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Your Light Body is Perfect

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This is a rebuttal to a blog post at the Galactic Free Press in the above link: '6 Body Parts Doctors Think Are Useless, Medical System is Severely Flawed.'  :

I work on souls.

I work on souls in human bodies through my body, which is human.

I am an anesthesiologist and I see what God has written in your post today, the one that I responded to. All of it was very third dimensional. I did not like it. So now it is time to set the record straight.

Your Light Body is Perfect
Your Light Body is a replica of you, that exists in a higher dimension. When we go to all that, your lost limbs will reappear, your missing teeth will sprout back, your organs shall be returned and all shall exist in Divine Perfection. This is YOU, in your natural state of being. You are flawless and Holy and Light.

For some reason, and for some Purpose, you came down from Heaven and came to Earth.

Your Earth Body is a 'projection' of your Light Body into the Illusion called 'reality'
I see it with my clairvoyance brightest in the O..R. while I work with my patients.

There is a big tunnel of white light that goes in the head and through you and comes out the feet. It is about six inches wide, and sparkly bright white.

Your perception is what allows how this Light is to come through into the Chakra energetic system.  This is how Chakras get 'imbalance' in the first place. Emotions, personal reactions to events and the inner world that you are influences greatly this metaphysical to physical process.

Your Earth Body is a 'vehicle' for Learning Life Lessons and it talks to you through illness

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