You are not alone – The Divine Mother through Isabel Henn April 29, 2013

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Source: Sirian Heaven, 4/29/13



You are not alone, my child. You can’t but see us, but you are surrounded with countless helpers – Angels, Guardian Angels, Ascended Masters and my beloved Archangels who are my direct children with the Divine Father. They are all near by. Sometimes you can feel them, scent them, but they are still invisible for you. They are ready to give you every conceivable help that is permitted. They aren’t allowed to act against your life contract but they will guide, heal and protect you. However you know already that they have to respect your free will. They aren’t allowed to act without request. So, don’t be afraid to ask them. They can hear you, I can hear you too, and we are all waiting to hear your call. We are only one thought away from you. We don’t have visiting times, we are always there for you, my child.


~ Your Divine Mother


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