SaLuSa ~ 20 December 2010

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SaLuSa  20-December-2010


We are pleased for you all that as the festive spirit grows, it is bringing to you a much needed break from the rigors and demands of everyday life. It proves that if you so desire, you can create an energy around you that is unaffected by the lower vibrations. How nice it would be if you could maintain that higher level well into the New Year. However we know that similar messages and ours do not reach everyone, and as the changes develop many are fearful of the future. This is where as informed Lightworkers you can help others, if in no other way than to make sure that they understand that it is only a temporary condition. That the outcome will lift your whole civilization up to higher levels not experienced previously.


Hello to all peoples of the Earthly realms

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Hello to all peoples of the Earthly realms,

We are speaking to you, We are the Arcturians.

We come to speak to you of this now moment, and of this Solstice that is upon you.
We are in much thanksgiving of this time that is in your now.
Many roads have led us all to here, and here we are..

This time of your Solstice is very powerful, for all is watching this world in this moment. All are watching what will transpire upon your Earth in each of your realities.

We see many peoples coming into a balance within their selves. Much upheaval is upon you and this is in due course, to open your fields to a new way to be upon the Earth and to be in the forms you are upon Her!

We speak to each and every one of you of this still point within yourself and how it is cultivated. This still point is reaching a crux or nexus point with all that is, with creation.


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