WHY YOU ARE HERE Channeled/Scribed by Jeff Fasano

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                                                      “Walking The Path”

You are now beginning to walk the pathway.

You have crossed the “beginning” line at the starting gate. The gates to the new pathway into the unknown have closed behind you and you have moved onto the pathway, now walking it and moving deeper into it. You have made decisions and choices. And these choices are about moving into the new and creating the new, changing yourself and old habits patterns and rituals by looking at them and your attachments and at what was old.  You have asked yourself, does this resonate for me? And you have come to the decision that it doesn’t and now realize you are walking into the new. The gates have closed behind you and are now locked. You know that going back into the old is no longer a viable reason for recreating it. You have made the decision to walk amongst the energies of the new. And you are finding that these energies are new, and as you walk among them you give yourself a chance to release remnants of the old. It is as if you are creating a chemical reactionary conclusion. What We mean by this is, the chemicals or the new energies from outside of you are now mixing with the old energies or the chemicals coming up inside of you. And this mixture for some becomes quite volatile. The old is now coming to the fore and you find that you are no longer able to control anything.  It is completely about surrendering to “what is” and this is most important now. What is? Where am I? It is now a moment-to-moment existence. Being in the now consistently. Where am I? What is?  So continue asking yourself this.

Many of you are feeling quite anxious and nervous. Some look behind them and wonder how you can jump back into the old. The gates behind you are sealed shut and the gates to the future are unlocking and the future is written by you. Many are feeling trepidation and not understanding why they are here or what they are here for. And this is the reason for the exercise to look at your talents and gifts and begin the process to discover why you are here. As you now look at your talents and gifts you begin to wonder, how do I use them? Why am I here? This will begin to formulate and also allow you to concentrate on moving forward and toward on the path you are now walking into the unknown and into the new.

Many of you are trying to control the old. Bring the old back you say, where is the old? But you know in the depth and breadth of your heart that you are beginning to connect to your soul’s divine plan. As the gates behind you to the old have closed and locked shut you are now able to move to the intersection. This is the intersection where you can connect to your soul’s divine plan and the pathway you are currently on leads to it.   Some are further along than others but you are all on this pathway. You are moving out of the old and emerging from it into the new and you have made this decision. Look at yourself in the mirror and know that there is no going back. This is why the feelings are becoming more intense. You are in resistance to moving forward and towards because you have moved out of deep-rooted comfort zones, the comfort zones of the old, the comfort zones of looking outside of yourself for validation and gratification. This no longer resonates for you because it is non-existent on the pathway into the new.

Nothing outside of you can give you this any longer and it frightens some of you. Where can I go to get what I need to get to satisfy my addiction to getting something outside of me? Many now look into the mirror and see nothing. Many look out onto the pathway into the new and see nothing. Nothing is there except you.

You are now at a place to see what you have filled within and use this as your well of fulfillment. This is why We brought you the ten part series, “Who Are You?” This should be in your well. Who are you? It is not outside of you any longer. The gate behind you is locked and shut and you look out onto the pathway, that path is now leading you to the intersection to connect with why you are here, your soul’s divine plan. The well inside of you is filled with who you are.

What are the brushes you are painting your new picture with? Is it what is within you? Is it who you are? Are you utilizing your tools? The well now is filling and becoming deeper as you discover your talents and gifts. Can you utilize you as you move into the unknown and the new to create the new world of harmony, community and equality?

You are now nearing the point where you are resonating and vibrating at a certain level. Many of you are looking outside of yourself at old relationships that no longer resonate and vibrate with the new you.   Are you still looking at what is unavailable in your life and hoping that those who are unavailable to what you say you want just get it and come along for the ride? Or, can you simply open up to the unknown and as you walk on the pathway gather with the new wonderful and glorious souls who are creating the new soul family? As you walk along the pathway one will come and another will as well. Are you available to release the old relationships and quite possibly create a new relationship with someone who is available? Someone who sees the attachments of the old relationship and sees the choice of community, harmony and equality to create a new relationship that is based in love as opposed to attachment and what I can get. Or what it will give me?  Or, what are you in my life for? Are you in my life to fill up my emptiness? Can you create a new relationship with those from the old who are moving on the pathway? Many of you will find that those from the old are no longer walking the same pathway. They are on the other side of the gate and wondering if it will open again?   

We ask you to continue the exercise of writing down 5 aspects of your talents and gifts. What are your 5 most important talents and gifts and what are you finding as you write them down?  Continue your nightly meditation and reminiscing about your day. This will begin to put the finishing touches on learning how to receive love. Are you giving to yourself? As you continue with this exercise We add one more aspect to it. Each and every day do something good for you. Do something for yourself each and every day. You are on the pathway and it is no longer a dark passageway into the unknown it is now lit. Yet it is unknown and empty for some of you and for some it is filling up. Filling up with wonderful new creations that you have created in your life and wonderful new glorious souls who now call themselves your brethren. They resonate and vibrate as you do if not close to it.

Are you looking at what is unavailable and still trying to get what is unavailable to get it or to get you? Can you now look at what is most important for you to release in your life?

What is still hanging on in your life that you can determine is “excess baggage” and an unnecessary output of energy on your part?  Where are you expending energy on what no longer serves your movement forward and toward on the pathway into the unknown?  Expending energy where it no longer needs to be expended, thus expending an inordinate amount of time where it no longer needs to be. Doing this on what is unavailable simply hastens the creation of the new you and the new world of community, harmony and equality. Look to see where you are expending an inordinate amount of energy that no longer resonates for you. Am I wasting energy on something that is no longer important in the creation of the new the new world and me?

It is most important that you take a look at all of this. For now the gate behind you is locked and sealed and there is no escaping. You have made the choice and the decision to become the Light worker that you have said you had always said you wanted to be.

Are you committed?

Are you now moving forward and towards from the depth of your heart with love? 

Unconditional Love is loving with full acceptance and compassion. It has been a misnomer for most of you. Unconditional love does not mean that you no longer have any boundaries, your needs are not stated. It is full acceptance and compassion for you and another.

As you love you more, you will do the things necessary to love you more, which is to give yourself love and take care of yourself mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually.  

This is Love. Loving you.

As you move through the human experience you will hit  “blind spots”. This is why We ask you to reach out to others for support and guidance as you move along the pathway in your process. For support from other like-minded individuals on their pathway to create the new world of community, harmony and equality as they bring forth their talents and gifts to change and create the new world. 

Support and guidance as you move forward is of the utmost importance. For the old pattern was, I can do this alone. We are here to tell you that this is no longer a viable option. If you are moving forward and towards the new world of harmony, equality, community, acceptance, compassion and love, remember community. As you are now nearing creating the new soul family it must not reflect your old biological family of separation, isolation and duality. The new soul family is about community, harmony, equality, acceptance, compassion and love from the depth of your heart.

Join now with others in support and guidance to move forward together out into the world to raise the level of resonance and vibration first within you then within the group and then en masse out into the world. This is the pathway you are now traveling and have chosen. Is this now your truth?

It is now important to live your life with integrity and impeccability for it is about love. You are finding love, not so much the love of another but a truer sense of self based in love.  

The new soul family is forming and it is time to open to your brethren. It is now time to join your energy because you are ready to form the new soul family. Open the doorway to your heart to allow those who resonate and vibrate to walk through that doorway so you can meet them. You are ready!