Odyssey of Ascension

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Roxanne Swainhart is a new "voice" among many in this current acceleration of our ascension. A gifted intuitive counselor, Ascension Guide, she is channeling/translating for the Parietians (Original Architects), Inanni, Ionni (Archivists, Record Keepers of Akash), Hathors, and many other of the Incarnates of our time. With a unique perspective she assists us, and brings the energy and enlightenment to those who are ready.

In Eternal Love, light and joy. 

Connect With Your Soul Group; Find Your Soulmate!

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Connect With Your Soul Group; Find Your Soulmate!

Greetings to all beautiful co-creators!

First, I would like to express gratitude in how the Galactic Free Press is awakening the world and uniting soul groups together!

in5d is taking like-minded souls to a new level of communication with in5d Connection. Our parent website, in5d Spiritual, Metaphysical and Esoteric Database has brought together millions of like-minded people through articles, videos and live chat.  Now, we’re taking this one step further with in5d Connection.

in5d Connection is a multifaceted portal where you can search for like-minded souls in your area and around the globe.  Whether you’re single and searching for your soulmate or twin flame or if you’re married and are simply looking for like-minded souls, in5d Connection will make this happen for you!


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