Daniella Breen

Coming Into Oneness: Homosexual and Transgender Sacred Roles

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As we begin the shift from fragmented, fractured, dissociated pieces, to greater and deeper Oneness, the weaving back together into oneness will show much more complex, deeper relationships between many different aspects of Beingness, than can even be imagined as yet. 

Transitional Awareness - How to Deal with Dunking

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By now, everyone is aware of the intensity of April, quite the adventure! In this video I share what was going on at the ascension level and why it's going to happen again, and again - as well as the skill development you will need to get the most out of it. With love, Daniella Breen

Transitional Awareness - Soul Family, Twin Flame, Community and Belonging

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For so long many of us have been held separate from our soul family, however everything is changing. Learn more as I share what's changing in our world as we shift from the old system to the new. <3 Daniella 

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