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We've been in war for a long, long time!

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Okay messege of the day: Jesse Loya

As far as we can see since the Annunaki (Reptilians) invated Earth,
They have been ruling this planet for about 300 thousand years,
And a secret of their agenda is that hey have been maipulating humanity,
... By bringing emotional trama to merge and destroy themselves,
Since Anunnakis also fight eachtother because of disagreement,
They use Humanity as a game plan to play some kind of a war game,
They control our goveremnts and our powers by bloodlines, our world leaders!

Lets take a look at us,
We been fighting each other for senseless and pointless reasons,
Since our middle ages we fought large wars, like Romans, Greeks, 300 wars,
Look at today, territorrial invasions, revolutions, world wars, operations and terroroism all since the 1900's,

Since the 1900's we've been in war for 209 years!!!!
Since the middle ages,
We've been in war for over 2209 years!!!!!!
Or We can call it Human Civil Wars on planet Earth in the Sol Star System!!!!!!!!

To be honest, the world has to Wake Up!!!!!

-Pleiadian Agenda

Humanity and the ancient War of the Gods

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Messege of the day- jesse loya


"There are multitudes and societies that live through out the vastnes of space,
These multitudes and societies have known this planet since the very beginning.
It was in a lost ancient galactic war when humanity was genetically changed from their origin and slaved,
And it is a universal law that does not allow advance civilizations to interfier with the development and evolution of younger species.
Thats why humanity has been kept in a lack of information and in a lack of communication by a great enemy,
This galactic war was called the War of the Gods.
When light lost the battle and darkness took over, humanity was enslaved,
In time humanity forgot who they really were and forgot the whole history,
The truth is outhere. And deep inside our dna. Our chakras. In our Awakening."

Be aware of false leaders on this planet- Reptilian bloodlines

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Jesse Loya

I have receive this thought, :

It is not us who wants to declare war to other countries,
It is not the people of Iraq and Afgansitan who took down our towers,
It is not the people of the U.S who wanted to invade other lands,
It is not the people of Iran whom wants to wipe out the people of Israel,
It is not us whom wants to declare war,
Or we call it human civil war on planet Earth,

Because we dont make the decisions,
We dont want war!!,

It is our false leaders whom are bloodlines of an evil race who wants all this to happen,
It is our false leaders who walk manipulated by this evil scaled skin race,
It is our false leaders the Illuminati, Elite and Rothchilds whom wants war!! and decalres war!!

They suck our power, whithout us they are powerless,
We should not vote for any of them,
We should not support them,
We are the peace and love, not them!!
Becasue we have the power, we just need to take it back!!!!! u.u

"The Astar Galactic Command" messege 1971

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-By Jesse Loya

"The Asthar Galactic Command"
-600 advance civilizations in union


In 1971 they sent us a messege via radio interrupting a broadcast,
A Pleiadian named Vrillion spoke in our language telling us an urgent messege,

They said to be aware of the false leaders and rulers on this planet,
These leaders and rulers will bring us no hope,
They will only suck our energy, we call money and resources,
And they will only bring harm making us think that everything's alright,


Who's behind these false rulers,
Behind these rulers there a control system,
Behind these leaders theres a green scaled being,
These leaders and rulers are manipulated and operated by the dark reptlians,

Who are they?......the Illumminaty!!!!, the NWO , the Secret Goverments and the Batican.... theres are actually more.......


Also to be aware of the planetary chages as our planet enters the new shift,
A NEW ERA OF AQUARIOUS, when we enter the process of awaeking and great consiousness....we call evolution,
When the era of darkness falls and a new era of light rises,
When the changes of our planet activates our Pleiadian unfuctional DNA,
Activating the unfuctional DNA: A third eye, enlightment, wisdom, great cosmic energy and great conciousness..
Our reconection with the universe, the alliance and interstellar traveling :)

"One of the biggest secrets of psycological manipulation"

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What it religion? What is its meaning?............Manipulation!

It was begun when the Pleiadian Jesus Crhist came to Earth to share his spiritual teachings and save our conciousness from following the dark side,
But people took it wrong and turn spiritual information into a belief...
The cosmic dark forces took advantage and used it agaisnt us,
The Reptilians used religion as a great weapon to keep us shut down in a lack of information,
If you're in a have become Pshycologicaly enslaved.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Today...............People all around the world killl each other to see who has the best imganiary god....
Today if your not religious your evil according to them,
It makes you kill other opposite religous people,
It cant let you know what is beyond the skies and beyond our planet,
It makes you fear!! a hell, demons and god,
It makes you believe what it wants you to believe,
It cant let you know and see reality,
With it your not free, it wont let you live how you want, only how it wants
For thousands of years they have kept you in a lack of information,... they dont want you to know that there is a lot of existace beyond our skies!!! god, heaven and hell is not all in existace and reality!.
.............I have nothing against it....I just want people to KNOW the TRUTH.....
And WAKE UP!!WAKE UP!!!WAKE UP!!!!!!!! The psycological manipulation ends!

I'm not religous, I'm not an athiest, I'm not different..........IM AN AWAKEN HUMAN BEING ON PLANET TERRA IN THE EL SOL STAR SYSTEM......sharing the great awakening of humanity :)
I was chosen to deliver this messege CONCIOUSLY........share the word and stop religious people from killing eachother for their beliefs!........
Peace, Love, Wisdom, Cosmic Light :) ♥

"We are Pleiadians"

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'We Are Pleiadians'
"We were once a powerful race in the Lyrian Star System,
But then came the war,
Between the Pleiadians who fought for freedom and the survival of their race,
And the Reptilians who invaded to perish and conquer the quaters of the galaxy,
But in the war final days,
A starship in a mission scaped the battle,
That was carrying a secret population that would save the race and would win the war,
The mission was heading to a virgin planet named Earth,
But the Reptilians followed us,
And took over,
A mission that vanished.........
We are those human beings from the Pleijaren origin who were left behind... and enslaved by the Reptilians on this planet,
But we Awakening must give the reptiles no mercy!,
Because we are family!!!!
We are also part of the battle!
We are Pleiadians!!!!!!!"

by Jesse Loya


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