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by April Bender via integrated Overself

Many times the things I speak of may seem complex, layered, paradoxical and perhaps even daunting in nature. For instance, I know our last exchange on the Re-unification of Worlds was full of this sort of multi-faceted, layered complexity. Many of you may have felt that it was a very tall order to fill and wondered where to even begin. Connect with my three aspects of self and align and integrate them, walk the three worlds, and learn to commune with all forms of life seen and unseen? 

Energy Update ~ We are just a few days away from the most powerful Solar eclipse ever!

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Beloveds, we are just a few days away from the most powerful Solar Eclipse ever experienced yet by Humankind. What makes this eclipse so powerful is the alignment in which it occurs – both seen and unseen by the Earthly human realm. May we remind you that you exist in but a tiny portion of the vast Universe which you know as your Solar System and Milky Way Galaxy.

We wish to reiterate the importance of being in alignment with your Soul Self at this time so that these powerful energies can be easily integrated with as little physical side effect as possible. Some of you may still be experiencing cranial discomfort at the base of the skull and mild headaches as well as a mild aching in the ears. Muscular discomfort in the neck and shoulders may also be experienced due to stress being released from the physical body and possible discomfort and/or tension between the shoulder blades as the heart chakra continues its expansion.

Your physical vessel is under extreme pressure at times like these, so we urge you to take greater care of your body Rest often and engage in a form of stretching exercise to keep the body supple and assist with the flow of energy. Drink lots of fresh clean water to assist with the elimination of toxins.

Grounding is especially important because by keeping yourself grounded you are anchoring the energies into Mother Earth and strengthening your connection both above and below.

Being in silent meditation is recommended as is keeping yourself in Presence – in the Now moment – to maintain frequency and a sense of equilibrium. Your True power is always found within you and this includes the strength and trust necessary to help you navigate and integrate these new powerful incoming energies with ease and grace,

All is well Beloved. All is well.

Multidimensional Memory and Perception of Time

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Milky Way Lately I have been forgetful and another multidimensional friend is too. Her family says she said stuff and she has no recollection of saying it. it is like she goes somewhere else and does not recall. Why is this, she asked?

Is it part of the ascension process? Or am I losing my mind? We have been exploring why this is. I ran across information from Dr.Suzanne Lie who connects with Pleaidians and Arcturians and brings back information. She speaks of how we have multidimensioonal aspects of self in other places and dimensions. We usually go there in our night bodies while sleeping and wake up with the memory in a dream sometimes. Or we visit in meditation.She says that increasingly, we are bilocating and "going" other places in awake consciousness, even everyday experiences. One woman spoke on the radio show about how this happened to her as she was at a work meeting and remembered, for split second, the feeling of coming back into her body. This would explain the forgetfulness.


When we travel to other places, there is not time there.That is on earth, as a collectively agreed upon construct that is not real. My guides are telling me in meditation that time is a spiral. It goes around on itself. I am not sure what that means right now, though.

Live as Your God Self, Presence to Presence

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This will guide you through a Restoration of the Soul so any time throughout the ages you have seen less than the Presence of God in yourself or all of life will be removed from your Akashic records and your body so you can truly live on Earth as your God Self, Presence to Presence with others. 

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