The Scared Science New Free Movie!

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Welcome to the 2013 Sacred Science Free Screening!

This email contains important information about how to view the film during the 10 days it will be available -- as well as the special additional events that we have planned for you!

1. How to Watch the Film:

From October 7th to October 17th, you will have unlimited access to view The Sacred Science film, as well as a bunch of bonus videos.

Between the dates above, click on either of the links below to watch the movie:

If you click on this link BEFORE the free screening starts, you will see a countdown timer that will tick down until the start of the screening.

2. How to Enjoy Our Event Special Interviews:

In addition to the online screening, we have a special lineup of experts who will be speaking in depth about the ancient healing techniques used in the film.

Throughout the 10 day event, these award winning authors, nutritionists, and healers will be giving you tips on how to bring these powerful practices into your life.

Reminders for these interviews will be sent to you by email on the day they air.

3. Below is The Entire Event Schedule:

Contact (1997) - Traveling Scene (Cut Version)

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Uploaded by chrisnightsofficial on Oct 28, 2011

Notice: The full version of this part\scene was removed from my channel on copyright grounds. This video might be removed the same way soon, so this is a heads up, in case the video is gone, it was removed by YouTube.

This is the cut version of the full traveling scene.

This is probably the best part of the movie. I wasn't very pleased with the dialogue between Eleanor and the alien, but the scene itself and the special effects were very well made.


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