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Natural World Organization or New World Order?

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Today, I read the Manifesto for a perfect world.  It's created by Humanitad, a non governmental organization founded by Sacha Stone.  They have an amazing portfolio of administrators and spiritual support.

The premise is promising, filling the minds and hearts of all of us who are tired of the war machine, and the 3D energetic world.  Their "New Earth" promises everything that our high vibrating selves could want.  Just read it for yourself here:  The larger picture can be found at

My intuitive self started vibrating...and despite the seeming 'awesomeness', of their promise, something was not feeling right.

I want to know what your thoughts are on this project?  Are you all in?  Am I just being suspicious of something that seems 'too good to be true'?  Or, am I right to hold back?  And, why do they call it NWO?

Well, these are my thoughts.  I'm curious to know your well thought out comments.

Another this the "New Earth" that we will ascend to?  Something is just not feeling right about this.



Patience and Peace for the EVENT

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I responded to a msgl regarding a channeling regarding the Event that is uppermost on everyone's mind.  These are my thoughts, in response.

I too, was in this anxious state of waiting for the Event...and then stress of disbelief...and then joy...and then anxious waiting...and so the circle continued.  Until.

Until I reached a place of Knowing.  I remembered my childhood.  I remembered going through every day with the deep sense that everything I was going through was for a set purpose.  (I'd had a difficult childhood).  I remember having a strong sense/knowing that angels were all around me, all of the time, protecting and supporting me.  I didn't see or hear them...I just Felt them.  (Yes, I'm an empath).

When I was perhaps in my early teen years, I became 'aware' of a Truth that had been residing in me for always...and it had finally risen to the surface of my consciousness.

I knew that when I was older (and it felt like the middle of my life), that something was going to happen in the world.   Something incredible, and challenging, and life changing in a good way.   I was in preparation for that time.  For that time, is why I had been born.  That knowing was so strong and unwavering, that it has remained my anchor throughout my life.  Whenever I would begin to doubt…I would go to that place.

Physical Expression of Energetic Transformations

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Hi all.  Last night, early morning (around 12:30 am), I woke from a restless sleep and began shivering.  It was not a cold night (I live in an area when it is about 75-85 at night in summer).  I began feeling a pressure over my head and this flood of fearful/negative thoughts which didn't feel a part of me...rather outside of me, trying to push in.  I called upon my Angels and guides, and called Christ's Light around me.  As this was happening, my body began very vigorous trembling/shaking all over.  I put on a very thick robe, and it continued.  I ran outside into my backyard to ground myself and did my grounding and aligning visualizations.  My teeth were chattering so hard they hurt.  This continued all together for about 15 minutes.  Then, suddenly, it was over.  Extremely fatigued, I dragged myself back to bed.  My whole body ached. My mind felt at peace and I was able to fall asleep.

Did this have to do with Lion's gate opening up?  My body seems to react physically when there are energetic transformations happening either to myself, or to the planet (I think).  Anyone have any insights or thoughts?



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