Message from the Galactic Federation 1/5/12

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There have been periods throughout your lifetimes when things just didn't seem to be working out for you, and then you came full circle and may have come out of it all better for the experience. Such may be where you find yourself today, with so many obstacles that seem at times to fall from the skies and find themselves in your path. Try to look at these bumps in the road as learning experiences, for indeed they are. More of your life than you may be aware of has been carefully planned. This goes for the good times as well as the difficult periods. We say to you to try to find the best way to rise above these obstacles and persevere. Only through your determined efforts will you move on and through these detours along your journey’s path.


Through the many long years you have worn many hats; sinner, saint, victim, predator, robber baron, law man, militia man, and philosopher. All the parts in this theatrical production were co-scripted and performed by you, as only you know what is truly best for your learning and growth, and although there are many others involved in your play, it all comes down to you which act will follow, decided by the choices you make along your way.


Message from the Pleiadians 1/4/12

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The Ashtar Command reclamation project is a joint cooperation between the forces of the Ashtar Command and the Galactic Federation. The goal of this project is to bring back light and freedom of thought and expression to the people of this planet. This project has long been in the planning stages and has also been fully underway for many ages. Today, you stand at the threshold of this elaborate project’s success and you are the forerunners of what can be expected of many more of your brothers and sisters in the days ahead.


Each being in your world today responds and is motivated by unique stimuli and educational tools. We, the Ashtar Command, in cooperation with the Galactic Federation, have carefully mapped out an educational plan to facilitate the most efficient means to a soul's maturation. We are very pleased to report that so many of you have clearly demonstrated knowledge, understanding, and wisdom attained from the lessons that have been offered you. Please allow others that have yet to reap the benefits of these lessons to advance at their own pace, according to their own incarnate blueprint. Have patience with these souls, for they are your brothers and your sisters and as such deserve your love and support. As we have so often said, you have all reached this point together and you shall all move through ascension and into the higher realms together. No one who so chooses will not ascend in the days ahead and we will see to it that all will receive the benefits of our experience and our assistance in this process.


Should We Trust the Galactic Federation?

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There is an energy sweeping through our world. You feel it and I feel it. It is a transformational wave; uplifting, assuring, nurturing, illuminating, loving and reconnecting. Without the influence of anyone else, we all know, we just ‘know’, these winds of change are divinely sent, and at this moment in our collective journey, a critical necessity. Our God given powers of intuition and self discernment reawakened, we need not be taken by the hand and instructed that it is time for many to leave behind the illusion of fear, darkness, distrust and separation, and return to the frequency of love, light, trust, and unity. Now is the time for us to reconnect with Source, which is everything and every being throughout God’s magnificent creation, the oneness of all.


The awakened soul understands we are not alone and have never been so. Our Creator, Ascended Masters, Angels and guides are with us and have always been with us every step of the way, nurturing us, guiding us, teaching us. Our lesson today is the reconnection. Our return to the one we are, have always been, and always will be. Yet there are those souls incarnate today who choose to distrust and shun our higher dimensional brethren of the Galactic Federation, who are here only through the Creator’s divine decree to assist humanity at this, our most challenging moment throughout our collective journey.


Message from the Galactic Federation 1/2/12

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Greg, I am so happy you are choosing to remain working in service as a channel of higher intelligences, as so much more is happening here in the physical. In time, your services as a channel will no longer be required as we, the Galactic Federation, will be free to communicate directly with the people of Earth. You are also needed at home to help out in the many tasks still needed to be accomplished rebuilding the house.

Today we would like to discuss with you ascension and what it will mean for all of you. Leaving behind the experience of the physical will also mean leaving behind many aspects of your lives that bring you unhappiness. It is not only a change of scenery that you will be enjoying, but you will be unburdened by the aches and pains of your dense bodies and the frequent feeling of tiredness you experience will also dissipate as your new environment will be one of supercharged energy. One of the major obstacles for humanity here in 3rd dimensional Earth is the low levels of oxygen contained in the air you breathe. You have been slowly but assuredly lowered into a trance- like state, and this has been done purposely by the dark ones through the destruction of your environments including your beautiful rainforests of South America. Your new Earth will have greatly increased oxygen levels and you will experience for yourselves the remarkable difference immediately upon ascension. What a joy it will be for you to once again take into your lungs fresh, clean, pure air, rich in energizing oxygen.


Message from the Galactic Federation 1/1/12

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Dear ones, we come to you today with a message of joy and hope, of love and light, and the promise of a new year for you and your people. Today marks the first day of your new year, a year that will see many changes for your civilization. We would like to say that these changes will be smooth, transitionally speaking, but we must be honest with you at all times and tell you these changes may be abrupt and very tumultuous to many of your world. If you look at it from the viewpoint of the yet un-awakened, you may see these changes from a new perspective. One day these souls believe they exist within a world where their governments protect them from all harm, look after all of their medical needs, safeguard their economy for them, even tell them how to behave and how to think. The next day the government structure they have grown so attached to is gone, replaced by a structure of many men and women they may not know of and they did not vote for. These un-awakened souls will be told, and perhaps hear these words for the first time, that they have been lied to about almost everything they have come to believe as their one true reality. These souls will have to question everything they have come to understand, and be forced to see their world and universe in an entirely new light. For a soul to learn for the first time that their race is not alone in the universe may seem an easy lesson to some, but to others this kind of information is ground shattering. Try to be there for those souls who find it difficult to deal with this kind of revelation. This is your task, one of many, but if you did not think you could do it and there were not those of us who felt you were capable of this assignment, you would not be where you are today reading these words.


Message from the Galactic Federation 12/30/11

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The universe is full of magick and adventure which, if you have not discovered for yourself already, will be at your fingertips as you ascend into the higher realms of possibility. 3D Earth has also possessed her share of magick and secrets, but these aspects of your experience have been quite limited. Soon to be unlimited are your new powers and your new experiences throughout the vastness of space. You will explore unknown and uncharted corridors and meet new races and species of beings. You will discover countless new varieties of life; intelligent, animal, aquatic, and you will also find all beings possess greater intelligence than you might have previously imagined. Such are the many varieties of the animal kingdom of your planet Earth. The reality of the advanced levels of consciousness of some of your species has been purposely kept from you, as well as even the existence of some of your intelligent life on your planet, although many of you have done your own research and have come to the conclusion, without the necessity to be told what is and what is not by your so-called leaders, of what is myth and what is based on fact.


Message from the Galactic Federation 12/29/11

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The lines have been drawn on the surface of the Earth by those who are for the new changes that will usher in humanity's new Golden Age, or those that oppose them. Where do you stand? The time to decide is upon you. We need no fence sitters here; this is not why you have journeyed here. You have come to choose a side and fight for what you believe is right. Do you support love, light, justice and equality? Or do you stand for control, rule, domination and enslavement? The choice is entirely yours; there are no wrongs or rights here. All is choice. You decide which vibration you wish to stand for and take action to defend it.  The battle has already begun and sides have already been drawn. This epic saga has reached a culmination point with the scales tipping as you read this. Now is the time to get involved. Now is the time to fulfill your purpose. Why are you here? What is it all about? It is time you now understand these questions.


Message from the Galactic Federation 12/28/11

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We are all souls who have traveled greatly to be here at this time. We are all souls who are here to accomplish a great task. This task has been acknowledged as important enough for so many souls from so many different parts of this, as well as other universes to have journeyed here. There are billions incarnated in your world today and there are millions more onboard spacecrafts in orbit around your planet. What has been deemed the most important project this universe has ever seen is the ascension of your planet and her people, as what happens here truly affects this entire universe. Many have journeyed here vast distances, and there are even beings who have journeyed here from your future. They have traveled back in time to be here, in service to humanity on our shared mission. This should give you some idea of just how important this project is in light of this information. Ask yourself what you can do to assist this effort. Helping to spread the word of what is transpiring here is a grassroots effort that is vital to our cause. Without sufficient numbers of those of your world aware of our purpose and their purpose as well, events must be delayed. We wish to proceed with the first contact mission as time is running short. The ascension of humanity and your host planet is the triumphant conclusion to other important events we wish to begin to commence as soon as is possible. Disclosure announcements and the replacement of your government officials who are mere puppets of the dark cabal is of primary importance, and the sooner these tasks can be accomplished the better for all of us.



Message from the Galactic Federation 12/27/11

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Hello from all of us, your Galactic brothers and sisters. We would like to share with you at this time a little about what our lives are like, as many of you will soon be joining us on our continued mission to restore peace, love, and light to your world. We spent much of our day working at various workstations onboard our ships, monitoring various situations and facilitating operating procedures for functions our particular ship is designed for. We, the Galactic Federation, have many lightships each designed for a very specific purpose. We have ships that are capable of removing and purifying the poisonous gasses being deposited into your atmospheres through the spraying of what you may refer to as chemtrails.

We also have ships that engage in combat with opposing forces of the cabal, although our form of combat might differ from what you may envision. Our aim is to remove the space fighters from this quadrant of space, and we make every effort to see to it that no harm comes to the personnel within these crafts. The cabal has built, with profits derived from the labors of the people of Earth, quite a sizable fighting force with many secret bases on, in, and off your planet. Many of our advanced ships and much of our highly trained personnel are assigned to the task of removing these forces and placing them in quarantine from Earth and humanity throughout your ascension period. After your ascension they can no longer be any threat to you or your world.


Message from the Galactic Federation 12/26/11

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You can be heroes in your fight against the agents of the dark. There is a war at hand, there is no doubt of this. Removing these dark ones is a job we are well equipped for, but we need your assistance in finalizing the campaign set into motion long ago in your time. We push on in our front and move those still willing to fight for those who stand nowhere near the front lines. This has been their way for eons. They declare war, and then send someone else's children to the front lines to lose their lives for their own gain. There has never been a shortage of men and women willing to do their deeds. Without these fighting forces none of these actions we are taking would be necessary. For millennia, the citizenry has been tricked, conned, coerced, and forced to bare weapons against each other in the name of profit and power for the few. This game ends now; it has been decreed by your Creator. No more will this be allowed to transpire here. The light is winning the battle, the end of this struggle draws nearer every day. Soon, humanity will receive your true freedom, a light you have not seen in many eons. This day will come. There is no doubt of this now.



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