Energy update – There is an air of Transparency where ALL is being revealed.

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Energy update – There is an air of Transparency where ALL is being revealed.

Let us talk about where you’re at currently with your transition. There is an air of transparency now that is affecting all at this juncture and it is permeating everything, every part of life and indeed every part of your life, your existence, both within your human form and within the world around you.

Everything Dear One, everything is a manifestation of consciousness, therefore do not look outside of yourself if something manifests in your life or in your human vessel that causes you discomfort or dis-ease. Always look within and ask yourself the question, “What energy am I holding onto that is manifesting this experience?”

Remember that the human body is a reflection of its consciousness, therefore will bring to your attention all that must be cleared in order for you to move forward freely into the next octave of your greatness.

This is a time where all is being illuminated. All is being revealed for transmutation. This is a time where nothing can be hidden. If there is something within your consciousness that is non-serving it will be illuminated now in order for you see it clearly so you may surrender it to your higher power for transmutation into the Light of Love.

A Guide to Deceased Loved Ones 101

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I just lost a close friend yesterday. Here is a message from him to you--


This is an open letter to the family, to the survivors, to the widow, from me:

Your loved one appeared to me. Just now. With a request: get this message across to my wife.

That is what I do--I share information across different frequencies to permit people to get 'one last chance with' and 'one last message' from those they loved while they were alive on earth.

Do your thing. Tell her I am okay. Tell her NOW.

I picked up the phone, and thought against it. I know what to say, what the message is, but the discernment as to what is the right time and place for a message to be taken in? That is the art behind mediumship.

What I 'pick up' is that this husband had 'nine lives', and the soul contract was up. He died a month to the day after her birthday (very important for the men, these 'dates') and after their twentieth anniversary (they were supposed to be on a vacation at this time to celebrate). He fulfilled his obligation to the extent that it was permitted within their 'soul contracts'.

The love for her is the same. And I sense a 'protectiveness' and 'willingness to guide her' through the changes that are ahead, but blurry, in the future. In the next six months. Global-scale changes that are going to affect all of us.

If you are a survivor, and have lost a loved one, take comfort in the following information:


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Those on the spiritual path, are going to experience what is called bardo. This as I have read , is the experience of being in between states of consciousness. The way I see it, is that one is hearing thoughts of others. All the thoughts are about you. This is uncomfortable, and the uncomfortable nature of the experience deals with healing, all experience is for healing. Furthermore, the experience of having thoughts of others, “voices” telling you what to do, is referred to in society as shizophrenia. This I disagree with completely. I say this because of my own experience with hearing the thoughts of others and others hearing my own. I also disagree with this because of the fact that I’ve seen these thoughts manifest themselves not only in just being aware of them taking place , but also in action.

The emotional upheaval part of the experience of being completely uncomfortable in your experience as the love you are, += all, is necessary for you to gain true strength through the knowledge of your own ignorance , += all. It brings up fear, this fear is not you, you have just been nurtured to identify with this fear as your own. The fear is the unconscious reactive conditioned ego mind’s fear of you being the love you are, and continually learning,growing and expanding as the love you are and integrating the love you are into the body hologram. The physical vessel in which we need to incarnate into in order to experience life in the physical manifest realm.

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