The God/Goddess Energy ~ Divine Masculine/Feminine Energy

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The God/Goddess Energy ~ Divine Masculine/Feminine Energy


A rebalancing is taking place in the energetic matrix and that is of the Divine Masculine and Feminine energies – the God/Goddess archetype. As much as the Planet is in need of the Divine Feminine energy, so is she in need of her Divine Masculine energy, for the one illuminates the unique qualities of the other, and therefore both energies need to be present in order for a rebalancing to occur.

The human male energy must not be confused with the Divine Masculine energy. The human male energy can be controlling, domineering and may even resort to violence, whereas the Divine Masculine energy is unconditionally loving, nurturing, and protective.

So, in fact, the Divine aspects of both the Feminine and Masculine energies are needed on Earth in order for a successful rebalancing to occur. And this is our task here on the Earth plane – to bring into balance both aspects of this energy, to unite once more the Twin Flames of Divine Love into One Unity Consciousness, in an energy where they support each other. One cannot stand alone without the other. Both flames are needed in order to be complete and whole and in order to BE in their full creative power and Essence.

This is where we are headed here on the physical Earth plane at this time. Twin Flames are in the process of being reunited so that they can create New Earth together as One powerful energy.

Therefore let us remember to tune into BOTH the Feminine and Masculine aspects of our energy in order to rebalance us on all levels of our being and in all aspects of our creation.

Embracing Emotional Unconditionality

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TearsThere is a concept that we can use which has to do with how we talk to ourselves in our own heads. Emotions, both negative and positive come up for us. It is said that emotions that are positivive are based on love and those that are negative and feel bad are from fear. Ultimately there are only two emotions, love and fear. Often we fear the future of dwell on the past in our heads. We have emotions come up within our daily lives and which sometimes do not feel good. We may want these emotions to simply go away. We may even push them down by distracting ourselves or pretending they are not there. But the more we do not accept an emotion we are having, the bigger the emotion has to impact us in order to get our attention. The static or discord from negative emotion will be louder in our being so we notice, and emotion is serving a purpose.


How to Deal with Challenging Emotions as They Come Up


Happy New Beginnings ~ Choosing Love over Fear

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Happy New Beginnings ~ Choosing Love over Fear

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My Beloved Higher Self teases me and tells me I’m becoming religious since I’ve been listening to Hillsong’s new song just released in time for Easter called Grace to Grace. I reply “I know…” He smiles. I ask him if Spirituality is becoming the ‘New Religion’, and he says no because there is no dogma in Spirituality, only Love.

Love is the Source of All That Is.

Spend some time contemplating those words.. Meditate on them whilst focusing your attention on your Heart. Feel their deep meaning. Don’t just read them and dismiss them as understood. The truth of these words emerge with more meaning the more you meditate on them. Feel rather than try to understand. The human mind cannot understand this truth.

The Equinox brought us a divine balance in energies and closer to Source (Love) than we’ve ever been before. Although we’re still integrating this fabulous energy, we’re already feeling the change in the air so to speak.

Do you feel it? If your focus lies elsewhere other than in your Heart, you will not. A couple days ago I started reading The Choice for Love by Emmanuel.  This book is the 2nd in a series of Emmanuel books channeled through Pat Rodegast.

Energy update – It is imperative now that you begin to see yourself in a Whole New Light.

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Dear One, it is imperative that you begin to see yourself in a whole New Light. A good mantra for you at this time would be:

Shhhhh…..Be still and know that I AM God.

Say this silently to yourself to calm your busy mind. There is much happening within you, many physical changes of which you are not aware.

The Solar Eclipse brought in a lot of energy and your body is still in the process of integrating this energy. The energy is being felt even stronger now in the wake of the first eclipse, and as you prepare yourself for the Equinox on the 19/20th and the Lunar eclipse on the 23rd, the energy is beginning to have an even stronger effect on your physical body. Know that the integration of this energy will take at least 2 to 3 months.

It is vitally important that you keep your space clear of low frequency energy and pollutants/contaminants (poisons/chemicals/toxins/impurities). By “your space” we mean not just the environment in which you live, but also your physical body. Pollutants are low frequency toxic energy. Your body is always responding to energy and detoxing itself of low frequency energy. Remember also that your body is a metaphor for the Body of the Whole Planet. What you do to yourself, you do to and for the Planet, therefore be mindful of your thoughts, words and actions. Everything has an energetic imprint and effect. Ensure that your thoughts/words/actions are in alignment.

You Are The Light - Discussion 1

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Channeled by Astraea and Amora;  Elohim of the Fourth Ray of Ascension and Third Ray of Cosmic Love;

In our discourse on The Light, we are speaking simply about photon light and the constituent particles that are present in “space”, the particles that move energy and the particles that emit energy.  

These particles are the sources of light-energy that reside beyond the visible spectrum and they include photons, gluons, quarks and many other particles not yet known to mankind.

And when we say you are a part of that Light we mean that you too are made up of the constituent parts of this Universe.  These particles of photon light are the foundation of theatom.  The atom is the foundation of the molecule, and the molecule is the foundation of matter.

We will go so far as to say you are subject to the influence of photon light, even though you do not see this light when you gaze upon each other; even though many of you think you cannot experience this Light.  

You are a complex composition of photon-light, atoms and molecules: hence matter.  

Elohim of the First Cause - Message 2

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Channeled by Astraea and Amora, Elohim of the 4th and 3rd Rays of Cosmic Creation;

We are the Elohim of the First Cause.  The First Cause is the “First Energy Field” within what you understand to be the “Creation”.

The Creation has been termed by humanity as “Heaven” or “God” or “The Universe” and all the constituent parts of the Universe. In some open-minded and what you would deem to be enlightened or aware individuals, there is also a knowing, an understanding, that the “Heaven/God/Universe” is a conscious creation, that it is aware of it’s own existence, that it has a knowing of it’s own powers of creation, it’s role in the creation, and in that instance, that it is sentient.

As Elohim of the First Energy Field we are able to create with the Light. The Light is the foundation of any and all origination within The Creation. The Light is a complex network that supports clear order and highly organized interrelations between an energetic molecular framework of particles you know as photons. By this we are not speaking of the light that you see within the visible light spectrum. We speak of a compilation of all photon energy in a unified field of presentation, much like a cloud in the sky (from which the electromagnetic spectrum, including visible light, emerges in a secondary way). 

In the Beginning: There was Light! Message 1

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Within the expanse of the multiverse there is Great Light!  Indeed, All is Light and it has always been Light!  Light can be said to be a Frequency, and all manner of expression within the multiverse is created from it.  You, are Light;  Your thoughts, are Light;  You, in form, are frequency;  Your thoughts, are frequency;  It has always been so.

As you consider this information, see yourself as a crystalline light structure/ frequency, having an experience in individuated form.  Every living thing holds a crystalline light structure: the living body, whether human, animal, fish or fowl;  the living trees, plants and flowers; the mountains made of stone and crystal; Indeed, all things carry energy in this fashion, as all things represent the infinite realm of Light, and therefore Frequency, and therefore Energy.

The electromagnetic spectrum of the visible and scientifically observed reality of incarnated humans is just a tiny low-frequency fraction of the infinite spectrum of divine Source Energy.

Mercury Retrograde is the perfect time to RE-invent yourself aNEW!

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Please don’t buy into the fear consciousness about Mercury Retrograde. Mercury in retrograde offers the perfect opportunity to take stock of where you are headed on your life’s Journey, and to RE-invent yourself aNEW as a purposeful human being on a mission to serve humanity here on planet Earth.

Read more on ‘The Myth of Mercury Retrograde’ in an article written by Mark Husson on Heal Your Life, where he says:

“In truth Mercury Retrogrades allows us to tune in more closely to our intuition, heighten our senses and gain a larger overview of our lives.” He goes on to say “Change those old beliefs that keep us in fear.”

I wholeheartedly agree!

This is a BIG week as you know and the heightened energy is bringing more Love into your Being. This energy is helping you to let go of all that is no longer serving you and bridging the gap between your lower and higher consciousness.

Therefore this is the perfect time to become attuned to Reiki, and so I’m offering Reiki attunements now for a limited time at a special price ($75) to help those Light workers who would like to establish themselves as energy healers.

If you have always wanted to be a healer but been afraid to take the next step, then now is your chance to get started. The attunement process is a highly spiritual experience and will serve to heighten your senses and lift your vibration. There is nothing to fear, as you will be guided by your Higher Consciousness and intuition as you work with this energy.

There are 3 levels to Reiki:

Connecting with your Higher Self within your Sacred Heart ~ Meditation and Energy Transmission

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For the past 3 years Michael has been guiding me to “stay in my heart”, and now more than ever this is possibly the most important advice you will ever receive. If you’re not in this sacred space, you may find that your world – your living experience – is becoming more chaotic by the day.

If you thought that by now you would be experiencing less resistance in your transformation / ascension process, then you may just want to rethink that because for me personally my ego mind and lower consciousness is putting up a royal fight, and the only place / space I’m finding peace of mind and a sense of balance is in my heart.

Yesterday Michael guided me to a passage in Emmanuel’s Book 1 (Pg 32 of the Kindle book). It served to remind me how powerful my mind can be:

“The heart is an unerring compass. The heart knows the Soul better than the mind does. Unless your mind is in service of the heart it becomes a warped and twisted master.”

He goes on further to say:

“The only path that is right for you is the one that is already designed within you. To find this path you have to hear your own heart. There simply is no other way.”

Recently we released the 2nd Mp3 energy transmission to help people to form this energetic connection within their sacred heart, and to make this connection to their Higher Self and Source energy – to the God within.

Please make use of this meditation. It will help you now to find inner peace and to become stronger energetically. You will find this transmission here:

The lunar energy from the powerful Blue Moon releases a Mother Lode of negative energy.

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This past week the lunar energy from the powerful Blue Moon has been bringing up what I call “the mother lode” of negative energy for release. While this full moon has been one of the strongest ever, the next and final Blood Moon on the 28th September promises to do a whole lot more. But more about that later.

Michael just wants to interject here and add his interpretation to my term “the mother lode”. It seems the dictionary defines this term as this:

Mother lode is a principal vein or zone of veins of gold or silver ore. The term is also used metaphorically to refer to the origin of something valuable or in great abundance.”

He is wanting me to share with you that by ridding yourself of this mother lode of negative energy you are opening yourself up to an even greater abundance, that of being closer to your Principal Greatness and Source of Being. He wants me to say that when you are closer and more connected with your Source of Being YOU ARE ABUNDANT because you are in the flow of ALL THAT IS –THE FLOW OF CREATION. He is telling me that with each huge release of negative energy you bring more of your True Self into the Light and therefore you shine forth as PURE GOLD.

Thank you Michael! (Smile)

It is easy to become despondent when releasing and all it takes is one person to stick a thorn in our proverbial flesh for us to plunge once more into our lower consciousness. Sadly this happened to me yesterday. But the blessing that came out of this experience was that I am now fully aware of when I am plunging and I can quickly ‘save myself’. I am noticing now that I become much weaker when navigating the realms of my lower consciousness, and it’s not a nice feeling.


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