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You’re an Official Universal Zoomer


May 6

Channeled by Brenda Hoffman for Life Tapestry

"Subconsciously Exploring Frequencies, Dimensions, and Time Travel" was the title of last week's "Brenda's Blog" – her weekly channeled blog for

Dear Ones,

Maybe you recently jumped between dimensions and frequencies or traveled to places you never before explored, or perhaps not. You and your cohorts opened the Universal gate the past few days, allowing you to jump when or if you feel comfortable doing so.

Even though this gate has always been available because you are all Universal beings, your inner being stopped you from opening that gate while of 3D Earth because it would have been too confusing. Much like you did not read Shakespeare's works when you were eight years old because the meaning of Shakespeare's words would have likely been beyond your comprehension skills.

Some days, Universal Travel might seem interesting or exciting. On other days, it might be too complicated to attempt. You have freed yourself from the Earth's boundaries of limited exploration. Now, free yourself from expectations of immediately zooming hither and yon unless it feels joyful.

Nothing disappears if you do not travel within the next few days, weeks, or years. Like earth travel, you can travel through dimensions, frequencies, or times whenever or wherever you like, but that does not mean you have to.

Many question why you might want to travel through dimensions, frequencies, or times. There is no exact answer for that, any more than you can fully explain why you do not wish to travel beyond your community while your sibling is a world traveler. Everything you decide and explore is because your inner being is drawing you to it. The result of that exploration is a more clearly defined personal path.

En masse, you decided to explore outside the 3D boundaries you adhered to for the eons you have been of Earth. That quest opened the fields that were part of your being when you were not of Earth.

You have extended your Earth knowledge into the Universal spheres.

You might be dissatisfied with your current life because it feels limiting. Or, you might decide that your current life meets your needs. There are no longer limits on who you are or are becoming. So, a friend might jump timelines and find your stay-at-home activities boring. Exactly as it should be because, unlike the cookie-cutter lives you lived when you were of 3D Earth, there are no longer any limits.

Your Universal gate of dimensions, frequencies, and time will remain open forever.

Welcome to the Universes with all the variety and excitement that phrase entails. You might need to rest before you venture out to a new experience. Or opt to explore something new as you complete your day-to-day activities. There are no longer boundaries, shoulds, gates, windows, or doors that stop you from exploring whatever you wish, whenever you want.

Perhaps you wonder when you will find the time to explore as much as you wish. Once you opened that Universal gate, you, en masse, also opened your being to a more extensive personal diversity. So, part of you might be traveling to another planet while easily maintaining your daily responsibilities.

You have allowed yourself to bifurcate while in an Earth physical form.

Previously, even those who channeled or were healers limited their scope and area. Not because they had to, but because shifting beyond that would have been too confusing in a 3D world.

Those gates and limitations have gone by the wayside now that you have transitioned beyond 3D. In truth, those gates were eliminated the minute you transitioned. But because the resources and activities available were too expansive without some preparation, you en masse decided this last piece of travel expansion needed to wait until you were more comfortable with your new inner being.

You have completed the three big stages of becoming a new you - your outer and inner worlds and now, your Universal world.

Allow yourself to explore without fear of punishment, pain, or banishment.

You are an official Universal Zoomer who can opt to travel extensively or not at all, as was true in your 3D world. The difference is your travel itinerary can now include Universal explorations instead of only the Earth. You are new, and so are your travel options. So be it. Amen.

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