Happy Holidays from the Galactic Federation 12/25/11

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These messages are intended to reach those of your world who are ready for a greater understanding of your planet and your universe. These messages are being read by numerous members of your public sector, as well as members of governments, militaries, and your scientific communities. We are prepared to go public with our announcements very shortly, and countless of your people who have never even pondered the question of intelligent life in space will now learn this answer. This will undoubtedly come as quite a shock to many, and it is the task of those who have made themselves more informed to see to it these souls are looked after and any fears they may have are calmed as much as possible. This is the task at hand in the coming days. Many other tasks will soon be thrust upon you in the coming days ahead.


The Akashic Records are the safekeeping of the entire history of your planet, as well as the history of each and every one of you. All planets, civilizations, and beings throughout this universe have their history stored in this manner. These records can be accessed once a being reaches an adequate state of being. Today on your planet there are those that can access these records and have done so on many occasions. We see a day when all of you will be able to easily access the wonderful memories and events safely hidden away, and we know you will all enjoy immensely the wonderment you will experience when all of the sacred history of this and even other universes are unveiled to you.


Message from the Galactic Federation 12/24/11

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Of course, the hidden language of the esoteric and exopolitical fields is not hidden within our messages. These messages can act as keys to unlock hidden and dormant potential within the human vessel. Recognizing these keys is not always necessary to unlock this potential. What is necessary is taking in the energies of these themes with an open mind. Keeping an open mind is a primary prerequisite of learning any subject, and the exopolitical and esoteric fields are, of course, no different.

There is much going on in and off your world and you will learn so much more of this as the days pass. Soon, many of you will be working either directly or indirectly with us, the Galactic Federation, and as such you will learn much about our relationships with so many other groups throughout space and even throughout your planet. Keep in mind, we always wish to keep you informed as knowledge is of primary importance to the sovereign being. You will acquire vast amounts of knowledge once you are free from restrictive confines of the dark ones. This day is approaching rapidly. Their empire is collapsing and it will not be long now until humanity's freedom rings like a bell throughout all lands of Earth.


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