Receiving Gifts from the Inca Medicine Wheel and Animal Totems

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Many cultures and spiritual traditions honor the four directions, each with special qualities and animal totems. The animals are often from the area in which the spiritual tradition originates. The Inca Medicine Wheel is from Peru, and it has four animals in the four directions. After being introduced to this system, I am greatly inspired with new information for me. Humbly sharing what has come to my understanding through meditation, I honor the indigenous sacred culture of the Q'ueros. The Q'ueros hold Mother Earth and all life sacred, seeing the Apus which are Mountains in the Andes as sacred sentient beings.

Please take what resonates with you from within this writing. Be inspired. Tune into your own information on this and other medicine wheels. Research the Q'uero Inca Medicine Wheel further to learn about this path. You can work with this as if the animals and what they represent are energies to integrate, as if they are messengers or guides, or as archetypes.

The Value, and Ways to Work with the Medicine Wheel

Animals as Highly Evolved Beings

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My daughter Nikki is a Therapeutic Riding Instructor here in Colorado.  She has a friend who is dying from a rare debilitating condition with symptoms similar to Multiple Sclerosis.  Earlier this week, she invited her friend Jim to come to one of her riding sessions.  She wanted to pick a horse suitable for Jim but the only horse available at the time was Cinco, who is prone to sometimes be too fast for some of the debilitated riders. Somewhat apprehensively, she helped Jim mount the horse and it was apparent to her that there was an immediate "connection". Cinco seemed to sense the ability of his rider and responded.  Jim had remarked "Cinco is just like me!"   After the riding session, Jim dismounted and afterward went over to the horse to pet him.  Cinco walked over to Jim and placed his head over Jim's shoulder.  He then put increasingly stronger pressure on Jim's shoulder, bringing Jim closer to him, almost lifting Jim off the ground and held him in this embrace for about 5 minutes.

Below is the amazing picture Nikki took of Jim and Cinco.   This is one of the most touching things I have ever seen.


Jim and Cinco

Tao Of Domestication

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We as a human race have evolved from primordial era to the beings that we are today. Not fully understanding our roots or who we really are as a species. We re always asking who am I? We search outside ourselves for the answers deeply looking to identify with something that we can see, hear, touch, and smell for proof.



What if the proof has always been apart of u? What if we have always had it within us all along? What then? If it were to stare us in the face and say here I am. Would you accept it for what it truly is? Or would you chop it up to nothing more than a coincidence and keep searching franticly.


I found myself asking the same questions over and over again who am I? why am I here? What is my purpose? Do I have one? Until one day I decided to listen for the answer. To stop listening to what everyone else had to say about who I am.

To my delightful surprise there it was coming in loud and clear.


Ok so I think I need to back up a bit here because it didn’t just happen that way. A lot led into this moment not everything I understood at the time either. Some things were very confusing to me and I struggled to understand it all.


What I am speaking of here is that voice inside your head guiding you in every moment. Not the one that feels yucky in your belly however the one that fills your heart with love and you just feel it in every cell. Until the other voice chimes in sometimes saying things like (what? Are you crazy? Do you really think this is real? Don’t be so stupid).


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