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Circle of Grace 1 in The Age of Remembrance

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     Hi Everyone...My name is Brother_Francis and I have been on my spiritual path since the mid-1970's and I was born and raised in Long Island, NY; moved to New Jersey and lived there form 2005 thru 2011. I taught in various Long Island, NY and NJ locations. I have had the pleasure of being a guest Numerologist with astro-numerologist Lloyd Strayhorn (1982-1987) and formerly of NYC's KISS 98.7 FM's Wake Up Club with Jeff Fox (2006), then permanently relocated to Albuquerque, NM in November 2011 and love it as my new spiritually based home....I am the Founder and Chief Principal Teacher of my spiritual / metaphysical ministry called - CIRCLE OF GRACE 1 (founded 7/2/1999 AD) and its  five tiered metaphysical / spiritual institute called - The Circle of Divine Grace & Remembrance (founded 2/7/2009 AD) and both come under the Aegis & the Anointing of The Angel of Grace through Divine Providence.

Diamonds are a man's best friend? aka Dream log night of 7/1/13

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Greetings lovebots,

Today will be a short update on what on earth is going on in my little piece of heaven. Last night I had a dream that needless to say was a little unnerving. I can only paraphrase it now but here goes:

I remember being outside my apartment looking around for something and it caught my attention that there was a group of thugs with rifles wandering around looking for trouble.  My neighborhood was in some sort of state of upheaval and unrest to understate the obvious. My wife was back at our place. There was something on the ground I needed to get. By the time I got there the thugs had seen me and headed my way. In my pile of things I wanted to get on the ground was a white package and a gun. I grabbed both and basically ran for my place. The thugs chased me all the way back to my apartment. Once there I was able to shut the door and supposedly keep them out. Odd thing was was that there was a sliding door right next to the main door where anybody could just walk on through if they wanted anyways, thus rendering door lock useless.[this may be a future 5d thing, with new tech, who knows?] Anyhow I yell at the thugs to stay away or they are dead men. Then I hear a voice state that I have collected many more diamonds than the last time we had met. I wasn't sure if the voice was from the thugs or some otherworldly dis-embodied voice. I basically awoke at this point, quite a bit shaken; no shots fired or dead/injured people.

I know we're not really supposed to interpret our own dreams, which is why I use third party websites and my own divine intuition. I also had not read any GFP updates today either, which is the kicker for me (more on that later). I won't bore the reader with too much of a interpretation, but I will sum it up as best I can.

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