Pope Benedict

The End and The Beginning

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As the Pope resigns today you can’t but wonder what has been going on behind the scenes.  Much talk of scandal from the Vatileaks which had effected Pope's brother Georg Ratzinger has no doubt had an effect.  Many people in church, government, corporations and media are waking up to the realization that the public at large is no longer going to sit back and be lied to and controlled as slaves of the past.  The movement happening across the globe of people in masses taking a stand for change cannot be stopped.  Those that have hidden agendas or those that have been forced to follow orders or face the consequences are seeing that the dominoes are falling and from top down.  This is a new world dawning and love has taken hold over the darkness.  The light within the hearts of humanity are becoming ever more visible and heard.  There is no looking back.  This event is but a taste of what’s to come and  I for one am looking forward to it.

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