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There you are!

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We are completing our Quest right now.  Today is the last day of this journey and we can see our destination.


Although it’s always been there, it may well have been invisible.  Wrapped in blinders of shoulds and judgments, you could not see Agape.  It is obvious to you now.  Clear vision is available to us always, yet it sometimes shows up in surprising ways.



“Hook” (2003) is a story of finding yourself again, after a long time of loss.  The three clips here illustrate the journey.  Peter Pan has forgotten how to fly.  What he needs is simple; he must find his happy thought.  What is your happy thought?


From Agape flows a constant stream of smiles.  The point of this Quest was to find an eternal source of love.  It has been here always, right there in your heart.


Love yourself.  Robin Williams took on a persona that was not his true nature; he left Never Land to become a Pirate.  It took the smallest of the Lost Boys to see the truth; Peter Pan was still there, only hiding.



The Ego Roars

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Like the rain here this morning, readership is steadily increasing and very welcome.  It’s interesting that as more people read this blog, I struggle with why I do it.  I love to write.  I also write to love.  I can do both more effectively if I get out of my own way.


I am my ego, and sometimes she is roaring.  It feels great to have recognition, yet that is not the point.  The point is love.  I started writing in earnest six years ago, as a method of transformation.  I discovered I had access to a deeper and wiser part of myself there.  She is a part of me that I don’t want to lose touch with.


Yet there are times when she sits in the background while I strut around, basking in self-importance.  She doesn’t say anything, but waits and watches.  Her expression is contemplative.  She knows self destruction is coming. She can wait.  This ego roar cannot sustain itself long.


When my ego roars, it’s so loud I can’t hear myself.  If you’ve ever heard the roar of a lion, you know the volume and range it commands.  For that moment it is the only sound.  You never forget it.  This ego noise is similar, yet it leaves a sort of hollow ring.  You may remember hearing it, but its meaning escapes you.


I am not here to roar, I’m here to love.  There is a ripple effect.  Eventually, everyone is breathing the same air and feeling the same love. That’s how it works.  To focus on numbers is to become enmeshed in the illusion.  We are not these bodies; they exist as a vehicle for our light.



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My dreams changed last weekend.  I was away from home, and they took me even further.  I was not in a place I’ve ever imagined or with anyone I’ve consciously known this lifetime.  I believe I had a glimpse of what life can be like when we are outside the constraints of this dimension. I loosed the bonds of the systems in place and saw a world with different priorities.  It was beautiful and very different.


I was part of a group that went by the moniker L.O.H.  I do not remember what it stood for, only those three initials. We were in New York City.  I understood that crime still existed and we were there for the victims.  There were hundreds of us.  We wore clothing unlike any I’ve ever seen; it was iridescent.  We were strong, vital and committed.


My best friend tells me that maybe L.O.H. stood for “Love Over Head”.  Here’s why.


We went into the apartment where a murder had just occurred.  There was no one there but the body – no police, no yellow tape, no news reporters or eyewitnesses.  Our job was to grant dignity and love to the victim and to care for the body.  It was a different New York – yet not everyone was “on board” and some violent physical dramas still played out.


We were the transitory team – loving the soul who had volunteered to experience this crime as a victim.  I see a long line of us, physically and energetically loving this body.  We lift him up and pass him carefully overhead; carrying the body from this dimension to the next. 


This is someone to be honored and gently moved to his next destination, and we are here to do just that.  Each of us handles him, loves him and thanks him.  We create a path of love he travels on over our heads, cushioned in our light.  We sort of glow and are all beaming with joy.  It is a privilege to do this work.

The Ugly Duckling

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Cornstalks border my east and west, standing guard to this row of houses.  Harvested a month ago, they are silent golden protectors, speaking only when the wind blows through.  The coyotes keep their distance, but at night you can hear them howling; they are hunting.  I am grateful for these cornstalk sentinels.


The world looks different further south, and in so many ways it is.  We spent the morning working in the front yard and left to get some lunch.  When we drove back in, I noticed we’d left the garage door open and the lawn was strewn with power tools.  You couldn’t do that in the suburbs.  Well you could, but more than likely they’d be gone when you returned.  We are in the heartland.  Down here you grow things, hunt things and help people.


The cows make strange noises at night; there is an occasional eerie wail.  With the mass of stars overhead and this combination of animal calls, it’s as if we’ve entered another dimension.


Yet I see no evidence of “Ascension Awareness” here.  Life is straightforward.  It includes work, raising kids and crops, and play; all good things.  I feel so deeply human here.  This is my race.


I can’t deny feeling a bit out of place though.  I have no internet access in this rural yard where I sit.  For two days I’ve been unable to check in on what has become an important part of my daily life; my family of light workers.  It’s been interesting.  I feel, not quite like a fish out of water, but like the Ugly Duckling; accepted completely yet just a little bit different.  We all pretend not to notice and I will move on soon enough.


Running out of time

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Trying something new with an audio version of the blog.


You can read it here:


Or listen to it here:


Or.... read it here!


I tried running once.  It didn’t go well.  The man I was with at the time thought it would be a good idea if we ran together – fitness and togetherness all rolled into one miserable moment.  He of course, was an athlete.  As I gasped and jogged, he ran circles around me, smiling loving words of encouragement.  It didn’t last a week.


As I watch the runners each morning on this quiet little lake, I wonder if each step they take is amplified this summer.  Time is speeding up.  It seems I wake up and all of a sudden it’s noon.  Is everything working this way?  Will I lose weight, increase my stamina and reach my health goals quicker now? How does it work?


Linear time is part of this illusion.  I read something yesterday saying that in other dimensions it’s more of a marker.  I have trouble wrapping my head around that concept.  So I wonder where this is going, as I feel an increased sense of urgency to “get ‘er done”.  We are literally running out of time.


One of my favorite lines from my favorite movie is when George Bailey, in “It’s a Wonderful Life”, says, “You say they should wait, and save their money.  Wait?  Wait for what?  Until their children grow old and leave them?”



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That old fisherman just headed down to the lake again, pole and bucket in hand.  It’s so quiet here.  I can hear the hollow sound from his bucket when he first sets it down on the ground.  I like that.  There’s a comfort in the ordinary. I grew up far from this tiny lake, surrounded by water.  Fish and clams and minnows and fisherman were my everyday.  This familiar scene runs very deep and soothes me somehow.


Little else does right now.  I feel as if I am at a masquerade ball.  We are dressing up in costume for business as usual, while beneath these masks it is anything but.  We are unrecognizable.  Nothing is at it seems.


A hawk circling high overhead, just swooped down low,  a few feet in front of my eyes – as if on command.  An omen.  We are entering powerful times. Every cell of my body feels it.  I couldn’t sleep last night.  My “Mom” mask may be buying school supplies, but my light worker self can barely contain her excitement.  It’s pretty wild to be contemplating the price of notebooks while simultaneously saving the world.


We are super heroes in disguise – We look like regular people, yet beneath these calm exteriors lie powerful forces.  Don’t you feel like that?


It’s like every fantasy rolled into one.  There’s good guys fighting corruption, space ships, natural disasters, help from the heavens and everlasting love.  It’s all here and yet, while it goes on, we pay our bills, mow our lawns and talk about the weather.


We have families to raise, money to earn and a planet to save.  Not just anyone could do this you know.  It takes one powerful being to pull off such a stunt.  Our masks are so well constructed the vast majority of the population will never even know they exist.  We are that good.


Forget the Foot, you have wings!

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Before me now is an old fisherman with a minnow bucket followed by two dark haired women in sunglasses and visors, deeply engrossed in their conversation; all of them waiting for a brightly orange vested gentleman on a brilliant blue tractor pulling a grader.  This is humanity; diverse, individual and unique.  None of these folks know each other, yet all of them silently communicate and get their needs met on this path by the lake this morning.


Now a gaggle of geese move in front of me, with one amongst them lame.  He hobbles a bit, and at times uses his wings to propel him.  He gets much further this way, yet the effort exhausts him; he stops and rests often.  The rest of the group slows down, and one in particular sticks close by so as not to lose him completely on their breakfast stroll.


As we walk into these last weeks of summer, I am reminded with each passing day just how much closer we are to the final season in this pivotal year.  Time seems to be rushing us towards the answers to all of our questions.


What will happen?  Will we do what is necessary to ascend?  Will our off planet family ever show up? What will they look like?  What will we look like?  How will we supply ourselves when everything collapses?  Is it all going to be okay?


It is time for faith.  The answer to all of it is YES.  Not because we sat on the sidelines and waited.  The lame goose had to use his wings to catch up.  The others understood and patiently acquiesced.  This is life – created in this brilliant, intricate balance that demands collaboration, action, patience and love.  This is who we are.  We are love in physical form, light, expressed as a fragment of humanity. 


One Light Force

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For it is love, self love, that brings you to an “ascended” state.  It is agape that is key, the pivotal action; necessary in these times of upheaval.


Remain steadfast in your love.  There are no greater or lesser beings than you – you are One.  A mass of love, all rolled into One – humanity. We have not known this truth.  We’ve been admonished via our religious texts to love as an action, as something we must do.  Yet their missing ingredient is a definition of where this action called “love” is sourced.


It comes from you.  You are the wellspring of agape.  The supply of love in this world does not come from outside you – it springs from your soul.


You are love; not a body with a soul, but a soul with a body.  The soul/heart/generator of life is love.  This is truth. This is you.


We are drifting in a sea of dates, predictions, wishes and fears – conditions.  The truth is without condition and exists without requirement.


Stand in your power and love.  This is who and what you actually are.  What you can do right now is utilize your power of visualization to get you through this swirl of conflicting reports and information.  When overwhelmed or confused or anxious, recognize that now your love is needed.  It is needed more than ever.


For love is truth.  See yourself lock arms with every other being, our feet firmly planted on a groundswell of agape; the force of our light emanating out, altering our world.  This vibration of love attracts every light being and repels all that are not. We are a force that broadcasts “The dark shall not pass”.


Tiptoe to Oneness

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There is this wonderful moment during infancy of gradual awareness of truth.  Infants are completely internal.  Needs are recognized and satisfied and sleep ensues; such is the life of a newborn.  When they begin to notice there is something else, it is beautiful.  Their eyes open a bit longer; they engage the life that is around them, they wiggle things.


An astounding moment happens when they wiggle out of their blanket and see their toes for the first time.  Completely mesmerized, they cannot get enough.  They will shake off those blankets whenever they can just to get another peek.  As their feet move, so does the rest of them, including their hands.  One day the two collide – contact. 


I do not remember my own first contact, yet I can imagine the astonishment; two places experiencing sensation in the same instant.  Thus begins the exploration – “How far do I go?”, “What other parts of me exist?”, “What can all these parts do?”


We are like babies who’ve discovered their feet.  Oh, we’ve seen feet and watched them with fascination for eons; but now we’ve had first contact.  We have discovered these feet are not somebody else’s – they are ours; under our control.


Our anger and force creates violent and abrasive movement.  Our tenderness and gentility looks like a fluid dance.  These feet will move in whatever way we intend.  They can stomp or they can pirouette. 


It’s a shock when you realize you’re connected to something so foreign and far away and strange looking.  It’s a new thought and maybe you weren’t ready yet for these ideas of unity.  Perhaps you were content just watching these goofy appendages, seemingly doing their own random things.  Once day you’ll tire of just watching – you’ll want to see what these babies can do!



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