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Pleiadian Messages 10/25/11

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A look forward to events sees humanity finally free from the shackles of tyrannical rule that has kept you locked into lives of slavery and servitude for thousands of years. Slavery has never been abolished. Mankind itself has been slaves to the ruling elite in one form or another for millennia. You are now to be truly freed from your lives that have been filled with toil and struggle. Greener pastures we wish for you, our family, and it is just this that will now be yours. Do you not sense this incredible change sweeping over the horizon dear ones? Do you not feel the changing breeze that promises to set your world free for once and forever? You have so much to look forward to now as the dark rulers of your planet are being removed from power. We, the Galactic Federation, in cooperation with our Earth allies, are in the final stages of the removal of these dark forces and their many scattered minions. Arrests will be made, as there is no other way in some cases to silence the endless planning and scheming of certain individuals who stubbornly have refused to bow out gracefully. We are fully prepared and quite capable of such a task, and look forward to carrying out this operation that will see the last of the cabal’s holdouts incarcerated and relocated to secure areas where they can no longer be any threat to your safety and well being.

Pleiadian Messages 10/11/11

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Once the place in the heart is found, all can proceed. The necessary changes are scheduled and will take place, nothing can, or will stop this from happening. The heart is where all these changes derive from, and this must always be remembered. For what good are the changes if the heart is forgotten and the corruption of your society is allowed to transpire once again? We ask of you at this time to take a moment and stand atop all that is and all that shall topple and all that will come, and ask yourself where everything went so wrong, and what is turning everything around at this point in your collective journey. It is your intentions, pure or impure, that are the catalyst for changes either positive or negative in nature to occur. Try to see things from a higher perspective always, and your journey can and will be so much easier without all the need for collapse and rebuilding from the ground up. We, the Galactic Federation fleet, in conjunction with the Ascended Masters of the Spiritual Hierarchies look at your beautiful world in wonder. How beautiful it once was, and how badly it was destroyed when so many strayed waywardly from the lighted path. We ask you to always be mindful of your footsteps and where you trample, as your world is so vital to the universe in so many ways you cannot possibly understand this at this time. Much is connected throughout the vastness of space, and your planet and all its multitudes of different species is a lynchpin of this great universe. You are appointed stewards of this great world, Sheppard’s to see the flock safely delivered home. Many beings from many different galaxies and star systems have sent representatives here. Earth has been a great experiment in cultural refinement and structuring.

Message from the Pleiadians 9/20/11

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You are about to witness events once thought only made for motion pictures. Hollywood could not invent such a compelling story, true in its sincere portrayals of the two competing (yet on another level collaborating), sides in this battle of good versus evil, or dark versus light. In this epic saga, the light will triumph, and all that is good, and all that is love, and all that is light, justice, fairness, which holds integrity & harmonious balance will prevail to shine on your new day and your new way that you will experience God’s most grand theater. Along your journey you have met friends, foes, challenges, triumphs, failures, love, loss, good times and hard times. You danced in lighted ball rooms, you fought on darkened battlefields, you helped and inspired others, and you were picked up when you were downtrodden. All according to your needs, wants, ambitions, and higher calling to mold your wings to one day soar from this reality into a new golden dream that will cater to your hearts most inspired desires to add to God’s incredible creation. All the tools you will ever need or wish for will be at your disposal to add your own colors, your own splash, and your own original vibration to the already gorgeous canvas that is the multi dimensional universes.  Seek out what it is you love, what it is your heart desires, for it is just this that you shall have very soon, my dears. Just as a child gazes through the glass enclosures of a candy shop display, so too shall you be offered such mouth watering choices for your sweet tooth for excitement and adventure. If it is travel that vibrates your heartstrings, to the ends of this and other universes you shall journey.

Message from the Pleiadians 8/30/11

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You will not experience the loss of life many believe at this time. Truly if this were to happen, we of the Galactic Commands would surely intervene on your behalf. Safe are the passages for you to travel through. Your horizons are clear to explore as your new world unfolds. Blessed be the ones who walk in bravery into the light of a new day, for they are the ones who will receive all that has been promised by the creator. You are now ready to embark on a new journey, rich in new and exciting experiences. Release now all fears and worries about pending catastrophes, as these will not occur. Many attempts have been made to instill fear in the masses during these last days. We have done a great deal of work to keep these attempts in check and maintain a suitable amount of peace and order throughout the planet. Beings who serve the dark have been monitored, and all their conversations have been observed. There is no plan they can conceive without us knowing precisely the particulars. Nothing can, or will, stop your world from ascending into its rightful place in the universe as has been decreed by the creator. Time is now compressing ever more rapidly. Soon you will reach the threshold and pass through as gently as we can make it for you. Be strong; assist each other in all areas you see fit. Together you have gotten here, and together you shall continue your incredible journey. We have been with you all the way through the darkest of nights and the brightest of days. We will once again walk among you very soon. Together we will bask in the new light of a newly formed world.


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