COMPLETE has been initiated - Spiritual Realm Transmutation

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Hey folk:
I am sending this report the day following the unfolding of COMPLETE. This is a massive change in all dimensions, all planets, all souls, everywhere, beyond time, before the beginning of time, in fact it required a dissolving of the old timeline and the creation of a new timeline. This event(s) has required many hands of many LIGHTWORKERS who were guided and they themselves guided the triggers and energies to make this happen.
I include for you today a partial summary in the first few lines, then I give you the step by step unfolding of COMPLETE.
The import will reveal itself as you read the report.

Peace and Blessings upon us all!



A summary

1) I was told to bring Light to the Dome of the Rock: consequence a) Israel ( & The River of Life) is now COMPLETE. Sept. 1, 2018

2) finish bringing light / COMPLETE to ALL

3) met new client, who had a dream for me, a snake, named "SHINE", who does NOT have a soul, but is called TIMEKEEPER. I needed to know the name of the timekeeper so I could go forward on this project. March, 2019

4) I am to go before the beginning of all time in order to get COMPLETE going. This required me to DISSOLVE the timeline, so the new timeline could begin with COMPLETE. Aug. 2018

5) Saturday, with EVE, initiated the DISSOLVING OF THE TIMELINE and the beginning of the new timeline. How long would it require? 30 tears. I had to tear 30 tears, then the old timeline would be dissolved. Aug. 2018

6) Sat. Aug. 31, 2019 Persephone is given her next name, MOTHER EARTH OF THE RIVER OF LIFE, she is giving COMPLETE birth.


I see a lot of white lines in my left eye, curving from a central origin... half moon was opposite.



"The birth of the new time line, IT IS DONE"

How to tame your dragon!

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Dear Readers,

Earlier today I was having a conversation with Michael and he asked me what I want right now, and basically I told him what I'm going to tell you....

I have a passion, a yearning, to help people. I want them to know, and feel the love and the peace in their lives that I feel. I want to help them dissolve their fears, to put them into perspective and to see that fear has no power over them. I want them to know that they are so much more powerful than they think and that fear is really a minuscule part of themselves which is caught up in the long shadows of doubt and uncertainty. I want to show them the true Light of their Soul, and help them feel divine love that is a million times stronger than human love. I want to introduce them to their Soul Family and prove to them that they are not alone! I want to guide them out of their anxieties and fears and into the corridors of freedom!

I want to tell them to watch “How to train your dragon”, a kid’s animation movie that teaches self-empowerment and how what we perceive sometimes to be our biggest fear and greatest enemy is really nothing to be feared at all!

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