The Redemption of Satan

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On January 18, 2020 Satan has been redeemed, taken home to heaven and welcomed.

Ever since I intentionally started doing my healing work [2000], Satan has been in opposition to me. I have performed countless exorcisms and set up Light Stations to attract the demonic for liquidation or transumation purposes.

This past Jan. 18, 2020. It all came to a conclusion when I performed a Redemption Directive for Satan, who had acquired a COMPLETE soul, as has every soul received, initiated on September 2, 2018.

Previous historical events:
[Some of this verbiage will not be 'clear', for you will not be used to these kinds of words. Also, all of these dated events occurred in history "out of my control", but were recorded as they occurred, whether I understood what God was performing or not. I just "did" what I was told to do by God. All of these events tied into and flowed into another event in a way that can only be said to be God's Plan. I know I sure did not plan these things. The first part of my collection here is a summary in time, a timeline of events that lead up to the "biggie", the Redemption of Satan.]

Oct. 9, 2013 - Lucifer exorcised and sent home to heaven.

9/2/2018 Brought Light to the darkest place in all the earth, Dome of the Rock, Old City Jerusalem, Israel. Israel' no longer DESPAIR LAND, BUT HAS RETURNED TO THE PROMISED LAND. Israel alone in all the River of Life is COMPLETE.

My theme is: "How can I bring COMPLETE to all?"

I met a fellow today.
His spiritual name is KEEPER.
He is Nephilim.

Whose SOUL is he "KEEPING?" SATAN..
Satan does not like that KEEPER is preserving/keeping his soul.
Satan' origin is as an angel.
KEEPER is to keep the soul of Satan, until it is time for Satan to be redeemed.

New Creation Event

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I use muscle testing to gain access to information of all categories, including spiritual categories.

This past Tuesday, 6/26/2018, I tried to say the phrase, "Today is Tuesday." But for some reason, I could not let those words pass between my lips. It was a strange sensation ... to not be able to say what I considered to be a true sentence. So, I tested the following:
"Today is Monday." Answer: NO.
"Today is Tuesday." Answer: NO.
"Today is Wednesday." Answer: NO.
"Today is Thursday." Answer: NO.
"Today is Friday." Answer: NO.
"Today is Saturday." Answer: NO.
"Today is Sunday." Answer: NO.

Okay. That is very very curious. Muscle testing identifies the truth of any precise sentence... enabling a decision maker to tie-in to the precise guidance from God on the subject in question.

This applies to normal everyday life situations, as well as spiritual situations.

So, I ended up, asking God...

"Is there any such thing as OLD Earth?" NO.
"Is there any such thing as NEW Earth?" NO.

hmmmmmmmmmmm... I knew they were there on Monday the 25th... so what the heck is going on here?

I am not good at drawing out the answers to situations... it just is not in my soul to malinger in my soul.

So, here is what I did....

"Hey Jesus, this place that I am standing upon... is it called Earth? NO. IT IS NOT. IT IS CALLED A NEW CREATION. said Jesus to me telepathically.

I tested energetically if what he said was "So." and I got a YES.

Did God change the name? I asked. "NO." said God.

Did Jesus change the name? I asked again. "YES." said Jesus.


I first observed this problem / situation on Tuesday.
When Wednesday came around (or at least what I thought was Wednesday...) all my questions about the days of the week were "NO."

SUPER Full Moon Workshop 28th June

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Dear Readers,

Our Solstice Energy Transmission was a joy-filled event and we had a great time with the Angels! Archangel Michael led us in a guided meditation to cut us free from our fears using his blue flamed sword of Truth, which serves to sever from our energy fields all fear based programming.

We are still integrating and stabilizing the powerful Solstice energy and now we’re looking forward to a super powerful and bright Full Moon this coming Thursday the 28th June, which promises to uncover even more of that which we have stowed away in a file marked “to deal with later……”.

Beloveds, I’m afraid that later is NOW, and it can no longer be delayed. It is imperative that this dissonant energy be uncovered and dusted off so to speak, so that you can sparkle and shine again! Remember this 2018 year is marked as the year of LUMINOSITY! And shine we will!

A Lieing Dragon vision

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Dad, I just had a crazy thing happen to me...............

Ok how to describe it....

Nighttime of April 30, 2018 woke up 11:52pm after trying to fall asleep

I would describe it as a HEAVY DAZE.

I laid in bed a little after 9:30pm and rolled on my right side. With my eyes

closed, I saw a very faint eye looking at me. Then, I had a vision and saw a

black dragon with red eyes. He gnarled his teeth and flapped his wings at me.

He didn't seem like a friendly.

I kept struggling to fall asleep, and have done a lot of tossing and turning.

Not sure when, but I fell into a HEAVY DAZE and struggled to understand where

I was.


My eye lids were about half way open and I could not understand where I was

fully. Part of me was thinking I was back home at Mom and Dad's in Nebraska.

But it was DIFFERENT.

The vision I was having with my room was different.


Do you come in the Name of the LORD Jesus Christ? YES
Do I know you? YES
Are you a friend? NO
Are you a companion? YES
Can I know your name? YES
Your name is Smith? YES
Why do you want me to go with you? YES
Can I know why you want me to go with you? NO
Umm okay.

Back to my report on the HEAVY DAZE.

I felt like I was in trouble or something so I said in my head twice "In the

name of the LORD Jesus Christ let all those who have ears to hear, go

homeeeee. AMEN."

In the daze, lying in my bed in Mom & Dad's house, I looked out the window and

saw a few birds creating a commotion.

They were fighting over a dead animal that was killed.

Suddenly, a bigger animal which seemed to be like a "panda bear bird", came

Intervention targeting the Black Goo from Chemtrails

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3/31/2017 2:34 pm
i heard about black 'goo' today being sent by chemtrails... that is literally black and is draconian (off world) in substance... I asked if I had permission to address the goo and transmutate the substance, so that it is instead LOVE AND LIGHT that is being spread upon the airways.

I am humming at this moment the specific frequency that is targeted at the 'black goo', which will transmutate it into LOVE & LIGHT. That is good. this will be a permanent repair.

this substance (black goo) is different than the 'usual' chemtrail combinations that have been sent upon populations world wide, hithertoo.

I have 4 more minutes to sustain this frequency.... which means it may be complete by 2:40 pm.

Q: Will this transmutation reverse what black goo has already been dropped upon specific and non-specific target recipients? YES

Q: What is the range of this transmutation repair of the black goo? WORLDWIDE

Q: Who is answering my questions at this moment? JESUS

It is 2:41 pm...
Q: Am I finished transmutating? NO. KEEP GOING.

I know those guys don't have watches... I know I've quit wearing my own watch... so it is understandable that they may have informed me incorrectly as to the 'finish' time.

It is 2:42 pm
Q: Am I finished transmutating? YES.

Oh. Good.

Q: is there something more that I am to 'do' at this moment in this category of intervention? NO



TWIN FLAME VIRGO's: A D'Vine Journey 71-73

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B. Michael September, 05th Sulfur, Louisiana

C. Marie September, 05th Phoenix, Arizona

step fathers born October 05th...10 years apart

Michael, October, 05th 1944

Jimmie October, 05th 1954

Paul Anthony 12/21/1970- 10/09/2007

Joel Gillespie 09/02/1971- 10/09/1996

1900's Great Grandparents 1900's

Noah Tomlin & Adeline Tomlin

Gracie Tabor & Bradley Tabor

And God remembered Noah, and every living thing, and all the cattle that was with him in the ark: and God made a wind to pass over the earth, and the waters asswaged;

Genesis 8:1

1920's Grandparents 1920"s

Loyd Tabor 09/04/1922- 12/25/2012

Minnie Tabor 01/22/1928- 05/14/2002

Seventy weeks are determined upon thy people and upon thy holy city, to finish the transgression, and to make an end of sins, and to make reconciliation for iniquity, and to bring in everlasting

righteousness, and  to seal up  the vision  and  prophecy,  and to  anoint the most Holy. 

- Daniel 9:24  


John Smallman ~ Very many of you have been extremely dissatisfied with your earthly lives

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By: John Smallman, 12/07/2013

Life is eternal, you are alive, and therefore you too are eternal beings.  There truly is no death.  Yes, of course you lay down your illusory bodies as you leave the dream environment and return Home from your “travels,” but that is a glorious awakening into the brilliance of Reality.  Your forthcoming human awakening or ascension is different because it will be a mass awakening in which you retain your bodies which are then restored to full vitality and perfection, with an age or physical appearance and abilities appropriate to it that suits your wishes.


In “A Course In Miracles” I talked of moving from the nightmare into a happy dream, and that is what is about to occur.  Very many of you have been extremely dissatisfied with your earthly lives, and to move into a “Happy Dream” is the next stage on your journey back to Reality.  You cannot move fully into Reality while holding on to any energies, attitudes, or beliefs that are not in complete alignment with our Source, God, our heavenly Father, Love.


John Smallman ~ Focus your attention on the Reality of God’s Love for you.

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By: John Smallman, 12/01/2013

We love you and always will because we are all One, loving each other eternally as our dear Father does, as He Wills us to do likewise.  He is the Source from which all flows in one infinite and eternal stream of Love.  He is beyond comprehension and yet we know that His Love embraces us in every moment, and that nothing else is possible.  That is what we experience and know in every moment, eternally, constantly, because that is all that there is.  Love is all that exists, and in It everything has its place, every iota of consciousness, all life, there is no outside or beyond, all is here within the Oneness and perfect harmony that is the Source, which inevitably and unavoidably includes all that is created.


John Smallman ~ Love is the key to spiritual awareness.

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By: John Smallman, 11/27/2013

As Thanksgiving approaches please give thanks for all that is good in your lives. There are truly none among you who do not have something to be thankful for, so go within, to that quiet safe place where you can, if you choose, access your spiritual guides and mentors and ask them to bring to your attention an event or an aspect of your life for which you are eternally grateful.  Then say “Thank you” for it. Just saying thank you is uplifting for you even if you are not feeling very thankful, because it opens you to receive the Love that surrounds you, awaiting your acceptance of Its constantly proffered embrace.



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