Surrender, Faith, Flow, and Trust

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Shelley Young's channeling of Archangel Gabriel is something I religiously read every day. I can't wait to read what she caught from the higher realms.

I think this one today is perfect after the yesterday's post about fearing the unknown within and how the idea we have of the unknown is often scarier than reality:

"The greatest co-creators on your planet are the ones who aren’t daunted by the great unknown. They connect into the realm of highest potentials with surrender, faith, flow, and trust, and then allow the process of how it is going to take on form to make itself known to them. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young"

So surrender with faith, go with the flow, and trust!

If I mention Shelly Young I should also mention my other favorite post I eagerly wait for every day, the Creator's Writing.

"You are inundated with information all day, every day.  Fact and fiction, fear and hope, love and hate…each one fighting for dominance in your (sometimes) overwhelmed system.  It is important to remember this; the only one ‘controlling the narrative is you!

There will always be suggestions on what to do, where to go, how to live and love but, it is your choice to decide what is best for you.  If you choose to be of love and you are accepting being pushed into fear, ask why.  If you choose to be kind and you are accepting being pushed into judgement, what is the trigger?  You are an autonomous creation and free will is yours! ~ Creator"

They both compliment one another most of the time.

Buckle Up, Change Is Easier Than Imagined, Tough, But Easier Than Anticipated

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Like many the idea of facing the unknown of offer tougher than actually facing the unknown. It can take years and sometimes decades before we can get past a block like that.

Meeting the real us within is often traumatizing. Well, at least the idea seems daunting until we meet ourselves and realize we had nothing to fear but fear itself. In many ways, the Covid-19 pandemic is forcing many teaching moments in our societies. While billionaires and wannabe leaders fret at their dwindling fortunes, for the most part, we're doing OK.

But the teaching moment isn't quite here yet. After 56 days of restlessness, people are walking out. The local Ralph's, the western version of Kroeger is letting everyone in, no more waiting in line outside anymore. It's funny to think about how many years WWI and II lasted. How many years did the Spanish Flew pandemic last? 56 days might seem long but it is nothing with what our mothers and fathers went through.

We are asked to review our ways. We are asked to balance our expectations. We are given the time to go within and ask the simple question: "What do you need?"

As for me, I always felt I was born differently and am different. I always love the idea of a more just and balanced society. I love watching Star Trek and resonate profoundly when thinking about how their society functions. It is time to stop and think, just think. It starts with something as simple as that.

After that, we can then meet us within. We see that the idea of the unknown is far scarier than the actual unknown. We finally see that life does work well and that despite life's seemingly unjust tribulations, the Universe was just and gentle with us. Our reactions might not have been but the Work is just and well done.

Meet me inside. Me has been waiting for you for a long time. Come and meet your best friend that has always been, me within.

The Ant And The Grasshopper Fable

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Most French people grew up with the famed La Fontaine fable about the ant struggling away during summer while the grasshopper is partying telling it to relax. Although La Fontaine gets the credit, the fable is far older. The Grasshopper and the Ant is one of Aesop's many Fables.

The gist is simple. The grasshopper enjoys the summer days. It parties, plays music, dances, eats, drinks, and simply has a jolly old time. It sees the ant scurrying away food, working all day long, rarely taking a break. It doesn't understand the ant at all. It asks it why won't it relax and enjoy the summer days. But the ant holds fast to its strict discipline and tells the grasshopper that it is planning ahead. The grasshopper makes fun of the ant and continues on with its debauchery.

That is... until winter comes along and the grasshopper is left with no food, cold, and hungry. The grasshopper asks the ant for help. Hence the moral of the story is about the virtue to work hard and plan ahead for rainy days.

Does this sound eerily familiar? Most US families start their month with no money in their bank accounts. They rely on working to pay for their credits. It's not too difficult to predict the outcome with the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic and the stay-at-home orders. It's easy to see how some are restless and worried about not being able to have for the four foundations; food, shelter, mobility, and utilities. So what will happen when many wake up in a few weeks with no resources?

Maybe this explains the back at work movement, although to the discerning, the excitement feels more like nefarious manipulations.

Adapting the Reality Distortion Field for Good Use

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The first time I heard of the "Reality Distortion Field" it was reading Steve Job's excellent biography from Isaacson. It was very revealing, at times appalling, and mostly fascinating. But if anything it was a negative concept, a distortion of a psychotic mind. Today, I see it in a new light.

The COVID-19 virus is continuing and there has been a lot of Reality Distortion Fields (RDF) out there. RDF has been used a lot to gain power, to convince despite facts, to sway, manipulate, and gall your way through situations. But why don't we start to use it for positive things?

What I consider positive and what another considers positive might be different. Still, universal positives, such Light, Love, the Source of Everything, etc, are central themes we could use RDF to enhance or perhaps even hasten a triumphant welcome to Light and common sense on our planets.

As China frets seeing the US mot work and billionaires are restless seeing their fortune dwindle, we are at the perfect point in time to use RDF for the right reasons as long as we focus on those universal themes.


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        AstroEyes Evolutionary Astrology – Cathy Lindsey

What a Magical day it is today….not only is it a New Moon in Taurus but it is the 50th anniversary of Earth Day! Earth Day is not just for one day…it is to bring into our consciousness that now is the time period to bring the Earth, her beauty and energies into your life on a daily basis for next several months!! But take time today, this evening and the following days to sit and "be" with the Earth in quiet. Feel Her vibration, Her energy.....listen to what you hear and what you might "see" and "feel.” She has wisdom beyond belief. Honor her today and the days that follow while enjoying her beauty......She is Magical!

The Unbearable Lightness of Money

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I didn’t come up with this story but heard something similar the other day.

I gave $100 to someone to see if any of their services might be of help during the uncertain times. That person quickly took the money and payed back their car mechanics they owed money. The car mechanics used that money to give it to their local grocery food store where they owed money. In turn, the grocery owner went to my friend to give him back the money he had owned him from a long time ago.

So here’s the funny thing. I finally told this person I went to see about their services that I didn’t find anything. I took my $100 back and went my way. And guess what happened? Nothing. The world didn’t collapse and everyone was happy.

You don’t need a high economic degree to understand that only 3% of US dollars bills are printed, meaning 97% of the time, our transactions are nothing less than electronic IOUs that are as weightless as outer space, or, in other word, pretty void :)

And as to why that picture insists on being sideways is about as unexplainable as to why things work out the way they do in life. Go figure!

A Positive and a Positive Is Always a Positive

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 A recent trip on Facebook made me realize how strange, odd, and even marvelous that social media platform is. It also made me realize I don't need to spend much time there. Enough to see how some friends are doing and ignore 97% of the rest.

It reminded me of a lesson we all learn in math. In the known Universe, a positive and positive equal a positive. A positive and a negative equal a negative. And in all cases, a negative and a negative equals a negative. I'm not sure why anyone would go on Facebook or any social media to add negativity to an otherwise very negative situation.

I'm not a saint nor anyone perfect. Mea culpa, I've added my oil to the fire when the economic monster was rolling along smoothly and most people shrugged it off as a "necessary evil" -- whatever that means. But lately, I've had plenty of times to reread Daoist texts, as well a Hermetics, and many others. With all the changes happening in our society and how a virus has brought the world to its knees, I wonder how adding negativity to a negative situation helps?

I know. What a strange post. Perhaps, that's what life is all about. Realizing the obvious, writing it down, and anchoring the light within so that it continues the swell of that light wave washing over the world.


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