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Exponential Growth Factor

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Exponential Growth Factor

What we term when we say some flows have been abolish, in simplicity this means we are now advancing on measures which connects the next perpetual constructs… Sections which help alleviate the previous sectors, (flows) which were needed for advances in our cosmoses, the process in which the information can connect to flow’s which are either deeper in processes or advancing some intellectual properties or the “story line” for factions utilizing in prosperous effect’s on the intel which can become more to what we understand in these moments for correspondence in their own functions which may be in need or process of assimilation for conjunction nodes to evolve in adaptability to the information given in the sub sets which I have as predisposed information by quadrants set within for actualizations on many phenomena’s or processes which serves in a grand scheme of things, what some would term future contact modules or interactions with or without sub types of physical technology dependant on what they want to achieve momentarily… But the advances are all there for a purpose or another keenly igniting some flows and concepts for us to utilize or ponder on attain constructs or realizations which adapts from some internal brain activity concepts which alleviates or inter-disposes, advancing quadrants within the brain or our genomes cell functions DNA light body transmissions and more.

The higher realms of Thought

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The higher realms of Thought

Forming gradual selection processes in the mind, what we mean by this process has as effects greater frequencies interplaying the fabrics of our thoughts/mind while independently growing at large the excessive counter parted ways of having thoughts enabled… The concept of thought is one of many things which were created for us to understand better (Set limits) to be able to explain something which we do not truly know or understand it clearly yet as the eventual means of having thoughts come up, does not necessarily mean that those are thoughts. Simply put it is what we know them as… But it is a form of energy which comes from? And which guides us or gives us ideas or concepts to help us understand… But where do they come from?

This is something which may be new to individuals with the greater fabrics at hands while keenly igniting the flow which allows us to explain what thoughts may be… To understand what they are for and what we may want to have them for or as, if pertaining in, when you smoke marijuana the effects brings about new thoughts or altered thoughts in effects to explain certain things.

That is if you are having visuals within, the visuals may be coming from the pineal gland, (The inner eye) which composes many different things if we enable it to grow. The concepts achieved here as exempts in the fabrications which has brought up new measures for us to understand what higher realms of thought may be… Simply put, having visuals and creating environments within for us to have messages conceptualized within and be explained in differing causes, has as effects higher realms within thoughts which composes the general understandings in what you want to have as abilities to explain or gather information for some questions or concepts which you may want to learn.

Conscious Evolution - Preparing for Ascension 2012: Chapter 11 - The Circle

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You Are Enough!



What is it that prompts us to want to appear grander than we are?  Is it to save face, or some other non important goal that prompts us to pursue this?  Are the contortions required to change oneself, quite dramatically at times, really worth it?  Is it not sad that, while having been blessed with such a humble and yet glorious beginning, we then go out and change it to something less, just to please others?


Would God change into something to impress others? Highly unlikely!  So why do we do it?  God is already impressed with who we are.  After all, we are God’s creation.


God says to us, “Know this, and know this for certain – You Are Enough!” It is unnecessary to change what you are for another’s sake.  There is no legitimate reason to do so.  For those who feel they are not enough, God wants us to get to know our true self, our inner core, our complete Being, and to learn how great we already are.  Most of us have only caught a glimpse of our totality.  There remains much to be uncovered.


Conscious Evolution - Preparing for Ascension 2012: Chapter 2 - A Hero's Welcome

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Open Your Heart


What is it with this Open Heart business?  Isn’t this a tough requirement for us humans?  Oh yes, we can easily say: “open your Heart and you will receive the best Life has to offer”.  But doesn’t this include pain too?  Well, yes it does. We all know this one, don’t we?  So why ascribe such importance to this Open Heart concept?  Isn’t that a prescription for danger?


  “Not at all.  I never meant to harm you with this Open Heart idea, only to alert you that Earth school requires it if you’re going to be successful.”


“I sent you here on a mission, to learn all that you can, and to notice that those of you with “open hearts” enjoyed the greatest success with life’s experiences.  Yes, they did feel pain along with their joy and other satisfactions.  They felt Life completely.  That is My measure of success.”


Conscious Evolution - Preparing for Ascension 2012: "The Voice"

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Round 2 of Conscious Evolution - Preparing for Ascension 2012

In today's chapter we feature the Introduction from "The Voice" who delivers these materials to me.  I've been doing this for 19 years and have a ton of material to show for it.  This book is but one item in a growing inventory of music, fables, stories, poems and just plain ole good info.  I've included the Table of Contents at the end here so you can see what this book is about and what's coming next. I've been writing it for over 10 years and only recently got the last bits. This past week, I was told it's "Go Time".  So here we are!  Badda Bing, Badda Boom!



(Every chapter or section starts with a "reflection" like this one below. Then off we go!)


Feeling Welcome 


So how do we know when to stop with our pain and suffering?  Is it when we are warmly greeted by a group of like-minded peers?  I think so.  That’s when we know we are no longer alone.  Others have suffered just as we are, and made their way to another shore, a place of safety and understanding.


Conscious Evolution - Preparing for Ascension 2012: Author's Introduction

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Hi there, Dr Moe here.  We've been asked by the GFP to "Help" in any way we can as we accelerate towards the finish line of our Ascension project. I've been writing on the subjects of Ascension and Personal Growth since the early 90s, waiting for the right time to begin sharing.  "Now Is the Time" according to my Guidance, so here is the Introduction to my book "Conscious Evolution - Preparing for Ascension 2012"


Contemplating Change


It seems beyond all understanding at times, what it is we have to learn about ourselves.  Complex creatures we are, running around this world like chickens with our heads cut off.  Are we sure this is what we want to do?  Are we certain we want to construct our lives in such a fashion as to waste energy every time we turn around?  There must be a better way.  Let’s take a closer look, shall we?

It’s not that we actually know any better, at least not until we see a different way presented to us.  Then we’re confronted with the possibility that life could be different.  We could perhaps slow down a pace or two.  We could pick up on one another’s thoughts and see how life looks from that perspective.  We could liquidate our morality for a day and adopt another’s, like a new pair of shoes, and see if they fit.

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