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People want liberation from samsara/reincarnation, go to Heaven (Nirvana), must experience and cultivate through hundreds or thousands of reincarnated lives ...

In the New Age, we build Earthly Heaven, must have Occult Cultivation to reach the consummation. In The Discipline we cultivate ourself to make the life and the way united, construct harmony and fluent social life, human perfection, suit the natural evolution rules or universal laws - as Celestial Way.

Celestial Discipline is the occult cultivation program combines spirituality, due to The Father Almighty God taught. The Grand Master works abide of Spirituality Hierarchy to save sentient beings with ideal of humanity’s Great Unity. Celestial Discipline is Celestialism’s Occult Practice Way.

The latest discipline in the New Age
Not seen before due to The Creator’s admission
As cultivation consummation, all karma is solute
Hundreds of diseases are cured, every dark forces must run away
Have psychic powers and the Discipline accomplishment
Human and universe unite and happy in harmony

Sin – The Divine Mother through Isabel Henn May 5, 2013

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Note: Unfortunately Facebook seems to block me again, they don’t like what I post and share. I don’t know if I can share this message on my personal site or in any of my groups. If not, I ask you to please share the message on your sites and in your groups if you like the message. The Divine Mother and I, we say thank you very much.

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You cannot sin, my child. Why? It is so easy, because sins don’t exist. They are a fabrication of your religions to take away your power from you. To create fear in you and to make a lot of money out of that. You are in the illusion to make experiences and to learn lessons for the further evolution of your soul. Nothing more. But that doesn’t mean that you could now jauntily steal, lie or murder. This would without any doubts have only nasty Karma as a result. You are but not on earth to amass more Karma, but to remove and release it. I have created you, that YOU wonderful soul can make wonderful experiences for me through which I can experience my Self. Whatever experiences you garner, I would never punish you for them. And how could I? It would only be totally against my intention. You would only punish yourself, when you create more negative karma for yourself. So live according to the 10 proposals I once gave to you and you will make glorious experiences without any consequences for yourself. I love you so much for that, my child. ~

Humanity and Gaia Release of all old Patterns, New downloads

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October 20, 2012

Today all old patterns were released and dissolved for Gaia, Humanity since the creation of time. (of old energy of consciousness, fantasy, fear, illusion, illusion of power)


Clearing of Gaia Chakras', etheric body of Gaia, of all karmic slug, and cleansing and purifying.


Gaia was given downloads for:

  That she knows how to ask for help unconditionally.

  That she knows how to receive it unconditionally.

  I am impervious to evil.

  A choice to have free choice.

  Removal of all old patterns, kept lessons learned, release of  

  emotional, physical trauma. Restore Gaia

  Gaia knows how to,when to, what it feels like to receive unconditional love


 Removal of cords, hooks, attachments, enties for Gaia.


Portal Opened for: 

12 Fountains of Abundance were opened for Gaia, Humanity - only one was open before.


 LynMarie and Tom G.

Set up System to Release of geology pressure of Rio Grand Rift - Which covers States of Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico,Nevada, and Utah


Blessing were given to all to receive upon completion of work.



Transcending Limitation: Walking The Highest Path

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Modern science has advanced to where it now can comprehend and show that we are all the exact same energy expressed in various forms. This confirms what consciousness scientists of the past have documented thousands of years ago: we are all unique aspects of the SAME source, which makes us all EQUAL to one another. In fact, it makes us one in the same. Rather than viewing each other as separate, its time to embrace the concept that we are all one. 

So if we are all the same thing, why all the variation, why are we all split up? It is an interesting question that has a simple answer: to experience all thefacets of life, to increase intelligence, and to find our way back to our true-self. Each of us, through our own eyes, has a different perspective of  life, not one is the same. Understand there is no right or wrong way to experience life, rather it is about simply EXPERIENCING, however that may be for you.


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