The deeper level of our subconscious minds

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This is from Patricia under hypnosis working at the subconscious level with Dolores Cannon ( I am sharing for informational purposes and know that this is good information by which reading it can come in handy for not only the future, but the now. )

The aliens are able to break down the molecular structure of the body so it can pass trough solid objects. It is common for the person to pass trough the walls or ceiling of their room.

Patricia: Yes, they have to change me so I go Trough the walls.

Dolores: Does it happen when your asleep?

Patricia: Yes, sometimes they've taken me out of my car. Because when I'm in my car, I'm in a different state of consciousness. And sometimes I'm thinking about other things and they can come in and get me. I can still be driving the car, and yet they can work on my body.

Dolores: Without any danger of having a wreck or anything like that.

Patricia: No, no, no. It's my conscious mind that is doing something else, and they can come in and affect my body because I'm hooked up to the computer. ( This would be from the conscious ships that we don't all see maybe because they are on a different frequency level inter-dimensionally, and while astral traveling we can come in contact with them. )

Dolores: When they take you out of your bed, is the physical body taken on board the craft?

Patricia: I need to ask them. (Long pause) The only thing that I'm getting is that they're taking me physically. I look back in my bed and it looks like I see something there, But I'm not there. It's like I see a shell, but I'm not there. It's like a piece of energy there, but I'm not in the bed. ( ...So this would be her in astral body, viewing down on the bed her physical body but interpreting her seeing the body as illogical because she is up above. )

Dolores: But they do this and you don't remember anything about it.

Patricia: No, no, they've never told me.

Raising World Consciousness

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I AM Blessing each and every person on this planet with Divine Love, Divine Wisdom, and Divine Intelligent Direction that they might join collectively to raise the Spiritual Vibrations of all on Earth, raising into a Higher consciousness, freeing all from negativity in any form here, and causing a ripple effect throughout the Universe.

I AM Divine Love

What Frequencies Are Your Words, thoughts, Actions At!

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What Frequencies Are Your Words, thoughts, Actions At!

The basic premise of the Law of Attraction is that like energy attracts like energy. You attract to yourself those things and circumstances that are in vibrational harmony with your dominant frequency, which is itself determined by your dominant mental attitude, habitual thoughts and beliefs. If you want to know what a thought looks like, just look around you. Keep in mind these three words "thoughts are things". These thoughts are things that are created into the material form instantaneously- These are your words, thoughts and actions. What are you creating?

Diamond Heart Chakra Cleanse Class

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We are holding our innovative Diamond Heart Essence Training which will cleanse the Advanced Chakra Grid on the 3rd, 4th and 5th levels of dimension on Thursday November 14, 2013 at 5 PM PST.spa-gem

Many are aware of the Hindu system of the 7 chakras that consist of the crown, third eye, throat, heart, solar plexus, sacral, and root. These are energy centers that Western medicine does not recognize as real, much like the mythical meridians in Chinese medicine they can’t seem to locate on their modern equipment. However to much of the non-western world, and to many now within it, these energy vortexes and lines are not only real but the proper functioning and balance of them is considered as essential as breathing.

Most healers doing chakra balancing or cleansing typically work on the physical level of the 3rd dimensional body to assist healing. The Diamond Heart Essence uses spiritual Light Diamond technology on the chakras themselves but also for all the joints of the body. Using your own Light Diamonds works on the higher dimensions of the 5th and beyond to actualize those higher frequencies by giving you a new direct pathway to your I AM Presence connecting that essence to your physical body using the etheric body as the bridge.

New Earth Frequency Update ~ Integrating the Equinox Energies

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Planetary ~ Shared by Meleriessee

There is no mistake about it ~ the Autumn Equinox was a very powerful event upon this planet.  The equinox itself was not the surge of power, but with the Harvest Moon just a few days ahead, it helped to bring waves of light into the atmosphere of GAIA for each individual to experience it within their consciousness.

We have to remember that it was orchestrated through many months of activations and trial and error of being on the Mastery Pathway.  Without the preparation stages that occurred in December 2012 and the ensuing energies of New Moons, Full Moons, Eclipses, the Lion’s Gate, and the Star of David that occurred three times, we would not truly understand the full effect of the present energies that we are feeling.

At this time, it is important to reflect how far we have come within this journey.  We are going to be challenged even more deeply as time goes by.  REFLECTION is very important at this time so there is a settling down of receiving the higher energies within the physical structure as we start to change into the Crystalline essence we have been desiring to be.  We all know that this can be quite a challenge with our lifestyle and how it can change dramatically from moment-to-moment.

Some of the changes we can be feeling are:

Truth in Light - Calling your home

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There is a grand intensity of increase in the energies coming in and through us.  Do NOT fear that which is happening as many souls will now leave this realm.  We speak not only of the human soul, but of your animals, mammals and those of the Devic Kingdom.  They too are ascending with you in both physical and non physical realms.  There is nothing to fear.  All is in a grand state of elevation of frequency.  Mankind is taking another step up per se.  Life as you know it is becoming more real and alive.  The truth is unfolding before you and it may be unpleasant to see for man has lived in the shadow of himself not knowing the Light of thy Creator.  

Release attachment to things, people, places, situations and beliefs.  The puzzle pieces of your reality are now showing big gaps, holes and nothing may make sense...as you human mind in no way can grasp the level of quickening that is happening as you are shifting right along with the grand mix.  Your heart is the place that knows and is at peace with all that takes places.  Your heart is your connection to your highest truth.  Your heart is your path to your I AM creator connection.  Take, make and honor your time of going within to be ONE with All That Is.  Find your peace that is within you and is soon to evidence itself in your outside experience.

New Earth Frequency Update ~ Transition, Transform, and Accept New Doorway of Opportunities

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Planetary ~ Shared by Meleriessee

We are now standing at a juncture of time that will take us into the next level of our own creation.  The power of the energies within the next week cannot be measured by any of the other transitionary moments we have received this year.  That’s a tall order since we already have been affected by the changes within Gaia, within each of us, and within the World around us.  Hold your ground steady as each of us is about to walk into a new world of existence.

Let’s start by sharing about the Full Moon energies on the 19th of September that occur at 7:31 AM Eastern, 4:31 AM Pacific, and 11:31 GMT which is within the Sun Sign of Virgo with Pisces.  The energies of this moon represent our spiritual aspirations (Pisces) and learning how to ground it within our physical world (Virgo).  The aspects of this moon include our highest visions and spiritual health.  Many individuals may have their “ascension symptoms” become more astute.  This is when we fully need to utilize the healing energy that is being sent to us and breathe into the essence.  Utilizing the Blue-Green Ray representing attraction to the Light Body is very beneficial in helping the physical body to receive the crystalline energies.

Included within the full moon energies is a Diamond structure that started its descent at the end of last week.  The diamond is creating all the dissimilar elements that we have been dealing with to come into a point of creation.  So if you have been feeling out of sorts through your emotional or mental bodies, this could be a major cause of it occurring. (http://darkstarastrology.com/weekly-horoscope/).

4-18-13 TRUTH IN LIGHT – From the Heart of God and Company of Heaven to all in this NOW moment

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I am remember

In this hours and moments of "battle" with Dark and Light, KNOW the LIGHT OF GOD prevails at all times.  No matter how the outside is shifting, it is within that we must connect to Source, to our Heart, to our Creator and KNOW the LOVE we are.  Despite man to misuse the energy given to them, we must rise to a higher space of vision, truth and consciousness.  Not condemn, hate or move into fear or anger...difficult, challenging, yet possible and imperative.  

As we hold LOVE FOR ALL we raise the potential to move into the realms of love together.  LOVE HEALS EVERYTHING.  LOVE IS GOD.  LOVE BALANCES EVERYTHING.  To evidence this truth, hold the love without wavering.  See all awakening to the Truth of Love all over this beloved planet.  Humanity is on the verge of massive positive change as the final aspects of darkness exhaust their final energies.  We say to ALL beloved beings.  Find your sacred space of most high within your HeartSpace and Be love.  Stand in Light and Truth that Freedom truly is within.  Soon this will be the way on your planet.  Fear is NOT the ruler, only that of the illusion.  The Grand Source and Director of ALL is Love and the foundation is returning to such.  

Hold on to Faith of greatness yet not seen by the eyes yet known by the heart and soul of every being everywhere.  We are ONE.  WE are LOVE conjoining.  
The time is NOW to choose Love over all else. Exhibit the silent power of love from within and radiate to all places, spaces and humanity.  We will walk this walk together now into the new realms of higher living, of living from the heart.

Méline Lafont ~ The web of I AM Presences of Cosmic creation is detaching her beautiful grid of consciousness from the lower pla

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(As shared previously, my current messages under my own name will be labeled under Lady Portia, for we are One and the same with no separation.  Much Love, Méline ♥)
We see much turmoil going on, for we are seeing the reflections of our physical selves emerging out of duality.  These scenes are hard to grasp for the mind while the heart chooses to ascend, reflecting these inner heart choices into your outer world.  Now as Ascension is taking place, true desires and manifestations are grounding into the centre of the earth plane, demanding our full consciousness and the balance of Self, in order to be able to cope with this.
The importance of loyalty to Self and to the heart is now being reflected in the minds and understood as being a key factor in this all.  The true heart desire will shed the light in all situations for it is the desire that plays the will of manifestation.  It is the desire that reflects our heart knowledge as well, for it speaks of what we are, what we form, bring and know.


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