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Goddess of the Super Moon Brings a Message to Both Sexes

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Image ~ Moon Goddess by Aninur

The first of the 3 powerful Super Moons which will culminate this year of transformation, assists us in taking a gigantic leap forward to step further into our greatness and the expression our Truth.

There is no need to reiterate what we already know happened during the time of the patriarchy, but it is imperative now that we let go of all that discordant energy and start afresh.

This is true for men also as both sexes have lovingly taken on the role in this lifetime to help release the wrongdoing of the past.  Remember that at the very core of our being we hold both the Feminine and Masculine energy and are united as always as One.

Of course, few of us fully understand what is happening at a sub-atomic level within our energy bodies, but what is important now is to know that what we are experiencing is not our fault. We have done nothing wrong.

Our physical and emotional body is releasing much of this discordant energy now and as a result, we are suffering a vast range of symptoms that have arisen due to the clearing of the throat and sacral chakras. Needless to say, both these chakras are our power-houses!

Some of these symptoms include tightness in the throat, skin issues such as itchiness and increased sensitivity around the eyes, mouth and even swollen, chapped lips, as well as sensitivity in the ears, particularly the left ear as the left side of the physical body is releasing stuff to do with the past. Shoulders may become tight and tense with the increased tension being felt in the body. Negative issues to do with repressed sexuality are also coming to the foreground to be released.

Energy Update ~ We are just a few days away from the most powerful Solar eclipse ever!

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Beloveds, we are just a few days away from the most powerful Solar Eclipse ever experienced yet by Humankind. What makes this eclipse so powerful is the alignment in which it occurs – both seen and unseen by the Earthly human realm. May we remind you that you exist in but a tiny portion of the vast Universe which you know as your Solar System and Milky Way Galaxy.

We wish to reiterate the importance of being in alignment with your Soul Self at this time so that these powerful energies can be easily integrated with as little physical side effect as possible. Some of you may still be experiencing cranial discomfort at the base of the skull and mild headaches as well as a mild aching in the ears. Muscular discomfort in the neck and shoulders may also be experienced due to stress being released from the physical body and possible discomfort and/or tension between the shoulder blades as the heart chakra continues its expansion.

Your physical vessel is under extreme pressure at times like these, so we urge you to take greater care of your body Rest often and engage in a form of stretching exercise to keep the body supple and assist with the flow of energy. Drink lots of fresh clean water to assist with the elimination of toxins.

Grounding is especially important because by keeping yourself grounded you are anchoring the energies into Mother Earth and strengthening your connection both above and below.

Being in silent meditation is recommended as is keeping yourself in Presence – in the Now moment – to maintain frequency and a sense of equilibrium. Your True power is always found within you and this includes the strength and trust necessary to help you navigate and integrate these new powerful incoming energies with ease and grace,

All is well Beloved. All is well.

Energy Update ~ What is happening within you now is of paramount importance

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What is happening within you now is of paramount importance. Your body (physical, mental and emotional) is being overhauled so to speak. You could say you’re undergoing a major service as you would with your car periodically. Only in this service you are being restructured at DNA level. This re-wiring of your DNA is taking you into deeper levels of consciousness and at the same time, bringing up all the old patterns and belief systems that belong to the person you used to be before your transformation began.

You are now at a point in your transformation whereby you can consciously choose which vibration you wish to experience. When old thoughts and beliefs pop up that belong to a consciousness that is still being governed by your ego, you can immediately recognize them, and therefore be cognizant and change that patterning. This will eventually become second nature so to speak and your ego consciousness will realize that there is now a new way of thinking and behaving and will act accordingly.

With the restructuring of the old your body may begin showing signs of outward manifestation. For instance, joints may become swollen, you may experience back ache and muscle aches and pains. You may also find yourself dealing with symptoms from and old condition you thought had already dealt with and fully cleared. When this happens, do not become despondent. Do not allow yourself to think you are doing something wrong. Everyone is different, please remember that, so do not compare yourself to another.

Prepare NOW for the Solstice & 888 Gateway Alignment

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The past week has been BE-yond the usual as far as energy goes. Since the Full Moon on Tuesday the 2nd June, the roller coaster ride seems to have speeded up! We are now preparing for the Solstice alignment, which is going to be the biggest and most challenging alignment so far for most of us.

The only advice I can give you is to rest as much as possible, connect with Nature as often as possible, and to stay out of situations where you are susceptible to 3D drama.

In other words for the next 2 weeks BE in a space of RETREAT-ing. Make a point of BE-ing in your Heart space and you will be fine.

Let the highest expression of yourself – your True Self – help you integrate this supra- powerful energy. You do this by BE-ing in your Heart center. Sit in meditation with Self often – more than once a day.

You are going to be noticing some physical discomforts in your head, base of the neck and shoulders. You may experience headaches and dull aches in your ears and behind your eyes. This is normal, so don’t be alarmed. The usual aches, pains and tingles in your shoulders, arms and legs may also intensify as this energy is very dense and it may feel as though your skeleton is being squashed somewhat! At least that is how it feels for me. You may also feel yourself becoming very tired suddenly with the need to just lie down for a short nap. Let your body guide you in this.

Ascension Update ~ Changing Your Perception About The NEW Energies

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Most of us have been in transcending or ascending our lower states of Be-ing and consciousness for some time now. Some have only recently woken up and are starting to feel major changes happening within their physical bodies. At whichever point you’re at in your transition you are likely to be feeling some minor or major distress in your physical vessel. We know by now that influxes of energy occur with each alignment such as with the Solstice, Equinox and Eclipses, and also with the Full and New Moons monthly. Solar activity also causes a certain influx of these light packets of energy. Know that your Higher Self is governing these energies for you!

Physical symptoms appear and then disappear over time. Sometime they disappear and then reappear again in the same area. This has happened to me time and time again. For instance I have experienced major toothache on and off for more than 6 months and also jaw and ear pain mostly on the left side of my face. Two days ago I awoke with a partially swollen eye and itchiness over the front and back of my neck. I have had major dizzy spells, nausea, muscle weakness and heart palpitations, and also been so exhausted and lethargic that on some days I find it difficult to even walk. Do I run to the doctor? No, because I know that it is all to do with releasing the old energy and that my body will heal itself. I trust my Higher Self and I am guided on what to do and what to eat. Mostly the advice I receive is to rest and sleep as much as possible, and to stick to light foods and drink plenty water. Recently I heard “Crystals grow in water…” We know that our physical vessels are becoming Light-er (more Love) and crystalline in their cellular structure.

Our New Leadership Emerges

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This pink starfish was almost hidden until the sunlight revealed her. We are being called out by the sun to reveal our true colors.

This pink starfish was almost hidden until the sunlight revealed her. We are being called out by the sun to reveal our true colors.


As you know, I have recently received messages about stepping into my leadership role. I knew it did not look like our former understanding. I could sense it yet not define it. I did not have to as a fellow blogger, Brenda Hoffman did so perfectly! Here is the part that rang bells for me:

Top Ten Ascension Symptom Remedies

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There are so many that have questions on what they are feeling.

+Physical Anomalies/Sensations in specific areas
+Feeling Dizzy/Spacy/Unsteady
+Diet Strangeness/Foods that worked before don’t all of a sudden
+Over Fatigued/Over Energized
+Mental Lapse of Recall/ Deja vu flashes

All of these are totally unexplained as to the root cause by medical professionals if you go see them (yes it is always advised to check in with them first so the establishment does not feel left out…we do not offer any medical advice ever so you must see them to get that.)

Why this is happening is because the human body is taking in more light frequencies. Think of it as growing pains when you were young. Everything has to shift and make room. Often this means that what is there must go. Here are the top 10 things we advise:

1. If you are not already doing so, remove artificial and chemical food/drink. Your body can no longer handle them like it did. Simpler and purer does better now.

2. Drink much more clean water daily. This can go beyond the good ole 8 glasses a day up to a gallon. But ease into it as your body adjust, don’t just go and force drink a gallon. In general most folks are dehydrated anyway so more will help.

3. Go for gentle remedies, over the counter and pharma solutions are getting too harsh. Use homeopathy, natural herbs for teas or extracts. Extracts that have no or little alcohol are better. Use Caster Oil for muscle and body pain, coconut oil, use Arnica,

New Earth Frequency Update ~ Integrating the Equinox Energies

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Planetary ~ Shared by Meleriessee

There is no mistake about it ~ the Autumn Equinox was a very powerful event upon this planet.  The equinox itself was not the surge of power, but with the Harvest Moon just a few days ahead, it helped to bring waves of light into the atmosphere of GAIA for each individual to experience it within their consciousness.

We have to remember that it was orchestrated through many months of activations and trial and error of being on the Mastery Pathway.  Without the preparation stages that occurred in December 2012 and the ensuing energies of New Moons, Full Moons, Eclipses, the Lion’s Gate, and the Star of David that occurred three times, we would not truly understand the full effect of the present energies that we are feeling.

At this time, it is important to reflect how far we have come within this journey.  We are going to be challenged even more deeply as time goes by.  REFLECTION is very important at this time so there is a settling down of receiving the higher energies within the physical structure as we start to change into the Crystalline essence we have been desiring to be.  We all know that this can be quite a challenge with our lifestyle and how it can change dramatically from moment-to-moment.

Some of the changes we can be feeling are:

New Earth Frequency Update ~ The Timelessness Effect

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There is no mistake about it – the Lion’s Gate energies this year have taken us into a whole new dimensional self. That is the purpose of this Star Gate in 2013. Challenges are resulting within all aspects of a Lightworker’s four-body system to bring forth the alignment of our Divine Self.

August 8th we will be entering the Apex of the Lion’s Gate. If you think that you are feeling the energies now, it will climax within each of us for a 24-hour period. Then it will be downgraded into our physicality by grounding it fully into GAIA.


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