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I wrote and facilitated 'Expand Your Horizons' many years ago when I was around 16. I'm going to offer another seminar, or teleseminar this time, of same title. It's an opportunity to ask your most pressing question and hear answers to others' questions. Each time I facilitate an event, it always brings together those on a similar wave length or vibration. What are your three words that most represent your interest or focus or needs now. For example, mine are: divinity, service, find (those to serve). Another three of mine are: heal, Son, Daughter. Pls email me at if you'd like an introductory, mini consultation for whatever donation you'd like to give based on the value you receive. Just send your name, cell or home, city/state, and times to reach you daily. I'll be putting together this teleseminar as an introduction to the work I've done all my life as a Soul who chose to be here to help and as a Soul who loves being an eternal student and teacher as we are are...some more conscious of this than others.

Some tools for opening your heart...
1) regular, professional, massage therapy with someone you feel comfortable and who puts you to sleep or nearly
2) body breathing daily and eventually every moment... this will be taught at first teleseminar
3) organic, fresh food
4) distilled water to cleanse 3 weeks or months
5) New Zealand water after your energy increases
6) choose love rather than power, or being right, or getting even or anything else... this is a full topic as it doesn't mean being a doormat either
7) take 20-30min daily to go on inner, to be quiet, to breathe, to feel yourself as the divinely-loving Soul you are daily... maybe upon waking and same before sleep

Till we meet again...


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Each of us has a song to live. This song in our heart is always singing. We have only to Body Breathe to hear it clearly and live it clearly. We are each magnificently beautiful when we choose to live as the divinely-loving Soul we are. I'll copy what I just posted about Body Breathing in reply to another post entitled 'Hear Me' when I get to a computer. Of coure, u r welcome to find it before that. Thanks to all the amazing Souls here and everywhere who uplift each of us daily by living as the beacons of divine love as much as we are able.

My Journey on The Road to Shambhala - Director's Cut

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Dratzo, LOVE BEings! I return with an updated video.


Some of you have seen the earlier version of this but I have edited it to fix some timing issues and also changed the resolution to address some video issues.

In other words, it's not new but it is improved!


This video is about my journey on the Path to Full Consciousness. I hope you enjoy it. I encourage all of you to share your journey with us as well. Thank you!


~ namaste

13:20 Calendar (12.30.12): THE SUN IS RAINING A SWEET SONG! RAwwwrrrrr! ;)

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13:20 Calendar (12.30.12): THE SUN IS RAINING A SWEET SONG! RAwwwrrrrr! ;)

ART: “Let the sun rain down on me” by ~chymarariot,

MUSIC: “Lige Curry meets MixTailes - Year of The ONE”,
“Making Music IN THE SUN!”

“Come On, People! Raise the Vibration!”

♥ 11:11 MAKA WICAHPI WICOHAN (Word of Love, The Way of the EarthStar, Universal & Spiritual Laws of Creator):
DAY: DOWAN WASTE SWEET SONG, Atones Self to Celestial World, in the UNIVERSAL LAW OF LIGHT, SOUND & VIBRATION, Sun, Manitou Day, Violet Crown Star, Essence of Freedom, “We would suggest that those musics which resonate sweetly with your heart, daily bathe in them. Do let that Song of Purity sing forth. Allow the creativity of your soul to sing the notes of Celestial Dance and Song.” Code for the Day:


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