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Pleiadian Teachings: History of the Galaxy and Terra

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Earth was a beautiful place located near of one the galactic portals. It was a place where galactic species could contribute information and their existence. In the first age of Earth, life on Earth was barely starting to be born; it was an oxygen breathing planet. In the Galaxy the most powerful beings are oxygen and hydrogen breathers. The galaxy was once a peaceful galaxy, where life took birth in many planets, especially intelligent life. Many species became advance and started contacts, trades and alliances calling it the Galactic Common Wealth. One of the first most advance race were the Reptilians from the Draco stars, they were very intelligent and powerful beings, first in interstellar travel. The second most advance species were our ancestors, the Lyrans from the Lyra stars. There was once peace in the galaxy; the Reptilians were once a peaceful race that contribute with other civilizations and worked together to evolve.

The original founders of this planet are our ancestors, the ancient Lyrae people from the Lyra constellation, a distant star called Vega. Our Lyrae species originated a very long time ago, very old, one of the oldest species in the galaxy. Earth was to be a research planet, a Living Library, where different civilizations would study the evolution of life by seeding deferent species from different planets. Earth was once to be settling in clans by different civilizations, the first clans to settled Earth were the Reptilians. The Reptile Draconians settled Earth for a genetic research under the permission of the Galactic federations signed by the Lyraes.  They lasted on Earth a long time; they brought their species the dinosaurs.  Many other civilizations also settled their clans.

Alliances of E.Ts of Light: Everyone has the choice to choose evil or light.

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There is a great war between beings who are destroying and enslaving planets and other civilizations, and other Human E.Ts who have been trying to stop them.A great war that has gotten very old, undoing and that includes the ownership ofthis planet.This war has a lot to do with the enslavement of Humanity and the ownership of this planet.

 I want you to know something, that during this war allies became the enemy for power, and beings part of the enemy became our allies because they are benevolent. During this battle, the Human groups call Pleiadians went out in search for support of other species at other planets. In search for help and many civilizations across the galaxy decided to assist the battle for light. There are many Human E.T forces that live through the galaxy and these Human E.T’s have been trying to save other people and Humans of this planet.

The enemy is recorded in the planets ancient history, they called them the Serpents. And other bad E.T’s have joined them in the conquest of the galaxy. Including there are also forces of our kind, Human E.T forces who rebelled against the Human E.T’s star federations of light in order to possess power over the galaxy along with their commanders the Reptilians.

Earth is in Crisis: Other Galactic Civilizations Worry about this Planet.

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Other civilizatios throughout the galaxy might call this planet the Death Zone.
Because is a planet in Crisis, a planet that became a prision during a space war.
A planet that is reverse in Evolution, a planet where people destroy themselves.
It is a planet where Negative beings feed from the inhabinants of this planet.
A planet where the inhabitants called Humans are played as a Meat Factory for Negative beings, a planet thats being destroyed.
Its Mother Nature is dying slowly, its mother nature that cries for help, Gaia cries for help.
........It is one of many planets that is owned by Negative Creator Gods, ........and a planet that Light Creator Gods are trying to Save, are triyng to Help, Trying to Rescue.

........These Creator Gods of Light, I always call their name, Pleiadians.
Many civilizations across the Galaxy worry about this planet, it's so sad...
So sad that I wish to be the Warrior I was, to Help, but I can just Lightwork and the Galactic Federations can just assist not intervene.

~Jesse Loya

A Pleiadian Starseed reminds you: Where Humanity Came From.

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Humans have been so psychologically manipulated that they don’t even realize they are enslaved.

All the manipulation has forced Humanity to forget their past and who they were, forced to forget who they really are, forced to forget who their ancestors are and forced to forget where they came from.

Humanity was manipulated to believe that a God created them, shutting them down from their spiritual connection with nature and soul by installing a system in their minds called Religion. This system created by their opressors invaders of this planet.

Humanity does not remember their past, does not remember that they came from the stars after a great war, they don’t Remember who they are!  We don’t blame them.

I will tell you: Humanity was once a refugee group of Lyrans, refugees and descendants of the Lyrae Species, the Lyrae Race Origins of all the Humanoid races across the Galaxy.

Words of a Pleiadian Starseed: Jesse Loya

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I think of it many times, every morning, every night.
I see it in every projection, thinking I came down to this planet, not only me but many, many others like me, from out there, from the Star Forces of Light.
WE came down here to Wake Up the Humans who have been Shut down to Sleep and trapped on this Planet.
We came down here to unplug them from the Reptilian Matrix that is up visible in the sky, the Fucking Moon!!! You see it now, that’s the Truth, is visible and they don’t see it.
Humans have been manipulated to think that they are the only ones in the universe, manipulated to walk and repeat everything every single day, the Matrix mode.
We incarnated on this planet for a mission, to help Humans see their reality, to help them get unplugged from the enemies Systems.
We came down here to Help them decode their multidimensional reality, not the Moon Net’s reality.
An Electromagnetic Net that we the Pleiadians can’t defeat or destroy but only the Humans can from the inside, and that way is Waking them Up.
Wake them up so they can move on to the Next Dimension and be free. Wake them up so they can move on and be free out of the Reptile control.
The Native Americans do remember their Lyrae ancestors who came here refugees of the Lyrae/Draco war; the Native Americans do remember their ancestors from the Stars. The rest were genetically changed, and enslaved.
But we are Here to wake them up, To Set them free!! WE are unarmed but We are trained, to Rescue them.
We are not alone; the Humans are not alone…. There are Galactic Armies and Forces of Light supporting this Homework and we got to get it done.
We are done, we defeat the Retiles and their Illuminati Earth governments, We will save them All!!!
Remember, the Galaxy is being affected by Earth, Earth is in crisis, is in sadness and death.

Astral Projection: The gift of a young Starseed.

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I wanted to share part of my life.

When I was born, as a child I could sense negativity in darkness. I could sense the presence of beings in the dark. I could sense there was a great force out here, a good force watching me.

When I was a child I suffered a great energetic attack for the first time, now I realized it meant the activation of my abilities.

As a teenager developing the ability such as knowing people’s minds, and great sense of predicting, knowing their energies. I did not understand what this was all about, and I always asked myself, is this normal. I kept it all in secret, and sometimes laughed on what people thought, smiled thinking am I the only one that can do this because this is not psychic.

But It was a great gift that when I turned 13 years old, I developed an ability I could not believe myself.

It was summer night, after I saw 4 UFO’s hovering at a distance in the desert, I called my brother and talk with him about them, how I knew them.

Speech of a Pleiadian Starseed: I am part of the Alliance on Earth.

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I am no one in power, no one known to others. I am just of a different kind, the lonely cold skin kind, a kind called Starseeds. I woke up in my teenage years, remembering that I had a mission, remembering that I came from beyond far from another star. As I grew up, I developed abilities non normal to Humans, such as knowing their minds, Astral Projections and Access to memories of the past. I realized that I had a Mission; I knew that there were Aliens Forces out there who were trying to save the Human race, forces that are fighting the Dark ones rulers of this planet. I realized that I was an assigned a mission and it was to inform Galactic Knowledge and History of our Kind the Pleiadians.

When we look back in time, this planet was a library of life. A planet where species from different parts of the galaxy would contribute their existence together, survives, and spiritually evolve away from the Star Wars. If we look back in time, this Star system was reached and became part of the Star Battles; it was taken over by the Dark Forces. Our ancestors tried hard to defend it, heroes who sacrificed their fleet’s battle after battle, but it was lost. We did not win, Now the new owners are still ruling keeping their existence unknown to humanity but operating the planets control by a hybrid or artificial race we call rulers of the planet nations, called The Illuminati.

Tears of a Pleiadian Starseed: I miss you Pleiadians & Sirians!

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We came to this planet for a purpose, to assist our Families.

They call us Heroes, heroes who left their families to never see them again. Heroes who put away their identity, their energy and left their Plejaren body behind in a sleeping machine.  Heroes who left the Pleiades and never return.  Heroes who gave everything and never look back, we gave everything away to sacrifice and assist light in the Galactic War. We would never look back, but only remember our past, only remember our families and the most important remember why we’re here, remember our Mission…

Now we’re here on this planet, we aren’t got our original bodies, we aren’t got our Pleiadian or Sirian 6th dimensional  bodies, no powers, no functional DNA. Now we are in here, alone in a prison of the enemy knowing that there is a Galactic Army supporting our mission, they depend on us, if we win they win the battle for Light, but it’s not like how we feel, we feel Alone. In here with no weaponry, no technology no military assistance, no nothing but my Self Consciousness.

We've been in war for a long, long time!

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Okay messege of the day: Jesse Loya

As far as we can see since the Annunaki (Reptilians) invated Earth,
They have been ruling this planet for about 300 thousand years,
And a secret of their agenda is that hey have been maipulating humanity,
... By bringing emotional trama to merge and destroy themselves,
Since Anunnakis also fight eachtother because of disagreement,
They use Humanity as a game plan to play some kind of a war game,
They control our goveremnts and our powers by bloodlines, our world leaders!

Lets take a look at us,
We been fighting each other for senseless and pointless reasons,
Since our middle ages we fought large wars, like Romans, Greeks, 300 wars,
Look at today, territorrial invasions, revolutions, world wars, operations and terroroism all since the 1900's,

Since the 1900's we've been in war for 209 years!!!!
Since the middle ages,
We've been in war for over 2209 years!!!!!!
Or We can call it Human Civil Wars on planet Earth in the Sol Star System!!!!!!!!

To be honest, the world has to Wake Up!!!!!

-Pleiadian Agenda


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