You are Soul... you don't have a soul.

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This is one thing that can help you get clarity once you realize you are a Soul in a body having a human experience. Soul does NOT die. It changes as when you leave the body.

I died 3 times in this body. The first time I was pulled out of body thru the top of my head. I was asked to be a channel for dark. I ignored and focused on Love. I was instantly on formless, timeless plane and met with beings of like heart. After being warmly welcomed, experiencing the ease of being without the dense, physical body, being surrounded by and part of brilliant light yet no light, I was given the choice to stay or return to earth 'where much work was needed'. I've always volunteered quickly when I see/hear a need. There I was back in the body. I was already declared dead by a police officer so all were shocked. I insisted to get up to go to the bathrrom against much protesting. But I wouldn't stay and was helped to restroom. After going to bathroom and washing my hands I looked into the mirror and thought, 'I'm the first dead person I've ever seen.' So then realized I needed to listen to the help I was receiving.

Once you experince yourself as Soul on the inner, you are certain. Just start Body Breathing and live each moment you remember as divinely-loving Soul you are.