Secrets of the Whales

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"Whales and other cetaceans such as dolphins and orcas want humans to know that they will be increasingly attempting to gain attention by intentional beachings, getting tangled in fishing lines, and swimming outside their normal traffic ways. This is because as the largest of sentient species, they take it upon themselves to help acquaint other species such as humanity with universal wisdom.

Whales are in contact with off world species. Whales are a much older species than humans and have a different perspective on life and evolution than humans do. They are far less short sighted and far more interested in growth and evolution than humans are. 

Because of their access to dimensional energies, cetaceans such as whales interact with other species on Earth in ways that often do not make sense to humans. Cetaceans are always aware of their connection to each other and to other species around them. They make choices with the good of the whole, rather than the individual, in mind. This is one reason why they have no compunction to get the attention of humans by beaching themselves, mass deaths, or the ritual of pushing around a dead calf for days. All of these actions are designed to inform humans of the urgent need to consider the consequences of their actions so as to help ensure that the planet remains habitable for everyone.

Energy Update:The Stars Shining you Home

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In tapping into what the coming Equinox gateway will bring to the us, I received a feeling of joy and excitement, visions and information. Woo hoo! We are ever expanding and evolving as a species. Are you feeling the intensity of it? Let me share what I am seeing and feeling as an akashic reader listening to cosmic information in a download. Please use your own guidance to know what the Equinox will be for yourself.

Vision: Seeing the cosmic whales connected to the stars, connected to the earths oceans and everyone of you. Cosmic whales represent and embody the oversoul or group soul. Physical Earth whales are the frequency keepers of earth and those who have the records, or some believe. There is a connection between cosmic whales and Earth whales as the Cosmic Whales are the higher selves of the whales, just as we humans have higher selves. Tap into the frequency or the feeling of the whales, as they are so joyful and loving. Also imagine the cosmic whales swimming through space, and feel them. There is something very special about whales.


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FROM TEMPE, ARIZONA ARTIST, SARAH CARTER:  "I might not be perfect, but, I can paint. To be honest, I have no idea how I do it....and each piece is as much a surprise to me, as it is to you....I'm grateful for wherever this ability came from, it's such a precious gift to be able to express myself in pictures rather than words....because there are no words for these feelings.❤" https://goo.gl/cnQv2q #ART #PAINTING #LOVE #YES  

World’s rarest whale spotted near Canada’s Pacific coast — “First confirmed sighting in recent history" - 7 November

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Vancouver Sun, Oct. 31, 2013: Second sighting of endangered North Pacific right whale in B.C. waters in 62 years [...] “It’s exciting, kind of astonishing, really, to have two different animals sighted four months apart on our coast when there haven’t been any confirmed sightings for the last 62 years,” [John Ford, head of the cetacean research program at Pacific Biological Station in Nanaimo] said in an interview Thursday. “We were uncertain whether the species still occurred in Canadian waters and this clearly shows that they do.” The right whale, observed with a group of humpbacks, had a “nasty looking but healed wound” on the upper jaw, “very likely from a previous entanglement in fishing gear that he evidently survived,” Ford explained. [...] Federal biologist James Pilkington made the first confirmed sighting in recent history of a right whale in B.C. waters on June 9, 2013, aboard the Canadian Coast Guard vessel Arrow Post off the west coast of Haida Gwaii. That whale was observed for a total of 17 hours over a few days feeding at the surface on copepods, zooplankton measuring about 10 millimetres. Only about 30 right whales are thought to exist in the eastern North Pacific. The last previous B.C. sighting dated to 1951 [...]

Gulf of Mexico Whales, Dolphins Protected from Industry’s High-Intensity Airgun Surveys in Landmark Agreement

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BY Earth Justice

Washington, D.C.  — 

Today, a coalition of conservation groups (the Natural Resources Defense Council, the Gulf Restoration Network, the Center for Biological Diversity, and the Sierra Club) announce a major settlement agreement with the Department of the Interior and oil and gas industry representatives, to protect whales and dolphins in the Gulf of Mexico from high-intensity airgun surveys. The settlement requires new safeguards, including putting biologically important areas off-limits, expanding protections to additional at-risk species, and requiring the use of listening detection devices to better ensure surveys do not injure endangered sperm whales. The agreement was filed in the case of NRDC v. Jewell, in U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Louisiana.

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