Physical Expression of Energetic Transformations

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Hi all.  Last night, early morning (around 12:30 am), I woke from a restless sleep and began shivering.  It was not a cold night (I live in an area when it is about 75-85 at night in summer).  I began feeling a pressure over my head and this flood of fearful/negative thoughts which didn't feel a part of me...rather outside of me, trying to push in.  I called upon my Angels and guides, and called Christ's Light around me.  As this was happening, my body began very vigorous trembling/shaking all over.  I put on a very thick robe, and it continued.  I ran outside into my backyard to ground myself and did my grounding and aligning visualizations.  My teeth were chattering so hard they hurt.  This continued all together for about 15 minutes.  Then, suddenly, it was over.  Extremely fatigued, I dragged myself back to bed.  My whole body ached. My mind felt at peace and I was able to fall asleep.

Did this have to do with Lion's gate opening up?  My body seems to react physically when there are energetic transformations happening either to myself, or to the planet (I think).  Anyone have any insights or thoughts?