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AstroEyes Evolutionary Astrology – Cathy Lindsey


Welcome June! A very powerful month ushering in Eclipse season (3 Eclipse’s…the one today, one on June 20/21st and one on July 4th)....5/6 planets retrograde, 2 Eclipses (one happening right on the Summer Solstice), the Summer Solstice, the powerful conjunction of Pluto/Jupiter….Mars, which is squaring this Full Moon Eclipse, enters (later in the month) Aries (Mars rules Aries intensifying its energies) for 7 months instead of the usual 4 and more. That sounds like a lot and it is.  But remember…the Universe never gives us more then we can handle. 

our new world in a flash

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So its funny how two of everything were created and how everything was created the same, and i mean everything! they are oppisites but they are also the same without the other one wouldnt have purpose to exist.And they are everywhere in everything,,, e.g dark n light, up n down,sun n moon, hot n cold, left n right,in n out, day n night, near n far,they are all two of one because they both apart of the functioning for its purpose, But it is very basic at the end of this creations final destinys walk,, Its either THIS or THAT, ONE or the OTHER. [.x2]. !!!Good thing im on to it {little do they know,wel to their physical bodies,]..The whole WHO THE WHAT THE WHEN THE as i put it TRIPPY SHIT!!!! jdid you know the that the human body is made up of 70% fluid, and also our planetary home is made up of 70% water, and also our cosmic universe which brainiacs are still clueless to the actual size etc to spaceland is actually 70% dark matter, and it does all tthe way to infinitty like everything else , AND I MEAN EVERYTHING..I can only laugh at times to realise im the only one aware of the TRUE HONEST REALITY OF PURPOSE FOR LIFE,, And EVERYTHING of this world as we know it is about the change and the freaking level of absolute heavenly bliss is mind blowing ,,AND its 100% truth iv been walking in both worlds ,, only way i can put that and omg how unbelievable but this is thing thing all of it is that soooo unbelievable that its crazy!!!! but YES exaactly what that is because that feeling of the unbelievaable being true is wel unexplainable and it really is again meant for that is something that can only be felt through Heart only,,Heart beings being authority witthin all your inner physical body beings managed from heart to mind,, which turns out thats why for nearly the last 3 and a half years all of the spiritual world come up in my hood,nothing new to me iv always known who i am ,[lucky for that conquering all my walks of honour ] im the one WHO WILL GIVEE A FUCK!

Social Media, That Big Spiritual Cobweb, and The Way of Wyrd

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Years ago I read a great book called The Way of Wyrd. I highly recommend it for those of you enamored with Celtic lores.

Written by Brian Bates, The Way of Wyrd retraces the steps of a monk sent to scout the heathen lands of England with its Celtic druids and strange religions. I won't spoil the story but browsing social media and seeing the latest waves of looting reminded me of an ancient concept shared in The Way of Wyrd and by many ancient societies. That of the inter-relatedness of things or that big cosmic spiritual cobweb we are part of.

Growing up through my twenties, thirties, and even forties, all of these spiritual concepts felt real, normal, and de facto. But concepts they were and as much as I held them to be real, I had little proof. I didn't own them in a deep guttural level. It's not until life takes you through many experiences and their accumulation brings you to a stall point. Then, and only then can you stop and take scope, let go, and really get things deep within. That is what has been happening to me the past year or so.

Something happened with this last wave of Covid-19 pandemic scare immediately followed by the tragic death of George Floyd and the looting that took place. I found a deep peace and an interrelatedness that makes me feel how we are more alike than different. Of course, I knew it, but now I feel it, I even sense it. I see the face of people around me wanting to connect despite how different each and everyone is. Put in other words, we are looking in the same direction but wearing different clothes with different tastes.

At The Verge of a Society Meltdown Keeping The Light Radiating

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It's June 1st and the US is being torn with a wave of demonstrations, mostly peaceful, turned into looting acts. The fear is palpable, if not for the uncertainty. We might be paranoid but we removed the furniture on the front porch because residential areas would be next after looters pillage businesses.

Yesterday's looting was abysmal. It feels like society at its end. I feel I am witnessing yet again Athens at the end of its heyday, a feeling I've had for so long -- anticipation. Looters were driving their own cars and making off with boxes on items. We can blame them for their actions but they certainly did not happen in a vacuum. We all hold a part of the responsibility but not the act itself.

The night was spent with helicopter hovering, fireworks mixed with gunshots. The African American man who past away at the end of three -- I can't think of the right words to describe these men -- police officers stirred a country ready to explode, if not implode. The elite is hunkering down in their mansions hoping the weather the storm. Good luck with that one!

Yesterday we had a 6 pm county lockdown but our city said at 8 pm. It makes you wonder who's in charge of what sometimes? Today, we had a curfew of 4 pm, which turned into 5 pm. I just saw a young lady walking her dog at 5:30 pm. Go figure!

With all this, I feel strangely calm. I feel a feeling of peace coming over me as if I had been previously trained to handle tough times. I feel I've lived through much worse and I intuitively know what we can and need to do. But the one thing I feel we are doing differently is to hold the space of the result which is glowingly positive when it gets there.

So I'm thinking of all my sisters and brothers of the Light as we hold that Light and let it spread, one connection to the next.

is true

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the human being was created with 4 living breathing individual beings ,together they make up a human being they are spirit being which they can go within and above ther physical form is invisible .then heart being which goes within only and invisible .then mind being which is also invisible form that be that one responsible for all destruction in world through ego and finally body being which is our physical visible form. Those four living beings of life[.Living. Intellegent. Form. of Entity] make up the whole of a human being that is how we were created, the anti christ is humanitys mind .

So What If This Is Just A Big Simulation?

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I love the idea of what if the world and the Universe is just a simulation?

Indeed, what if it is? What does it change? If the illusion feels real, then the feeling is just as real as what we perceive to be real, whether or not.

Someone asked me what would I do if I walk in a place and saw a fight. Do I go in and punch everything that moves or do I take a step back and see how I can help bring the situation back to a middle ground? Obviously, no one wants to make a situation worse.

That question was asked in the greater context of those who do not believe human activity has impact environmental changes. Today's COVID-19 pandemic and the lack of traffic has shown that human behavior has negatively impacted our environment. It also shows that whether we believe it or not, why add to what is a mess and getting worse for us?

So what if it is just a big simulation? I'd still rather do my best and not add anything unneeded to a situation. But that opens up a can of worms as to those who feel they have been told to act by less than angelic beings. And this brings us to another monkey wrench.

"Everything is dual; everything has poles; everything
 has its pair of opposites; like and unlike are the same;
 opposites are identical in nature, but different in degree;
 extremes meet; all truths are but half-truths; all paradoxes
 may be reconciled."--The Kybalion.

As Above, So Below. As Below, So Above.

Reaching Out To The Critical Mass

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I've been wondering how to reach out to the critical mass and keep expectations in line with the Univers' desires? And spoiler alert, I don't have the answer.

We mostly all want what's best for ourselves and others. We should also want what's best for Mother Earth. After all, she sustains us. After going to Facebook to gauge what is happening out there, I find that locally, people are doing well, but online, it's another story. Facebook is shaping up to be a cesspool of negativity throughout COVID-19. If locally, people have done well, at least around me, Facebook is showing a different grim picture. Many are all too eager to believe whatever mass media news spews and disregarding scientists and doctors. The latest wave of anti-hydroxychloroquine propaganda is a testament to how powerful the pharmaceutical industry has gotten and it's not slowing down at all.

So how do you reach out to the mass? That part alludes to me. So far, COVID-19 has been more of an intellectual conundrum filled with tidbits that don't add up for the most part.

Take into consideration that last I checked, five companies own all US news. That means five for-profit companies own all newspapers, TV channels, and radio stations. What are the chances their advertising system could flaw the news? And no, there aren't any independent governing bodies making sure they are impartial. Even the once-venerable The Lancet is not exempt from controversies as it engaged in open criticism of the World Health Organization (WHO), rejecting its claims on how efficient homeopathy is, among a few are a fabricated article. See Wikipedia for more information just to start your simple research. Its latest attack on Hydroxychloroquine is a mishmash of big data based on terminal patients given the drug, a well-known fact it is useless at that stage.


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AstroEyes Evolutionary Astrology – Cathy Lindsey


This Gemini New Moon is a very important New Moon…. one that can bring opportunities or setbacks, in all types of Relationships and Communications…on many levels.  

Gemini is about information and communication and how communications…especially with the virus going on and all the different opinions and information coming out….seems to be so chaotic right now.  Sprinkled with a little anger, angst, and division (New Moon square Mars)……that at times you just want to go inward and to a place where you can feel peace, love, and calmness.  It is an amazing time we are living in right now.  With the New Moon’s square to Mars (the warrior energy on the gray side)….and the fact that we have 5 planets retrograde (which means that it is a time to go inward and think, meditate, and internalize)…you can definitely feel the duality at this New Gemini Moon…. and it is our mission to figure out what we want to keep and what we want to discard in our lives.  Which part of this energy are you going let fall away and what part are you going to move towards?  Trying to find some solid ground to stand on is a bit of a mission within itself at this time in our history.

Where Is That Big Spritual Community?

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For the past few years, I've been wondering where our spiritual community is.

With COVID-19 putting the brakes on our destructive ways, it's the perfect time to seek out like-minded folks and our elders who can teach us to move up the proverbial spiritual spiral case. But where are they? Where is that spiritual community?

The Galactic Free Press is an amazing place with many jewels I come to read every day. I look forward to The Creator Writing every day, as well as Trinity Esoterics. But I'd love to see much more and see what others feel, see and do, without convincing or try to sway others. I'd like to see how everyone is moving on without a teacher spin to it. Just simple human beings exchanging what they're witnessing, what they're going through, and what they are feeling.

I feel we're very close to being able to do that without pushing an agenda or letting our egos get the best of us. Does anyone want to try? We can build a room here and give it a spin. If we fail, too bad. If it works, we all benefit.


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