret.
Q. Are you healthy?
A. Yes.

Q. Do you need anything?
A. Material things? no. Love and support? yes. (I am shown an image of the earth with a magnifying glass parallel to the surface, a cone of light extending up to a point through the magnifying glass, with that point on his craft.

Q. Why are they so stupid? (the dark hats)
A. I saw what you did when you sent Archons love the other night. That was bright. (tousles my hair)

A. St. Michael kneel and looks at me in the eye.
You are precious.(taps his heart with a closed fist). A fighter. Never fear. I wanted to talk to you about (names somebody). Praise him. I am doing really good. I can cut them into sushi (the dark hats) but I can't. Do you want me to? Is it your wish?

Q. Crush the cockroaches, God! Get them off Gaia! Please cut them into sushi.

A. On your love and life?
Q. On my honor also, I am dying here under them!

A. Are you strong? Courageous? Enough to face normalcy disintegrated?
Q. If you haven't noticed we are halfway there already.
A. ((Applauds) I will comfort you. (takes off with wings and sword-turns back and kisses the top of my head-not a hair on your head or that of (somebody's name) shall get hurt. Namaste.It is going to be squeaky squeaky clean, New Earth. It (the clearing) will be better than a Raid commercial.





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Wow! Just....wow!

again, not impressed. we have

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again, not impressed. we have been hearing this for ages now and what has changed? soon, very soon, very shortlly is all we hear over and over. i just hope dec. 21 doesn't come and go with no changes.