10 Tips to Reduce Festive Frazzle & bring Serenity to the Season

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T’is the season to be jolly…but what if you’re feeling anything but?

The season of goodwill is generally characterised by merriment and cheer, seen as a time to celebrate with those we hold dear. But for many people Christmas can be a tremendously challenging and stressful time, compounded by the social expectations to be ‘happy’ and live up to the idealised image of the ‘perfect family’ presented to us in films and on TV.

Whilst I am truly blessed to spend Christmas with a loving caring family with whom I share many a fond festive memory, I realise it’s not like that for everyone. I spare a thought for those coping with adversity, bravely battling behind the facade of an outward smile, silently crying on the inside. I’ve been there, and know all too well how the festive season tends to exasperate and highlight our challenges, driving many people over the edge. It’s common knowledge that suicide rates peak at Christmas and New Year as stress levels, emotions and mounting debt reach boiling point. The consumerist pressure to purchase hits us like a ton of bricks, and often leaves a crippling effect upon our bank balance and anxiety levels.

Eight reasons why depression is so common today

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By: Mike Bundrant, 12/06/2013

(NaturalNews) The World Health Organization reports that 121 million people worldwide are clinically depressed. This number includes one in ten Americans. Alarmingly, depression is increasing at a rate of 20% annually. Why has depression become such an issue? Here are eight reasons that are backed by scientific evidence.


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Can Marijuana Improve Your Emotional State?

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Rollingstone, By Kristen Gwynne, 08/21/2013

It's no secret that marijuana can put a smile on many people's faces, but research suggests that the drug's positive effects go beyond just getting high. A 2012 study published in the peer-reviewed academic journal European Neuropsychopharmacology suggests that the brain's endocannabinoid system – which is activated by THC, the psychoactive ingredient in marijuana – may play an important role in emotional processing, "an essential aspect of appropriate social interactions and interpersonal relationships."


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How Reiki Changes my Life

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I pulled a card today. (It was the Knight of Cups, in case you're interested, this same card was pulled on 2/2. There is a reading for that day.) I couldn't connect to get anything written for it. I was guided to write this instead. 

This is my "reiki story." It changes my life each and every day, always in an unexpected way.


My Reiki journey started while we were searching for honeymoon spots. As soon as we came across the page for Tree Spirit, my (then soon to be) husband and I knew that was the one. Advertised as a “’old island’ style beach cottage”, it boasted no TV, no phone, no clocks. You came there to be there. Perfect! Not to mention it was treated energetically with Reiki, crystals and other ineffable resources. At the time, I had no idea what any of that meant, which is kind of funny to think about now. I did a quick internet search about Reiki, but I only came back with a very, very basic concept of what Reiki is.


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