Deeper Oneness

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Oneness sounds like such a wonderful world, or does it? One with what? Everyone? Please step back a minute. One with everyone eh? Is this what you really want? One with the crazy white supremacy clown who lives down the road. One with the "crazy" homeless dude who yells at you every time you drive by?

One with your brother who has not been sober since 1979? Careful what you ask for starseeds. You may be alright, not everyone is. Oneness is a matter of degrees, like everything. What would be the point of feeling everyone's monkey mind going on and on, all at once.

Do not believe for one minute that everyone is going to be all together, and no stray thoughts will be allowed. That is neither a realistic expectation, or a desirable scenario.


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2011 - A Year of Unity

I Kuthumi greet you in peace, in the glory of God and all that is.

I am asked by this one to share insights for your coming year, 2011. This marks the year of great spiritual advancement for mankind. Many more souls will awaken to their higher purpose and remember the knowledge of their soul. For as the vibration is raised, so is the veil of spirit. The higher you vibrate in Light, in awareness, the thinner the veil until a pivotal point is reached where you begin to flow in Soul Light and as one with all. With the vibration of the Universe, the Earth and fellow souls. You flow with the vibration of God the Source – all that is. So it is and shall be.

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CANDACE ~ Your Higher Self

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Your Higher Self
By Candace
Dec 11, 2010 - 1:41:02 PM

Some people really like a post a day ago by Hazel and I replied below.  Then another asked a question which is blue.  I will be posting Hazel's teaching to here in a bit.
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