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Inspired by Archangel Uriel, World Teacher 

Received by Phillip Elton Collins, The Angel News Network

As many of you know this beautiful planet Earth was ‘seeded’ by twelve different star systems bringing the highest qualities of each star system into our Earthly plane. We are a grand experiment of learning to love: The Lover-versity of the Universe. Our planet, at present is within the final 2,000 year cycle (beginning 2012) to ascend into a higher state of vibration, thus consciousness. It is our divine destiny to evolve into “We Consciousness” in order to create a new world paradigm of equality, harmony and balance. This is a personal process of inside out, not outside in. No matter how the outside world may appear in upheaval and chaos (clearing and cleansing) , this ascension process is taking place for those of us who choose it through our freedom of choice and will by healing the relationship with self; self-reflecting all there is.

The year 2016 began within an unpresented force of higher realm star energies to support the above process. Now within each month of this year, each one of the twelve star systems that seeded our planet will be firmly present to further support our ascension process. This message will be a recap of the first two months January and February; later being followed by the other months and their respected star systems as the year calendar unfolds and star energies further integrate. We shall monthly be reviewing star systems such as Arcturian, Lyran, Bootes, Orion, Aquarius, Andromeda and some yet unknown systems to be revealed. We shall review each month as it is revealed from the higher realms perspective. Before we begin by starseeding January and February, let us briefly discuss what being a human starseed and light worker/way shower means. 
Starseeds are those of us who presently reside on planet Earth but know within our higher self that our origins are not from this planet. Starseeds often have a connection with the starseed from whence they came. Lightworkers/wayshowers are those on Earth that will tend to be Starseeds whose soul plan includes, through their talents and gifts, accomplishing higher good work of the universal infinite intelligence and spreading that applied knowledge into wisdom and acceptance of the innate positive powers of humans and other higher realms possess.

Lightworkers/wayshowers are most often Starseeds due to our inherent need to find the positive powers of the Universe and share them. This allows teachings of the powers that manifest eternal good. We lightworkers/wayshowers main mission is to teach others that there are different forces than those of the current density of humanity. We know the present state of humanity is a teaching tools allowing us to evolve/ascend/transmute into a higher state of being. 
So those of us who know we are Starseeds will, or are at present, gravitating towards teaching the Universal Truths of the Lightworker/wayshowers intending the betterment of humanity until we unite/ascend into oneness with ourselves and star worlds from whence we came.

The initial monthly descriptions will present a brief explanation of what is happening and why without an overload of information. For those who wish to have more information about the star systems please know that is available through your cyberspace; a gift from the Archangelic realm of Uriel.

The first two weeks of the New Year, creating the new you and world, were filled with the Sirius star energies. Sirius is the brightest star within our heavens and has often been called the “Stargate” of our world since it has always played a major role in Earth evolutionary and galactic history. Many of our past advanced civilizations such as Lemurian, Atlantean or Egyptian contained crystal/’vibrational energy from Sirius. These energies brought social structure and wisdom that allowed the construction powerful electro-magnetic energy plants such as the great pyramids throughout the planet. These assertive energies, to effect change, were strongly felt throughout our emotional, mental and physical bodies the entire month of January.

The assertive Sirius energies began to lift in February as the gentler Pleiadian energies arrived in February, the month of love: allowing the human believing mental body to move more into service to the knowing heart. The Pleiadian energies have perfected the expression of unconditional love and equality, balance and harmony reflecting within self and out picturing into society as a whole. These energies allow the balance of the emotional, mental and physical bodies transmuting into multi-dimensionality. This energy is more feminine while the Sirius is more masculine. The peace and sharing focus of this energy is all about healing the past and present, allowing focus on the present. The presence of this energy and all other star energies throughout this year is facilitating the genetic transmutation of the human DNA and chakras from carbon based reality to crystalline light.

MARCH… Stay tuned…