Daily Tarot Reading ~ 2/22/13 ~ A Day to be Cautious

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Daily Tarot Reading ~ 2/22/13

9 of Wands

The 9 of wands is the suit associated with fire. The sun is harboring some massive sunspots currently which could turn out to be interesting. It's a day to "be the observer" and *try* not to get to...o involved in anything today. Emotions have been running high all week so take extra care when communicating today. Be very clear in your intentions and your actions.



"You've been through so much that it's ok to be a little wary sometimes. use you rheart to connect with the Spirit world and ask for help, guidance or clarification when needed. You do not need to guard yourself for much longer. Soon there will be no reason to fight our squabble. Small arguments may come up from time to time but you know how to deal with those in a calm way. We can see the fellow on the card seems to have been beaten down -- maybe emotionally, maybe physically, maybe on some other level or maybe in all of those ways. Regardless, he stands tall and persevers which is what Spirit is asking us to do today. Keep a watchful eye out and use your discernment in any situations you find yourself in. If you do end up gettnig hurt or burnt in some way or another, try to view it as a lesson. Stay positive and know you are stronger because of it."


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