Daily Tarot Reading ~ 2/9/13

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Today's card is the 10 of Wands. The first thing that I thought of when I saw this card was the Beatle's song "Carry That Weight". Wands are the suit of creativity, action and movement. Here's today's message:


"For many of us, life can be overwhelming at times. The ten of wands represents this. If you are feeling overwhelmed it's time to ascertain your priorities. Is there someone or something in your life that's particularly draining? If so, it's time to take a hard look at the situation, to see if it's worth your well-being to continue as you were.


This card can also represent times when it's necessary to step up and take responsibility. It may be because you have difficulty saying no, maybe because you feel you got "stuck" doing it, or perhaps it's because you're the only one who is capable of the task.


Regardless of the situation which applies, it's important to take time out, even just a few minutes help, to breathe and just be -- especially times when things can seem overwhelming."


For some reason, I finished writing this with a heavy heart. I get the feeling that so many of you -- of us -- are dealing with so much more than we should. I send my love and light to you all, and have faith that the way the world operates will be changing soon. Until then, here's Winston Churchill:


"The day may dawn when fair play, love for one's fellow men, respect for justice and freedom, will enable tormented generations to march forth triumphant from the hideous epoch in which we have to dwell. Meanwhile, never flinch, never weary, never despair."


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